[3.3][ISC] Max Frenzy Charges Lightning Strike Raider

Hello and welcome to my Lightning Strike Raider build.
It’s a build that spawned from the idea of using Hyaon’s Fury for…something. Anything. Which quickly turned into a simple build with a regular weapon, as Hyaon’s Fury is actually complete shit and is outclassed by any 10c rapier with proper stats.
That’s where my idea of using Raider also comes from (for a ridiculous amount of frenzy charges which would synergize even better with Hyaon’s), and I decided to stick with it even with another sword as I like having a lot of frenzy charges.

In any case, I wanted to make a build with a niche skill (and lightning strike is pretty niche, as far as i can tell), and this is what I came up with. It doesn’t shine by its boss-killing capabilities, but it’s a nice little build using a fun niche skill that can perfectly clear most content, and so is good as a league starter option.

If I missed anything, my formatting isn't right, or anything else, do tell me. This is my first guide (as you can probably tell), so I'm prone to making mistakes.

Enjoy the read !

Pros & Cons

+ High AoE damage
+ Good on a budget, can be pushed further with some investment
+ Good league-starter, the only item you really need is Lycosidae
+ High movement speed thanks to Leap Slam and 8+ frenzy charges
+ Combines dodge, evasion and block for damage mitigation
+ Very high lightning penetration (94% !)
+ Can run phys reflect, curse immune maps easily
+ Can run maps up to T15 without any issues
+ Not the best at uber lab (izaro hits hard) but you can run it with relative ease
+ Excels in open layouts

- Squishy by nature as a Ranger
- Can’t run ele reflect
- Can run no leech maps but it requires some care
- T16 and Shaper might prove difficult, this is not a bosskiller build.
- Can sometimes be difficult to use in tight layouts or in the presence of obstacles
- Probably not HC viable


My Gear and Gear Breakdown

My Gear (3.3 ISC)


Any rare helmet will do. The best enchantment you can get is "Lightning Strike Pierces 3 Additional Targets", saving you a few points on your skill tree to spend elsewhere, as Pierce is essential and will drastically improve your AoE capabilities. I did not find a good enough helmet with that enchantment, sadly. But it's definitely the best one available. 40% Lightning Strike damage is not too shabby, but it's definitely not as good as the pierce enchantment.

Alternatives : Starkonja. If you can manage the resists on a build that already has a fair share of uniques, go for it.

Body Armour

We have several options here. I use Shroud of the Lightless for an easy 6-link (Elemental Penetration allows me to remove Lightning Penetration) and a pretty good HP bonus since this build uses a lot of abyss jewels. The spell Shade Form is also nice, making you immune to physical damage and giving you phasing for a few seconds, but as it has an internal cooldown of 45 seconds, don't count on it too much.

However, there are a few alternatives, such as a simple Belly of the Beast, Queen of the Forest (if you really want to go fast), or a rare Zodiac Leather.


Any rare amulet will do.
Important stats are :
Best : HP, Lightning Damage, Added Lightning Damage to Attacks
Good : Critical Strike Multiplier, Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
Decent : Critical Strike Chance


Any rare foil with +25% Global Critical Damage Multiplier (most foils apply).
Jewelled Foil is the best base, but a few others are decent too. Try to aim for Jewelled foil, dragonbone rapier or spiraled foil.
Important stats are :
Best : Attack Speed (aim for 1.80+ attack speed), Added Lightning Damage, Global Critical Strike Multiplier
Good : Elemental Damage with Attack Skills, Critical Strike Chance
Decent : Physical damage (this will raise the price higher without giving us a lot of benefits, but it's nice to have), elemental (fire/cold) damage (doesn't increase damage by a lot either, as we focus on lightning damage, but it's nice to have too, just don't focus on it)

Normally, foils with such stats are relatively cheap. My current foil (linked here) cost me 30c, and it's a very good one for our purposes.


Lycosidae. As a crit build, this is simply the best shield we can get. It has a low amount of life (up to 50), but the "hits can't be evaded" mod is highly invaluable and saves us from investing any resources into accuracy.

It being a rather expensive shield at the moment, as a league starter alternative you can get Lioneye's Remorse which will bulk you up a bit with its big amount of HP. You might need to find accuracy somewhere else, though, either in your tree (we have access to a bunch of accuracy nodes) or on your jewelry.


Tombfist is the end-game gloves you are looking for. The wet dream of this build is a 2-socket Tombfist with a +1 to maximum frenzy charges corruption. However, that would be a very expensive item (at the time of writing this, it's 7.5 ex to get such an item).

In the meantime, rare gloves will do (or a 1-socket tombfist too, a frenzy charges corruption is icing on the cake).
Gripped gloves are nice, but a frenzy charges corruption is better. I haven't found any lab enchant to be particularly useful, and the frenzy charges corruption gives us the most dps anyway.

