[3.3] Shockwave Annihilation - Shaper Kill with ST in budget [With Video]

I tried create a ST build in Turmoil race first time. That was pretty good, but since this time Chieftain had a big buff. Early I used Cauteriser for phys to fire boost damage. But right now we have a nice stat sticks with this modifier. Also because incursion trap meta, all totem builds items cost cheap


Right now, this is one of the most tanky build I ever create. I farming t16 guardians and red elder pretty nice. Doesnt' try shaper yet, but will try them later.

Main idea

Shockwave Totem (ST) attacks with flat phys damage. With avatar of fire and Chieftain Ngamahu Ascendancy we have 100% phys to fire. Also, items with phys to fire damage and herald of ash is great for boost damage

We pretty tanky with blood magic big life pool, totems leech and taunt. ST knockback enemies from us, and do it often.


and Clear mind jewel

Passive tree

Tree - http://poeurl.com/bZyr
Poeb - https://pastebin.com/C54fREjT

Bandits and pantheon

Kill em all
Solaris/Lunaris - Ryslatcha or anybody. That not necessary for pick up only one.

Pros and Cons

Farming T16 safety
Easy for leveling with warchief
Great for SSF
Mediocre clear speed
That's not shotgun damage like Elemental hit or Arc traps


Shaper kill with one silly death - https://youtu.be/bg82PqD9VS8

I Turned on record in 2nd face because forgot. Pretty easy to kill. I had 21 ST gem and 19lvl all supports. One silly death just droped my focus from the balls :( One big reason to use ST over Warchief - you don't need get close to the target. I used my totems and start searching area of balls - pretty usefull

Vaal Temple t16 (one silly death with increased AOE gem) - https://youtu.be/5LUlDmTe4Zs

Sunken City t15 (talkin twitch in bg was reduced by Mozart) - https://youtu.be/aM6xIHwVFtw

Phoenix t16 fight with inc AOE gem - https://youtu.be/lc5JuNZFPZk

Here full guide with gameplay and boss killing montage (only on rus sry) - https://youtu.be/hgjXpTKDylg

My Turmoil ST build

That was along time ago, but still work too I think - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2031889
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Nice guide, thanks)
DPS seems pretty terrible compared to warchief
Aziah wrote:
DPS seems pretty terrible compared to warchief

If you check PoB links in warchief builds, click off to all flasks, frenzy and other dps stuff you will see, that dps is similar. But you have different mechanics and can boost your damage without weapons or facebreakers.
Added some new video. Phoenix, Vaal Temple and Sunken City clear
Updated gear section
Killing all guardians shaper and elder. Added new information stuff
Added shaper fight video
sick build bro

do you think this item would be decent in the build, if going say crit heirophant?
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sick build bro

do you think this item would be decent in the build, if going say crit heirophant?

Sure, that pretty good. But this build about EO without crit

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