[3.3] Molten Strike // Frost Blades (T0 clear speed, T0 Boss kill, T0 defence)

I've done pure lightning MS/FB scion. With this build I killed everything. Build is based on Might of the Meek jewels.

T0 clear speed - whirling blades meta (blood rage, perm onslaught, lightning golem and 2.0 as claw make me super fast)

T0 boss kill - 400k+ shaper dps per ball with multistrike (more than any other MS build)
Uber Elder, Shaper, Uber Atziri, Uber Izaro are piece of cake

T0 defence - 6700 life, fortify, 76% projectile, 72% melee, 30% spell Avoidence (without flasks) + 80% all ressistances, 4500 life on hit + life leech + high life regen, maim

3 Might of the Meek jewels give me:
-550 life
-50% all elemenetal resistances
-100%+ crit multi
-ias,proj dpg and 2% life regen


All items are cheap
-lycosidae shield 40c?
-tombfist 40c?
-loreweave body armour 60c + fussings + divines to get 80%
-claw 20c

Each of my items were bought for less than 1 ex (I only spent a lot of money for corrupted tombfist and watchers eye jewel but obviously it's not required for end game content)

6L - Molten strike, Ele focus, added lightning, multistrike, elem damage with attacks, conc effect
4L - Frost blades, pierce, elem damage with attacks, ancestrall call (+innervate in helmet)

wrath, herald of ice, ancestral protector, blood rage, lightning golem, some cwdt setup and whirling blades

Scion Ascendancies:
-raider + assasin

The last thing I need is Molten strike projectile count on my Helmet

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Hello, can you update a vid of this build, it looks cool.
Looks interesting, but according to pob the jewels are only giving you like 50 crit multi, unless I'm missing something.

Also, where are you getting the 4500 life on hit?
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Any videos bro?
PoB link, or even screen shots of the passive tree progression please
camjam89 wrote:
PoB link, or even screen shots of the passive tree progression please

He's got one in the op dude. I've had a look at it and it's actually a pretty solid build, pretty cheap, has around 3m Shaper dps and decent defenses, though a few things in the op are slightly exaggerated.

The guide needs some serious fleshing out.
What to do between finishing lower part of passive tree and taking 3rd lab for ascendancy so we can continue from shadow's tree?
Looks like its hard for lvl-ing?

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