[3.3] Fire Hit Wander [Clearspeed/Shaper+Co deathless]

Hi guys!
I just want to introduce you to my Incursion leaguestarter and the build i'm currently using.
I know, all this elemental hit - fire conversion thingy is nothing new. But when new EH got announced I got very excited and instantly decided to roll an EH Wander as my first character in Incursion. And since there are only plenty of Chin Sol EH guides up here, i wanted to share my Wander with you!

Since I'm playing PoE on a potato I'm not able to give you any Videos, I'm sorry :(


~able to do shaper, guardians and red elder deathless without problems (haven't had the chance to try uber elder yet)
~5300 Life
40% dodge/30% spell dodge
~30% chance to evade
~18% chance to block
up to 4 Million trash DPS with GMP (fully buffed)
up to 4,5 Million Shaper single target DPS (fully buffed)
+130%+ Movement Speed
Some Stun/Elemental ailment avoidance

-Easy to start with! All you need is a Quill Rain and maybe a Pyre. This was by far my smoothes leveling experience.
-Very good clearspeed, comparable to KB. Kill every pack with one hit.
-Good singletarget damage, able to do highest tier of content
-Very progressive. You feel every chaos you spend on the character
-Is a Wander that doesn't use KB! yay!

-Squishy! You need to dodge things manually. Could be hard if you're new to the game
-Can be very expensive these days to get the required uniques
-Too much fun. Damn.


There are some uniques required to do the conversion needed for proper damage:

Frostferno is the best choice for our helmet and the place where our EH-setup lays.
It's basically a 6L with lvl30 Cold to Fire and lvl5 Empower for us!
Your damage will skyrocket as soon as you get this. + It's cheaper than a good 6L Chestpiece.

Xoph's Blood saves us a huge amount of passive points, we would've needed for taking Avator of Fire on the tree. The covering in ash part is a straight 20% more damage buff for us!
I know they got very expensive lately but I'ld say it's worth it.

Piscator's Vigil is optimal for our build and pretty cheap. There is no reason to prefer another wand for this build.

Since our main Link setup lays in our helmet, we can use Kaom's heart for more Life and some increased damage!

We need this for converting our lightning damage to cold damage, which is converted to fire damage later. Cheap unique with great impact on our damage output.

A Shaper shield with 15% reduced mana reservation gives us the ability to use Anger(or Wrath) and Haste!

Gloves are pretty much your own choice. Tombfist with 2 Sockets give the best dps-boost. Oskarm or Maligaro's Virtuosity are good choices aswell.

For the other gear slots I use rares to get my resistances capped. Movementspeed on boots is pretty important since we're not using any mobility skills!

You'll want 2 Quicksilvers, 1 for bleed immunity and 1 for Freeze immunity. The wise oak is a nice damage buff if you get your Fire Resistance the highest.

On jewels you want Crit mulit and resistances. The Combat Focus Jewels are required for our build to work!


This is my Tree (currently lvl 92)
Some things are not calculated by PoB:
-15% more damage with vaal lightning trap
-10% more damage on shocked enemies through vaal lightning trap
-up to 30% more damage with far shot

I don't recommend going Avatar of Fire if you can't afford Xoph's

Try to get to the Combat Focus Spots ASAP and take some life nodes on the way.

Get the pierce node first on deadeye first


Main Setup (Helmet):
Elemental Hit-Elemental Damage with Attacks-Combustion-GMP/Slower Projectiles

For tough bosses we swap GMP for Slower Projectiles. So far i only did this for red elder and shaper.

Anger/Wrath-Haste-Enlighten (Shield)
If you don't have access to a 15% reduced mana reservation shield, drop anger/wrath. Wrath gives more damage than anger if you're not using Watcher's Eye.

Vaal lightning trap-Assassins Mark-Faster Casting (Wand)
Vaal lightning trap shocks bosses (15% more damage, +10% more damage from elemental hit), we selfcast Assassins Mark on bosses and sometimes on trash to keep our power charges up.

CWDT-Cold Snap-Vortex (Boots/Gloves)
This setup spreads chilled ground (EH does 10% more damage against chilled enemies) and gives us frenzy charges (if we're not using Blood Rage)

Blood Rage
Frenzy Charge generation + huge attack speed

Summon Ice Golem
chills enemies (10% more damage!) and gives some stats (accuracy and crit)

- You can level with a Quill Rain and a random 4l up to lvl80!
- Before you get Xoph's Heart/Avatar of Fire you can use 2 Pyre rings! It's enough damage to start mapping easily. I also did uber lab easily on this setup.
-For Bandits take Alira
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In what order should I be aiming to get each unique for this build?
I used this order and had very smooth and quick leveling: Quill Rain - combat focus (both) - 2 pyres - frostferno - swap 1 pyre for call of the brotherhood - piscator - kaoms - xophs
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Is Quill Rain better than Storm Cloud?
Storm Cloud is more damage, but i prefered quill rain because of proj speed and mana on hit. So you trade some damage for quality of life
Is it possible to make a budget version of this to farm up the extremely expensive uniques?
videos if you can please.
A budget version would be just the combat focus jewels, piscator and 2 pyre rings. Should be enough to farm yellow tier maps. Next upgrade would be frostferno

I'm not playing for the next weeks because of exams, but I will try to capture some videos afterwards.

The last days I spent trying to kill uber elder. It was my first time ever. Got him down to 30%, main problem for me is dodging things and knowing what happens in this fight :D But I'm sure it's doable.

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