[3.3] Soul Ripper Vaal Blight (Pat / Occ)

Hello Guys.
Until now, Blight have a reasonable firepower for a single target., but it was a weak skill for collective warfare.The Vaal version was added due to the update of 3.3.
The Vaal version is a very powerful skill in collective warfare, but its cool down time is long and it is not easy to use.
By using Soul Ripper which was also added in 3.3, you can get high annihilation power by ignoring the cool down time of the Vaal version.Let's enjoy Blight altogether.

同じく3.3で追加されたSoul Ripperを使うことで、Vaal版のクールダウンタイムを踏み倒しすることで、高い殲滅力を得ることができます。さあBlightを存分に堪能しましょう。

Since Blight is DoT damage of chaos attribute, it is difficult to achieve both damage rise and protection performance.
The defense plane uses automatic flask recovery, which is the ability of Ascendant's Pathfinder.
Make regen and inc by Sulfur Flask.
With Stibnite Flask, you will earn high avoidance performance by rising Blind and Eva.
Build that can not reach reach and can not possess high regeneration, but emphasizes recovery by life flask.

Sulfur Flaskは高いRegenとIncを供給します。
Stibnite Flaskを使用すると、BlindとEvaの上昇によって高い回避能力を得ることができます。

****** Updata *******
2018/07/09:add Ascendancy Choice
2018/07/04:add Video Uber Lab. add Playlog


+ The speed of the map farm is good.
+ Enough DPS for endgame (Shaper, red elder, all maps to t16)
+ Tanky enough for all softcore purposes (6k eHP, Phase Acrobatics, Enfeeble)
+ Enjyoy Vaal Blight

- There are many high priced items. It is not a starter build.
- Cannot do no regenerate maps
- It is quite difficult to beat uber elder.


By acquiring various flask nodes, the performance of the Life Flask increases dramatically.
The Eternal Life Flask with Recovery Rate has about 2400 recoveries per second.
This can be used at least five times in a row.
You can have it for 5 use * 3 sec = 15 seconds.
During which it recovers 2 use, so you can keep it for at least 20 seconds.

At map farm time, there is a possibility of unexpected big damage, so an instant recovery flask is useful.

Recovery Rateの付与されたEternal Life Flaskは、秒間に約2400もの回復量を持ちます。
5回 * 3secで15秒間持たせることが出来ます、その間に2回分回復するので最低でも20秒間は維持することが出来ます。


Ascendancy Choice

+ Flasks gain 3 Charges every 3 Seconds
+ 15% chance for your Flasks to not consume Charges

This build heavily depends on the flasks for the defensive plane.
Also, in order to increase the number of uses of Soul Ripper, the above two kinds of effects are very powerful.

またSoul Ripperの使用回数を多くするために、上記2種類の効果は非常に強力です。

+ Enemies can have 1 additional Curse
+ 10% increased Effect of your Curses
+ 1.5% of Energy Shield Regenerated per second
+ Cannot be Stunned while you have Energy Shield

+1 curse is useful as a means to supply a third curse (Enfeeble or Temporal Chains).
It is also a nice effect that the effect of various curses rise.
The bottom two effects, but this build does not use Shield Charge to move. (Used mainly for Fortify)
Therefore, it is not necessary to use the Blood Rage because of AS rising effect.
In other words, the ES will never be 0 at any time, and if you have more than 1 ES you can invalidate the stun.
Continuous attacks of enemies can be blocked by Temporal Chains (check my video), It is almost always possible to invalidate the stun.

