[3.3] Jay's Low Life Righteous Fire, Fire Trap Ascendant (Saboteur + Chieftain)

This build started as a rough idea using RF and the Saboteur regen on a rather high life/es pool to get decent clear speed, single target damage and survivability. It turned out to be a well rounded character for all kind of content and is alot fun to play. I killed shaper, red elder and uber atziri quite comfortably.
A small example for the power level of the regen with 20 traps trigger recently: we can out regen the shaper beam with flask up!

This build is not beginner friendly since alot rather expensive items are required and its rather complex itself.


Dreadbeak rather cheap weapon and probably highly underated for low life builds, provides 100% inc global dmg and onslaught on low life. Also has 10% attack speed by itself plus onslaught (20% attack/cast/movement speed) which makes our shield charge quite a bit faster.

Get a ilvl 80+ Elder Titanium Spirit Sield Alt-spam till you get +2 max fire res (If there is a shit suffix you have to try to annul it later, a good one can stay), Regal it, if you hit a good prefix ( high roll % or Flat ES ) you can multi mod it add the missing stats (check out my shield). If you hit a second suffix or shit prefix you either have to annul it or start over.
If you dont want to bother with this stuff you can just buy a already crafted one, but they are quite expensive ~5ex in ISC.

You want a rare elder hurbis with 2 out of these 3 mods and 200+ energy shield:
socketed gems are supported by lvl # burning damage
socketed gems are supported by lvl # concentrated effect
socketed gems deal 30% more elemental damage
getting all 3 with decent ES would be the dream but thats extremly expensive.

Malachai's Artifice, since we are using fire trap for single and to get the saboteur regen we can't use regular Elemental Overload.

the second ring is just a rare ring to cap res prefered with some ES as well.

[Body Armour]
Shavronne's Wrappings, a 5Link will work just fine got to lvl 90 before i got my 6Link.

Rare high ES gloves with res and/or stats, if you can afford it and if there are some available try to get "skills which throw traps throw up to 1 additional trap" on them thats luxery though.

A rare shaper belt (using a heavy belt cause i need the strenght), the most important stat on this one is "#%increased energy shield recovery rate" try to get a open suffix for the crafted trap throwing speed on it, it makes the build feel alot smother with some extra throw speed.

Any rare boots high Es, res and movement speed. getting the merc or uber lab enchant on them is realy nice to have (regenerate #% of life and mana per second if you were hit recently)

Presence of Chayula or Eye of Chayula if you cant efford the Presence of Chayula.


Watcher's Eye for #% Increased energy shield recovery rate while effected by discipline

Transendent Mind gives alot of % ES regen it's placed in the jewel slot right above the with

is placed in the jewel slot next to melding for extra ES.

since we have barely any trap nodes and almost none trap trigger area on our tree one of this is recommended.

Rare jewels there are alot of options here, res or stats if needed %ES, damage over time, fire damage, area damage, attack speed for shield charge and probably alot more i currently miss right now.


You can go either Chieftain or Saboteur first what ever you prefer.

Chieftain: Provides 2% Life regen and 10% chance to cover Enemis in Ash which lets the enemy take 20% increased fire damage (also applies a 20% slow), thats a 20% more multiplier with no other sources of increased damage taken.

Saboteur: Is a part of the core build and allows us to get up to 20% life regen 1% for each trap triggered recently! Another nice feature is 25% chance to blind which is somewhat perma up in single target. Also gives 30% inc Area which is great for both fire trap and RF plus some penetration for fire trap.


Kill All

(EE is checked at full value, so be aware the dmg is slightly lower than shown!)



This set up can vary depending on your helmet.

Body Armour:
Gems are set up in order.

Those can be anywhere:

You need a lvl 21 Purity of Fire and a lvl 3 Empower to get the extra 1% max fire res (lvl 23 PoF)




The regen shown does NOT include the increased recovery rate from watcher's eye and shaper belt!
it's closer to 4k (2740*1.45 would be 1.50 if i had perfect rolls)
>>20 traps are trigger in this screenshot<<

Feel free to ask if there are any questions left!
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RF + Trap , wow , nice build
may be a self craft weapon is better ?
uber elder potential?
thumps up for this build =D
fr33domboa2 wrote:
RF + Trap , wow , nice build
may be a self craft weapon is better ?
uber elder potential?
thumps up for this build =D

if you can get a realy good rare probably, but i like the onslaught alot, for me it was a compromise between attack speed (going fast, brightbeak) and damage (a good rare). Also the extra area from the corruption feels good.

i tried uber once but failed that been said i went in almost blind without knowing much about the fight. i'm pretty sure with some practice its doable but it cant tank everything, you have to dodge the hard hitting stuff for sure.
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