[3.3] Burning HoT/Arc Trickster


This is (kind of) an Autobomber utilizing the unique ring Stormfire to make your
lightning damage capable of igniting enemys. I'm playing it with Zerphi's Heart Amulet
for a massive damage and clearspeed boost.

I write "kind of an Autobomber" because you do have to cast Arc sometimes to get the HoT rolling,
it's not fully automated as in a walking simulator. Which is pretty okay, since Vaal Arc is really
nice for triggering Zerphi's Soul Eater and our Elemental Equilibrium.
For trash clear our shield charge seems to be enough to keep the herald running most of the time.

Zerphi's is not essential for the build, but it gives you A LOT of damage.

The Headhunter is not essential for the build, but it adds to the survivability, since we have no real defense but the meager ~5k life pool.

The rest of the items i'm using can be bought rather cheap at the moment.
I haven't tried it but you can probably do easy and fun red maps pretty cheap, if you twink the gear a bit.

I'm easily chaining red maps, bosses die pretty fast too.
I'm running lvl 82/83 temples, the roomba can be annoying.
I haven't tried shaper, guardians etc for now, this isn't meant to be a bosskiller,
when i try i'll add the results.


Casual Shaped Shore Clear where i walk and charge around a bit to showcase the build


hideout without any Buff, Flask, EE, Shock, Charge...

mapping dps with the buffs (no hh buff, no soul eater)

Pro's & Con's
+ Kind of a herald bomber!
+ Burning Herald - Extremely satisfying to watch, especially with the automaton mtx
+ really fast clearspeed
+ easily clearing red maps
+ really fun to play
+ can run all map mods, but 90% elemental status ailment avoidance and no-reg can be annoying, and ele reflect a bit scary they are entirely possible.

- If you want the same gear it's really expensive
- Kind of a herald bomber, bossfights with multiple phases or really high life can be pretty annoying, you're packing enough punch to do it though
- Not that big on the defensive side (at least without HH)

Path of Building and skill tree links



Bandits: Kill all, you need the points.



Gear Discussion:

Ring 1: Stormfire - Build Enabling
Amulet: Zerphis is by far BiS. You lose roughly a third of your damage without it. At least with the rest of my gear.
Sceptre: The Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos is pretty Awesome, thanks to Zerphi's, if you don't have the amulet there are probably much better choices.
Circlet: you want life and resistances, innervate is nice, opens up sockets for damage supports for bossfights where you have problems triggering the herald. base crit for better elemental overload triggering would have been nice though, and the enchant isn't really helpful.
Shield: not much to say about it, you're looking for life and resistance. increased fire or lightning damage is nice.
Body Armour: kind of an obious choice, though there could be an argument made for a +4 tabula and taking out the blasphemy, you don't need it against trash und could curse some other way in bossfights, witchfire for example.
Gloves: i like the insanity gloves for the short times i don't have soul eater, feels smoother.
try to get life and resistances here.

With Boots, Belt and Ring 2 fill out your life and your resistances. Don't mind my ring, its crap, you
want a nice opal one.

Flasks: Atziri's is a huge damage boost, the leech is pretty nice too. The Writhing Jar is good for triggering the Herald in some bossfights, and can be nice in no-regen maps when you shield charged too much and had nothing to kill :D

Some general points on the gear:
- Heralds don't scale with spell damage!!!! % or flat spell damge don't help your herald dmg at all!
- Don't mess up your Elemental Equilibrium, avoid flat fire dmg to spells or attacks!
- If you're using zerphi's mind the requirements, zerphi's adds 50% to them. especially with dexterity that can get a problem.

Skill gems


Main Link:

HoT - Combustion - Ignite Proliferation - Deadly Ailments - Burning Damage - Swift Affliction

By far the most damage setup that i could find. Combustion is essential for the ignite chance.
Swift affliction reduces the time your herald runs. a case could be made for efficacy instead, which has increased skill duration instead, but a lot less damage.

4 links:
If in innervate Helmet:

Vaal Arc - Bunring Damage - Deadly Ailments - Ignite Proliferation

If no innervate Helmet sub in innervate for ignite Proliferation. Not sure about that one anyway.

Shield Charge - Fortify - Faster Attacks - Innervate

I have the innervate in there to shock enemys while shield charging, so the herald stays up, works
mostly, but not that good, since we neither have a good chance to hit nor a decent chance to shock :D
might be better off with a increased critical strikes for elemental overload

Immortal Call - Cast when Damage Taken - Increased Duration - Cold Snap

Cold Snap just for fun, could be a three link too, or any other NON FIRE spell, to not mess with elemental equilibrium

Other Stuff:

Orb of Storms - Increased Critical Strikes - Innervate

For triggering elemental overload and shocking bosses. not sure if the innervate really helps. no idea what else could be there, though.

Blasphemy - Flammability

Your curse.

Stone Golem

Using this one because of the helm enchant and a little synergy with the trickster ascendency.
Flame Golem would be more Damage. Lightning more shield charge speed.


I leveled as vaal fireball, with pretty much the same gem setup as the herald in a tabula, just subbed onslaught and volley in. went really smooth.

Discussion Points:

- go for Mind over Matter -> skip flammability for witchfire brew
- a wither or scorching ray totem for bosses?
- possible tree optimization?
- go dual curse? only 3 points in tree, or by using windshriek?

/edit: kudos @eviL_Bison for the template.
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