+1呪いは3つ目の呪い(Enfeeble or Temporal Chains)を供給する手段として有用です。
下2つの効果ですが、このビルドは移動にShield Chargeを使いません。(主にFortifyの為に使います)
そのためAS上昇効果の為にBlood Rageを使う必要がありません。
敵の連続的な攻撃はTemporal Chainsによって阻止する事が出来るので(私のビデオをチェックしてみてください)、ほぼ常時スタンを無効化する事が可能になります。

Required Gear - 必須

You can ignore Vaal Blight's long Soul Gain Prevention
Vaal Blightの長いSoul Gain Preventionを無視する事が出来ます

Vaal Blight is so heavy Soul Cost to increase recovery efficiency
Vaal BlightはSoul Costが重いので回収効率を上げるために

Belt with reduced Flask Charges used with more than 19%
ベルトにはreduced Flask Charges usedが19%以上を付いたものを

It is necessary to set Despair's reserve to 0

The fire power of Blight can be drastically extended

Recommend Gear - 推奨

It's img because it's not at hand, but + 3 Tabula is recommended
Performance is higher for AoE and Duration by 3% in Duration
手元に無いのでimgですが、+3 Tabulaを推奨します

Chaos Skill Effect Duration is powerful, especially against bosses
高い攻撃性能を持ちます、特に対ボスにおいてChaos Skill Effect Durationは強力です

It is also useful here at farm time if you have enough inc

Dodge Spell Chance is useful, Incursion rare shoes would be good
Dodge Spell Chanceが有用です、Incursionのレア靴でも良いでしょう

The combination of Mark of the Shaper and Elder Ring is very powerful
Elder Ring is strong if crafted with Essence if possible
Mark of the ShaperとElder Ringの組み合わせは非常に強力です
出来ればElder RingはEssenceでクラフトしたものが強いです

High life shield with Spell Dmg, Mana Rege 45% or more is recommended
Spell Dmgの付いた高ライフの盾、マナリジェ45%以上推奨

Gem Links

Main Skills:

Vaal Blight - Efficacy - Controlled Destruciton - Swift Affiction - Void Manipulation - Empower

Other Skills:

Blasphemy - Despair - Temporal Chains - Enfeeble

Wither - Spell Totem - Faster Casting

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Forify

Arctic Armour

CwDT(20) - Stone Golem

CwDT(1) - Immotal Call(1)

Pantheon & Bandits
Major = "Soul of Lunaris" or "Soul of Arakaali"
Minor = "Soul of Ryslatha" or "Soul of Tukohama"

"Soul of Garukhan"
+6% Movement Speed is very powerful at map farm time.
+6% Movement Speedはマップファーム時において非常に強力です。

Kill all

Current Gear - 私の装備

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thank you for posting this build. I've always wanted blight to be decently good so maybe i'll give this build a try.
sorry if its a noob question but why the occultist ascendancy?
ciggaro wrote:
thank you for posting this build. I've always wanted blight to be decently good so maybe i'll give this build a try.
sorry if its a noob question but why the occultist ascendancy?

The choice of the occultist is only for the + 1 curse.
Despair / Temporal Chains / Enfeeble, it is regrettable to give up which one.
Despair is mandatory.
Enfeeble is the best in defense performance.
If it gives up, it becomes Temporal Chains, but once there is, it can be relieved.

If you gain +1 curse by other means.
There are options to choose other than occultists.
Could you add trees for lvl 30 ; 60 ; 90?
Innith wrote:
Could you add trees for lvl 30 ; 60 ; 90?

We added 30pt 60pt 92pt to PoB Link.
Also added ES shield to recommended equipment.
Is this hardcore viable?
ok4u2hate wrote:
Is this hardcore viable?

I am a SC player, but this character is hardly dead. Therefore I think that survival rate is high even in HC.
Is theres any downsides of using Witchfire brew with despair aura
leonass305 wrote:
Is theres any downsides of using Witchfire brew with despair aura

It is not a bad choice to rely on Witchfire for despair.
But since the flask frame is full, you will have trouble deciding which one to give up.
If you have Atziri 's Reflection you can exchange it with the Flask frame of uncaled.
But if you want to use more Soul Ripper, you will choose The Overflowing Chalice.
How is it so tanky? Where does all the regen come from

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