[3.7] Ngamahu's Charged Dash - Rage Buffs = more viable?

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3.7 Changes

•Was easily clearing T15 maps back in 3.3 with all the drawbacks of Rage, now all the benefits without all the degen!
•Can use Vaal Pact now that Rage doesn't degen.
•Infused Channeling is more DPS and defense
•Enduring Cry = Instant, spammable, 1.74 cooldown, instant 25% mana and life heal.

The Idea of the build

•Using Ngamahu's Flame axe, our Charged Dash will spew out Molten Burst to add extra damage.
•Berserker Ascendancy gives us TONS of attack speed that scales Charged Dash damage,movement speed and quality of life very well.
•SUPER budget: Requires only a 6 socket Ngamahu's and any average rolled 6 link chest. Everything else can be self found rares with average stats and you will be perfectly fine!
•Rage mechanic is very easy to sustain! 50 Rage uptime is almost permanent!

•One-shots all packs so far through T10 maps.
•Super fast mapper and good boss DPS as well as mobility helps against boss mechanics to keep you relatively safe.
•Lots of potential to upgrade if you want a non-budget version of this.
•Free insta-heal for 25% life and mana every 2 seconds.
•Only 2 map mods you cannot run - No Leech and Ele Reflect

•You can easily launch yourself into dangerous situations and die (I'll explain how to avoid this in the Playstyle section)
•Can't run run no-leech and reduced recovery maps.

Path of Building



T15 Reef Map - Easy mapping and the boss fight would have been easy but my internet is trash, and I got random lag spikes. I could barely control my character towards the middle of the fight and died, I instantly stopped the recording out of frustration, but decided to upload this anyways cause until the lag, it was a really good map run and boss fight.


T13 Terrace

T11 Coves Map

Example Gear

Class and Ascendencies

•Class: Marauder
•Ascendency: Berserker
1st: Crave the Slaughter
2nd: Rite of Ruin
3rd: Aspect of Carnage
4th: Warbringer

Skill Trees

Skill Tree Leveling Guide (Coming Soon!)
Coming Soon!


Major: Soul of Arakaali - Capture Arachnoxia in Toxic Sewer Map -
(50% Increased Recovery of Life and Energy Shield if you've stopped taking Damage Over Time Recently)

Minor: Soul of Tukohama - Capture Tahsin, Warmaker in Siege Map
(While stationary, gain 0.5% of Life Regenerated per second each second, up to a maximum of 2%)

Skills/Gear Leveling Guide (Coming Soon!)

Coming Soon!

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Hi boy! Good idea! HC viable?
Carloccn wrote:
Hi boy! Good idea! HC viable?

I wouldn't take this into HC the way I've been building it, being that you literally throw your body into things to deal damage. I think you'd want to do a few things differently to prioritize defenses. I think Slayer or Jugg could make it a good bit tankier without losing too much damage, but you'd lose a lot of QoL with all the Zerker's attack and move sped. Also, Starkjonia's could be an option instead of Devoto's.

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