Important stats pn a rare are :
Best : HP, Attack Speed
Good : Resistances
Decent : Added Lightning Damage to Attacks (low rolls on gloves, nice to have but kind of mediocre anyway)


Darkray Vectors are the obvious choice for a build oriented towards Frenzy Charges. It gives you increased movement speed per frenzy charge (going up to 45% at 9 charges), and 2% chance to dodge attacks per frenzy charge. All in all, an excellent and cheap pair of boots for us.

If you're playing in Standard, the best item is Darkray Vectors with a +1 Frenzy Charges corrupted implicit. Since 3.3, that corruption has been moved to Gloves, so you cannot get it in Incursion.

If you do not like Darkray Vectors (shame on you), you can use Atziri's Step for more dodge, or regular Rare boots.

Important stats on a rare are :
Best : HP, resistances
Good : Movement speed


Here is where it gets interesting.
Normally, the best base is a rare Stygian Vise with good rolls, or, if you can't afford that, a Leather Belt with good rolls.
However, since I switched to Shroud of the Lightless, I decided to use Darkness Enthroned to use 2 abyss jewels, which are boosted by 50% by the belt. With good jewels, I can get a very good amount of HP and damage.
Be aware though, you need good jewels to use Darkness Enthroned, and I don't think it's that worth it if you do not use Shroud of the Lightless, unless you have absolutely godtier jewels (aka, a lot better than mine)

Stats to look out for on a rare are :
Best : HP, resistances, Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
Good : Flask duration, flask charges gained, strength (high rolls, 40+ can be interesting for the hp bonus and less constraints for gems)
Decent : HP gained from life flasks, -% flask charges used


Any rare rings will do.
I believe that The Taming can work well with this build, but I haven't tested it.
The best base for your rings is Opal Ring, obviously, but these can get prohibitively expensive.
I like to use a ring solely focused on defense (to cap my resistances) and another one more focused on damage. This tends to get less expensive, as rings that are both good in offense and defense are going to be extremely expensive.

Stats to look out for (defensive) :
Best : HP, resists (120+ total)
Good : Accuracy (if you are not using Lycosidae, if you are, ignore accuracy completely)
Decent : Attributes (as always, str gives us 1 hp per 2 str, int means fulfilling gem requirements, dex gives us evasion only, not very interesting)

Stats to look out for (offensive) :
Best : HP, Elemental Damage with Attack Skills, Added Lightning Damage to Attacks
Good : Lightning Damage
Decent : Attack Speed (minimal gain, don't make this a priority)


HP flask : Try to get a Divine flask, as they give the most total health. "Seething" making the recovery instant but 66% lower, you want the flask that gives you more hp over time rather than the one giving you less hp faster (eternal). As a suffix, aim for Staunching or Heat to remove bleed or freeze (I prefer staunching).
Diamond Flask for more crit. Best mods are Experimenter's (more duration) and Heat/Staunching (whatever you don't have on your hp flask)
Sulphur flask for more damage. Best mods are Experimenter's (more duration) and Warding (curses are annoying). You can replace this with a Jade Flask or a Basalt Flask for more damage mitigation.
The Wise Oak is very important. Try to get a flask with max rolls, as this will improve your dps quite a bit. You also require your uncapped lightning resistance to be the highest for it to be useful. Balanced resistances are the best for defensive purposes, but for offensive purposes all you need is for your lightning resistance to be the highest.
Atziri's Promise. An amazing DPS flask. Try to get the highest roll on the elemental to chaos conversion, as it's much more important than the physical one. You can mostly ignore the physical conversion, as you barely deal any physical damage to begin with.

I think Vessel of Vinktar could be used, but honestly, that flask is shitty. I don't want to add Shock to my weaknesses on an already kinda squishy build. Screw that. If you like to suffer, feel free to replace Sulphur flask with it. But I'm warning you, you're going to take a lot of damage.

Jewels and Abyss Jewels

No jewels in particular in mind. Regular jewels are interesting enough, but Abyss Jewels are the crème de la crème.
You are going to want, most of all, Murderous Eye Jewels, as they can roll high damage for sword attacks. Searching Eye Jewels are also ok, but can't roll sword attack mods.

Stats to look out for :
Best : HP, Added Lightning Damage to Attacks, Added Lightning Damage to Sword Attacks
Good : Global Critical Strike Multiplier
Decent : Attack Speed, Critical Strike Chance, Added Elemental (Non-Lightning) Damage

You also need one (should be enough) jewel with the mod "Chance to blind enemies on hit with attacks". 3% should be enough, and it will reduce your chances to get hit by quite a lot.

Skill gems

My Skill Gems and Links

Main Skill
Lightning Strike (20/20)Elemental Damage with Attacks (20/20) Added Lightning Damage (20/20)Multistrike (20/0)Lightning Penetration (20/20) (5L)Increased Critical Strikes (20/20) (6L)

Other Possibilities : Swap out Increased Critical Strikes for Ancestral Call

As I use shroud of the lightless, I drop Lightning Penetration from my 6L setup, as Elemental Penetration from the armor has the same value has Lightning Penetration, but for all elements.

