[3.3] Scion - All around Trapper build


I made this build to try out the new trapper skill gems and made it easy so I can switch to any traps.

In terms of skills - Arc traps are the most easiest skill you can use both during leveling and Incursion encounters. The rest, you can use it for your own liking.

We all know that traps have mana problems but this can easily be solved by Eldritch Battery with Zealoth's oath combo. The good part with this build is if you took the Saboteur ascendancy, you have at least 20% regeneration.

Here is the must unique you have:

- The must have (good overall because you are going to be around evasion build, the regeneration switches if you are hit, the others you can switch it to your liking


Here are my recommended auras for surviving:
> Enfeeble - Grace

If you wish to switch with pure damage - if you are not playing in hardcore:
> Hatred - Herald of Ice - Arctic Armour
> This are recommended for skills like blade fall and seismic traps
> Same as above you can switch it to your liking

For those who wants to use the Fire Trap and Explosive Trap:
> Same setup as with arc

Here are my recommended boss skill gems:
> Vaal fireball - throw it at the boss feet if they are not moving - good if you are using the fire trap skill gems setup
> Lightning Spire Trap - specially if you are using the arc setup with vaal lightning trap
> Seismic Trap - Good if you are using the Blade fall setup

Here is my recommended passive tree:

Try it now and be amaze!

A piece of advise:
> If you are killing the boss there are two things you can do - tank it with the perks of flask evasion and the activation of trap that gives you mana and es or the throw and run scenario. I'm using the tanking phase when killing boss because I got almost max resistance when I'm using my other items but if you are not - it is recommended to throw and run - specially if you are in hardcore.

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