New 3.4 PvP balance

it's like me saying KB is good but vs VD zerphi it has some weaknesses. After EA, the second best was RT cyclone. Before cyclone's damage nerfed by 30% for pvp, with almost no damage investment, they were melting 6k life in less than 1 second. Ahfack became 1# in ladder even after LA, whispering ice.

the only good spellcaster was ShadowtheFall back then and his gear was beyond insane for those days.

anyway, opinions are opinions. this conversation can only lead to 80 IQ pvp forum. The point was, strategy is good but what it relies on is also important
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It s true they melted 6k life in split seconds and at the time 6k life was kind of high investment already.

You had to play with BCR AND inc aoe. Cyclone players had a 4l to deal damage however there was a secret dps booster in the form of move speed. Most cycloners invested heavy in move speed too.

But I remember with regular kaom it was very hard to get more than 8.5k because during that time they nerfed life on tree too and you have to invest a lot in life on all gear.

those cyclone guys had over 8.5k with regular kaom it was not a little investment into defense and they still needed to invest in dps (move speed+flat+attck speed) too.

True it was cheaper than say mirror crit bows but the investment to get 8.5-9k life and enough dps was huge compared to the investment of block tempest shield abusers and bleed trappers.

Of course those with leg kaoms could dps more and get 9-10k life with way less investment in life than regular kaom.

But your main point is true it melted people way too easy.

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Also cyclone use to be bugged allowing you to attack at your feet dealing almost infinite damage scaling which is no longer the case.... so bit of a silly comparison
That bug was introduced in 1.3.0 and fixed in 2.1.0
There was a whole year of facerolling cycloning before.
Rupenus wrote:
MullaXul wrote:
So strategy is bad?

the russian dude "putin" does have strategies too while using his vd + zerphi. he simply stays far, surrounds you with vd balls but he does never initiate as long as you dont make a very obvious mistake. he keeps his distance no matter what, all he does is controlling the area that surrounds you. so when you initiate lots ofballs start following you. sometimes he takes hits to trigger his solaris pantheon in case you initiate all in, he'll have his pantheon up.

I agree , this guy is good. despite the fact he plays vd. he's main is a bower. He stays away take hits from your kb or other skills, and once patheaon triggers, thats when he comes for you. i think he has over 140 crit damage reduction to being with.

Sad to see range took a huge hit, i did invest alot into my range builds :(. but lets move on, i choose sexy occultist next over long necked oldman!
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Rupenus wrote:

MiesDelDolor won pvp tournament by utilizing very strong curses and using quill rain to apply curses with max aoe ice shot. Let me refresh your memory, he was unkillable, even from other EA's. At Those times flasks were limited.

MiesDelDolor won 2x 3v3 blitz events just because TanteBums' tornado shot.
TanteBums could easily oneshot 8k hp by overlapping tornado projectiles.

But I think he was virtually unkillable even while using chill only (no TC before 1.3.0) just because almost everyone else were bad and too used to melee-flicker-oneshot pre 1.3 meta. Draining-out opponent's flasks was not the main tactic.

lvl 4 enhanced TC + chill was a broken mechanic and the build effectively proved this.

Let me refresh your memory, at that time chilled ground had additive effect with TC. TC had no reduced effect on players, currently even full-scaled TC can only barely reach such devastating effect.

Well, you know, flasks are limited and always been limited on every other non-patfinder build.

I agree tante was stronger than mies, but you could beat those too. Me, dub and hege used to do it but it was superannoying to play vs more than 1 bow
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MullaXul wrote:
Were using a bad melee vs another guy who was bad at everything for the basis of this argument?

Cyclone had many many weaknesses. Bleed, bear trap, moving target, automated defenses, block/tempest, chilled ground/temp chains etc etc. If you lost to cyclone just admit you're bad, admit you're the guy I would circle around in old Diablo 2 triangle ww style while you never even attempted to move, nor nsmelock me to hit me.

Cyclone was good bc it was stun immune, goes through frost walls and is super lenient to gear for bc of the above and how it works. Beyond that it's not great.

yeah cyclone wasn't as strong as people believe IMO, lowlife casters were basically completely superior. The one thing everyone's forgetting though is there used to be sword block pen on the tree. Block was one thing that wouuldnt save you from a sword cyclone. (Edit: my bad I see Tommie pointed this out)

Edit: yes the damage was good with + weapon range and move speed and clicking on feet abuse, but remember that bleed ST char FasterThanLight? He was kind of smart and just whirled away all the time and as RT cyclone you could not get on top of him at all. He would take zero damage and there's nothing you could do. My point is the damage needed to be extremely high for having the requirement to be on top of opponent.
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So which will be the op pvp skill in 3.4 ? Ice shot? Blade vortex? cyclone? lightning strike?
So which will be the op pvp skill in 3.4 ? Ice shot? Blade vortex? cyclone? lightning strike?

obviously conversion trap.
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So which will be the op pvp skill in 3.4 ? Ice shot? Blade vortex? cyclone? lightning strike?

2h voidforge sweep with brutality will have potential to 1 shot anything.
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