[3.3] another ARC TRAPPER - Uber Elder destroyer

Hello :) some of you prolly know me from my carries - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2166077, I want to present my arc trapper version.

For Pastebin Warriors

- HUGE DPS (can be even more)
- pretty mobile with daggers
- good defense JUST KIDDING only dps matters
- good build if you like dodging all by yourself
- you always need to move and think what to do next
- good with mediocre gear
- dont need mana flask to sustain your mana

- need good knowledge about boss mechanics
- always moving is sometimes confusing
- bosses will most of time gib you even with a fart (4.5k with acro/phase acro is not much)
- you need to dodge and dodge and dodge
- not noob friendly
- no mana regen maps are cancer


As you see im wearing daggers... BUT WHY OMFG SHIMMERONS ARE BETTER YOU NOOB - nope... you can check in PoB, that my DPS is now comparable with shimmerons, cuz im not stacking power charges. Daggers give better mobility and we dont rely on power charges, so we can just jump in the fight without power charges and we will be good with our DPS.

Aim for 3x t1 - lightning damage to spells, crit chance for spells, crit multi
Expensive version - extra ele as chaos mod

Mark of the Shaper is a must, huge dps increase with elder ring, good hp
Elder ring - try to aim for HP, Crit Multi, Lightning Damage, at least one res, mana is nice, but not needed

Impresence for dmg boost (free Conductivity), flat lightning, decent hp and lightning res, all attributes are nice too

Shaper helmet is a must, you need at least Trap and Mine damage with Inc Crit to boost your Lightning Spire DPS

YES YOU ARE NOT BLIND NOW, im doing Uber Elder carries with Tabula... If you dont have one corrupted like this you can change it for Belly of the Beast for better HP pool
Expensive version - try to corrupt Belly like this xD GL

Shaper Gloves with +1 additional trap throwing is a BiS

Decent Stygian with Abyssal Jewel (2x t1 lightning to spells and hp will do the job)

You need one with HUGE RESISTANCES and decent life pool, movement speed makes your life easier, but not needed

At least 2 Crit Multi Mods affecting your Traps, Watcher with any Wrath DMG Mod and any Clarity mod, which helps sustain our mana
Crit Multi mods working with the build - Spells, Elemental Skills, Lightning Skills, Global, while Dual Wielding

Pretty standard setup - some Life Flasks to sustain our life in hard times, Diamond and Atziri for better DPS, Silver to run away from big hits

Free Conductivity and Wrath increase our DPS for a ton
Clarity to help sustain our mana

ARC setup
ARC - Trap Support - Cluster Traps - INC. Crit - Trap and Mine Damage - Empower lvl 4
If you dont have Empower lvl 4, you can replace it with Elemental Focus. Personally im not a fan of Controlled Destruction, cuz it lowers our crit chance. Less Crit - Less Multi effectivness
Elemental Focus and Empower lvl 4 (if shocked) with +1 Tabula are similar in terms of DPS, still you can shock even Uber Elder so DPS output is better with Empower lvl 4

Lightning Spire - Added Lightning - Lightning Pen - Inc Crit
Again not a fan of Controlled Destruction, with this setup and gear listed, one good throw with Lightning Spire can down one phase at Uber Elder, pretty good for not that movable bosses, throw a trap run around like in Benny Hill show

DPS in-game

Only Fire Golem is up, w/o flasks, w/o charges

If you have any questions, you can contact with me in-game
IGN - KappaTrapparinho
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Hey man, me and you use an almost identical tree, i recently got a decent helm and went back to mom, HATE it. For ppl on a lower budget/no luck, Malachai Awakening with a Essence Worm socketed with wrath is a great option. I have similar hp level as you, and the bloodmagic is a non factor, you can spam traps for days. If you reworked resistance to get lightning pen from a wise oak and drop a life flask, you will actually get a tiny bit more dps on a fraction of the budget/luck rolling your rare ring/helmet and you can get by with 1 life flask. I was going to post a build guide of mine but yours is damn near spot on with mine. I will go back to Malachais when im not lazy, blood magic to spam traps is such a good QoL.

Edit: whoops I forgot your original value, Malachai setup on your pastebin is 276k vs 286k with your gear, so ~3-4% lower, my bad! Another plus is wise oak can be have a high uptime so if you were able to add some more cold res somewhere you would be well over ele weakness cap on all 3 as well, as currently you are not capped on any.

Edit2: shit sorry just saw you had a lvl 21 wrath, Malachai setup is actually 292k on your setup, so indeed just bit higher then your current setup.
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