[3.3] Self-cast Arc STAFF Assasin - viable on low budget, good scaling with investment

I call it One Arc Man because I shoot once and entire screen (and usually more than that) on Tier 16 evaporates.

This is my first entirely-self-made build and I'm really proud of it, with it I killed Shaper for the first time, as well as Red Tier Elder. Both could be easily done deathless, but I suck at dodging. Rare Corrupted Guardians also fell easily. Uber Elder should theoretically be possible as well, but my mechanics are too bad to even attempt it.

TLDR - current version of the build: https://pastebin.com/at5A9fFL - right now it shows 1 MILLION SHAPER DPS from arc + 150000 dps from Choir of the Storm + uncalculated damage from Orb of Storms, which is significant + Arcane Surge bonus

The main element and required unique of the build is AGNEROD WEST. This cheap unique gives everything arc build could want - lightning damage to spells, increased global lightning damage, lightning penetration and +2 to level of socketed lightning gems. We want to 6-socket arc in this weapon with following supports:

Lightning Penetration - Added Lightning Damage - Faster casting - Spell Echo - Increased Critical Damage in that order

Arc, lightning pene and added lightning damage will all benefit from +2 lightning gems of agnerod

The damage of agnerod outperforms all other weapons and weapon-shield combinations that I checked, including most popular arc choices of other builds - with exception of mirror-tier rare staffs.

The only other element of the build thats ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED is lab enchant on boots that gives mana leech if you killed recently. Without it, you won't be able to sustain mana while mapping.

For budget version.... that's it! Assuming you have 5-link, capped resists and life on other items, you can farm tier 15 maps.

Quality of life items:

1) Inpulsa - this chest is only 10c right now, and synergises extremely well with this build. It makes shocked enemies explode when killed. Meanwhile, critical strikes will always shock, and Assasin ascendancy makes us to have 100% crit (and shock) chance against full life enemies. This makes ALL opponents hit by your single Arc hit explode, which makes clearing high-density areas like incursions EXTREMELY FASTER. Without Inpulsa, Arc will never hit more than 16 enemies with 1 cast, which means it will never KILL more than 16 enemies with 1 cast (or 32 with Spell Echo)

2) Null and Void - Rampage items are always fun, but the main point of this item is the physical damage immunity. You naturally get rampage effects when jumping into big packs of monsters, and with this item their retaliation doesn;t matter, allowing more relaxed playstyle.

3) Watcher's Eye with "Lightning Damage leeched as mana while affected by Wrath" - allows you to have Herald of Thunder/Wrath aura combination like in my pastebin. Without it, you have to drop Wrath and play Clarity instead - otherwise you will get mana starved on bosses or Omnitect, when there are no minions to activate boot enchant.

The build is in no way finished - for example, the links in chest are practically unused. Nevertheless, I decided to share it here as I'm going to take a break and most likely won't polish it in foreseeable future.
Last bumped on Aug 30, 2018, 7:54:21 PM
double void battery destroy ur shitty staff 10 times :)
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