Why do I not 20% multistrike ? It only increases melee physical damage, which only affects the melee portion of Lightning Strike. The projectiles do not scale from melee physical damage but rather from your weapon’s damage, the tooltip is a bit confusing in that regard. All in all, a 20% multistrike doesn’t hurt us, but it’s rather unnecessary and an extremely minor (barely 1k dps gain for me) improvement.

If you have a 20/20 Vaal Lightning Strike, you can put that in your 6L setup instead of a regular 20/20 Lightning Strike.

If you don’t have a 20/20 Vaal Lightning Strike, here’s the setup for VLS :

Vaal Lightning Strike (20/20)Added Lightning Damage (20/20)Elemental Damage with Attacks (20/20) Elemental Focus (20/20)

VLS is useful to give us a little dps boost. It comes up very often as it costs only 20 souls. It’s also nice to drop it down somewhere while we go kill stuff in another room (for example, if you have a breach expanding in two different corridors, drop VLS in one and go hit stuff in the other, works wonders).

A single-target alternative that I have not tested is Blade Flurry, replacing Multistrike with Concentrated Effect. It's possibly better for bosses, but once again, I did not test it. It's good for Atziri, though, since LS has so much AoE you will most of the time end up hitting the mirror clone during the splitting phase, and kill yourself very quickly.

CWDT Setup

CWDT (lvl 1)Conductivity (lvl 5)Summon Ice Golem (lvl 3)Immortal Call (lvl 3)

Conductivity gives us a good damage boost as it reduces enemy resistances by an additional -29%. If you feel like you need more survivability instead, you can use Enfeeble in its place.

Ice Golem and Immortal Call are self-explanatory. I prefer to keep CWDT to a low level so conductivity procs as often as possible, but you can try to bump it a couple levels more if you want. However, I did not test that.

Movement Skill

Movement skill : Leap SlamFaster AttacksFortify
The classic.

No Specific Links

Wrath (20/0) (More damage)
Herald of Thunder (20/20) (More damage)
Blood Rage (20/20) (More damage, also frenzy charge generator until you have enough points in Raider)
Ancestral Protector ( ?/0)

Level Ancestral Protector as high as your strength will allow. Since I already have too high STR requirements for my tastes, I kept it at level 12, which I find a reasonable amount.


Kill all. If you are having mana issues, you can help Alira, but you’ll want to switch to +2 passive points eventually once you have mana leech.



Levelling and Passive Trees
Levelling Trees and Final Tree

29 points

I didn’t have anything in particular in mind while levelling, just taking some hp nodes and damage nodes here and there. You can take a mana leech node here if you want, next to Essence Sap, and skip the one I take later near Spirit Void. They are exactly the same, but you access the Essence Sap one earlier.

59 points

We take the Pierce nodes for increased AoE and we head towards duelist to grab some more HP nodes as well as one mana leech node for sustain.

91 points

At this point we most likely have cleared Normal Lab and Cruel Lab later on, so we start taking Frenzy Charge nodes. Also heading towards the shadow tree for, once again, some more HP, and damage nodes.

Final Tree - 114 points

We finish by taking a couple more damage nodes, the jewel nodes, Acrobatics (I feel like it’s not really needed before maps, but you can take it earlier if you wish), and Vaal Pact (for more leech). This is just a level 91 tree, so if you level further, you can grab some more nodes like Forces of Nature or Revenge of the Hunted for more damage and hp, respectively. There's also a few duellist starting nodes that gives you a bit of HP, if you want.


Nothing much really ! Just hit the ground with your sword like Thor (if Thor had a gender reassignment surgery and started to really be into nature and fencing), and watch the lightning fly ! Considering Lightning Strike fires ground projectiles, some obstacles might make it difficult to hit certain targets. This is why we have Leap Slam and Frenzy charges, to be able to reposition very quickly to hit hard to reach targets.

Do know that Lightning Strike has two components, the melee attack and the projectiles. The melee attack does a lot more damage than the projectiles (around 50-60% more if my math is right) but it also puts you more at risk since you are still kind of squishy. Adjust your position accordingly during boss fights, to keep a good balance between dps and survival.

Be wary of Blood Rage once you take Vaal Pact, as it will drain your hp at a fast pace (especially if your map has Vulnerability curse) and, during periods without fighting, can actually kill you or leave you vulnerable for the next fight. If you want to deactivate it during downtime periods, simply remove the gem from your gear and put it back in again.

PoB Link


If any questions show up repeatedly, I will include them in this section.


Well, there we are. Thanks for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed my guide, I also hope you've been able to withstand my inexperienced ass and my shitty photoshop skills, and I wish you a happy mapping experience !

If you have any questions, do ask ! I’ll be checking this thread regularly.
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Can you make a tap with all your gear together? :D
Wow what an awful build
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Wow what an awful build

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Can you make a tap with all your gear together? :D


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