[3.3] kb effigon traps (ci)

https://pastebin.com/NWx9tNq8 pob for those that dont wanna read my stuff

current gear:

to be honest, dont play this, just put in random other spell traps and take no wand nodes, youll have more es, mana, dmg, fun etc

what you can do with this build:
clear maps (yea even red maps work), do incursion and temple fairly well due to being ci, ignoring all bleed due to apeps supremacy, any bosses that dont move around a lot and have phases (aka atziri)

what you shouldnt do with this build:
elder and elder guardians

what you absolutely cant do:
any of the endgame bosses

if you actually want to play this:

level with any trap until you can get gmp and cluster trap, then you can go trapping with kb and itll be quite strong, barrage traps are really not that bad dmg (a 6l would be another 50% more dmg with point blank (this build has *no* strength, so no ewa))

the only unique you need is sorrow of the divine, tho i really wouldnt suggest doing this without apeps or sin trek, both of those are gonna take reaaaaally good items to replace them. effigon is just neat, tho you can probably just use acc jewellery and take a different ascendency (trickster/occultist probably). ylfebans is just something i found and then put on and never bothered to find something with more es.

flask setup: a warding jade flask would probably be better than atziris promise but i couldnt be arsed to get one. other than that, try to find a mana flask that doesnt get your mana pool full too quickly, as running both discipline and wrath is the best aura setup

for your wand, just find the highest dmg one (aps doesnt matter) for your budget

tldr: dont play this its terrible (tho kb is always fun to play with)
Last bumped on Jun 18, 2018, 4:01:50 PM

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