[3.3] Bodyswap Totems POGGERS | Tons of content down with stupidity

Greetings !

Let me introduce you to a stupid and yet efficient build : Bodyswap Totem !
I'm pretty proud of that build, since I've killed Uber Atziri for the first time ever with it.

Bodyswap is a spell that targets a corpse, explodes your body dealing fire damage around you, explodes the targeted corpse dealing fire damage around it, then warping you to the exploded corpse location. Being a spell, it can be supported by Spell Totem.

That being said, that means you'll need to create corpses under the feet of your enemies in order to have your totems to teleport nearby enemies, and to deal damages. The good thing is the gameplay which is slightly different from a classic totem gameplay ; your totems will move freely and follow you if monster packs are close enough one from another.

Pro and cons :

Pros :
+ Active gameplay.
+ Original.
+ Fairly cheap, even in end-game.
+ Can do most content in the game.
+ Not a totem gameplay.
+ F U N.

Cons :
- Active gameplay.
- Not a very fast build.

Mechanics (offence) :

In order to destroy your foes, your totems won't do all the job. But they'll do most of it.

You can have up to 6 totems summoned at the same time (1 from base, +2 from Hierophant ascendancy, +1 from Soul Mantle, +1 for Ancestral Bond, and a free one if the last totem is a Searing Bond) ; your basic totem band will be :
- 4 Bodyswap totems that will destroy your enemies.
- 1 Unearth totem that will provide munitions to the other totems.
- 1 Searing Bond if you're using a 6L and Immolate Support on your main link.

In top of that, you have a Desecrate linked to Spell Cascade to create 15 corpses at once, and an Orb of Storms that can proc Elemental Overload and curses your enemies with Flammability.

As told in the pros and cons, you'll be pretty active ; spawning corpses, constantly summoning totems of 3 kinds, OoS for bosses, added to a Shield Charge and a Flame Dash to move more freely... That's a lot.

More precisely, you'll have a powerful unique items combination that increases significantly your damages : the well known Soul Manlte - double Kikazaru - Self-flagellation.

What does that means ? Each time one of your totem will die, you'll be inflicted with a level 20 curse... But that only applies to 20% thanks to the Kikazaru rings ! In top of that, just put a Self-flagellation in your passive tree to be granted with a really high damage boost !
20% of curses means curses are not that crippling, you'll barely feel them !

Mechanics (defense) :

Explosions are fun, but being alive too !

In order to keep your precious life, you'll count on a correct life pool and Mind of Matter keystone, paired with good life and mana regeneration.

Otherwise, Hierophant ascendancy gives you almost-constant immunity to elemental ailments, giving you a good choice of unique flasks. I opted for an Atziri's Promise (giving Chaos resistance) and a Wise Oak (you NEED higher fire res' for fire penetration, but the more your elemental resists are balanced, the more safe you'll be). I also took a Blood of the Karui since is a very efficient life flask.

How to gear yourself :

Weapon :
The best weapon for me is a Doryani's Catalyst ; it's not very cheap, but really efficient. It gives you attack speed for your Shield Charge and a ton of elemental damages. You can probably have better on a rare scepter, but it will cost you a leg and an arm.

Shield :
You'll need life and resistances on a rare shield, sprinkled with some spell damage if you can afford it. You can also pick the Trolltimber Spire unique shield for life leeched with totems ; I didn't tested it, but may be a good option.

Helmet :
Either a rare helmet with life and resistances or a Hrimnor's Resolve unique helmet. My helm is absolute garbage, but I brought it really early in the league and I'm too lazy to change it...
If you can get an Unearth corpses level enchant (+3 or +5), it's a really good thing, since it will greatly up your single target damage.

(Yes, I really downed Uber Atziri with that piece of trash)

Gloves :
Rare gloves with life and resistances. Attack speed can also be a good option. So are Strength and Dexterity if you need some more. For the enchantment, Reflection and Light are the best, like always.

Boots :
Same as the gloves, but Movement Speed is a must have, at least 25%. Regeneration enchantment is mybe the best enchant'.

Body Armor :
Take a Soul Mantle ; pseudo 7L, increases your damages, add a totem, curses you. An absolute must have, and probably the only mandatory item of the build.

Rings :
Kikazaru unique rings are perfect paired with Soul Mantle ; it's either two of them or anti-curse flasks. Kikazaru are way more efficient though, since you can up your damages with Self-Flagellation unique jewel.
Also, these are good rings to balance your lightning resists for Wise Oak, just use some Blessed Orbs.

Amulet :
A rare amulet with life, resistances, but mostly a ton of mana regeneration, this is pretty important. If it's too expensive, your can opt for an Atziri's Foible.

Belt :
A rare one with life, resistances, and maybe strength if you need some.

Flasks :
Once you got your 7th and 8th ascendancy points, you'll only need an anti-bleed flasks (and maybe an anti-poison) ; I opted for an adrenaline and a staunching flasks, alongside with Atziri's Promise for chaos res' and damages, Blood of the Karui as a life flask, and Wise Oak for damage reduction and fire penetration.

Jewels :
Self-flagellation is an absolute must have if you play with curses, as it gives you plenty of damage.

Spire of Stone is a good option against high-damage monsters that will stun your totems and putting you at risk by making your enemies non-dying.

A Clear Mind is a good jewel since it gives you mana regeneration and a ton of spell damage (not 100% efficient on Bodyswap, but that's not too bad). You don't reserve mana anyway for MoM.

My new favorite jewel, Pure Talent. On that tree, it will gives you elemental penetration, mana regeneration, and 25 all attributes ; all of that bonuses are very welcome.

Try to get a 'cannot be cursed with silence' jewel ; it's not absolutely necessary, but it's a good touch.

Gem setup :

Bodyswap - Spell totem (from body armor) - Concentrated Effect - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Fire Penetration - Immolate

Orb of Storms - Increased Critical Strikes - Curse on Hit - Flammability

Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Desecrate - Spell Cascade

Unearth - Spell Totem - Greater Multiple Projectiles

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Culling Strike

Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Blade Vortex - Searing Bond

My actual gear :

Videos :

I'll post some whenever my video editior software will work again.

Path of Building link :

Hope you like it !
Still sane, exile ?
- Super Saltyajin God -
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Very clever! I'd love to see some videos :)
I'd love to be able to, but my video edition software is broken at the moment... I'll fix it as soon as I can !
- Super Saltyajin God -

GG qaund même :)

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