[3.3] Arc Miner Assassin High-Crit SSF Friendly Endgame Viable

I'm Still Leveling This Build/Attempting The Final Bosses.
If you like stuff like this, or maybe want to stay tuned to see new builds that I will try out, you can go ahead and visit my stream. If you throw a follow, then you can see when I go live.

Hey, after watching footage of the previous variant of Arc Miners, I decided to try it out for the first time this league. There were many struggles that I had to deal with that slowed me down (excluding RL), and I came here to try to give you a guide if you're having trouble with the build. I'm talking a lot of problems. I also have a way that I was able to make this viable for racing, but over time I might try to attend these races, so I might not explain it yet.

By the way, I changed the build many times, and I think some other gems changed on 3.3.0 aswell. I found this set-up to be the most optimal setup thus far. Hopefully I can find a better setup, one without Tabula Rasa either.


[x] Red Elder
[x] Shaper down
[x] Guardians Down
[x] Yellow Elder
[x] White Elder
[x] Atziri
[x] SSF until maps

Path of Building DPS with Budget Gear:
188k Per Mine
x8 = 1.5M

Path of Building

2x Shimmerons, % Spell jewels


Character name: xnympho

The important passive point to mention here is Blast Cascade. For this build, it grants a 15% chance to gain a power charge when your mine is detonated targeting an enemy.
Volatile Mine comes second, but it's not too big early. It makes detonate mines [semi]-instant.

Gear W/ Gems

Now, one of the most important pieces here is the helmet with the Place an additional mine shaper mod. Legacy Arc chains an additional 3 times enchant is best. I couldn't farm the new +1 chain enchant, I spent my time trying to get the boots.

The flasks and mods are pretty important. You can go curse immune on diamond flask and removes burning on the QSF.

This is the 2nd/3rd best enchant, the best enchant is Adds 1 - 160 Lightning Damage if you haven't killed recently.

Weapon Swap:

Weapon swap, throw out lightning traps in order to max out / refresh power charges.

The most important thing here is that you need jewels with Mine Laying Speed, since the main part of a build is to keep you playing. xd.

After you get your weapons (2x Void Battery / Shimmerons), these jewels will outscale the aforementioned ones:

As for the weapons, just go for anything you can use. When your build is ready for the end-game maps I'd have at least double Void Battery, or a pair of Shimmerons equipped.
Get as much defenses as you can, and life.
Mana/Life regen! You can see my build is lucky/hella minmaxed for the extremely low price I paid.
Max your lightning res for Wise Oak.

Like I said, for end game you will want at least 2x Void Battery or 2x Shimmerons. I find that Marble Amulet(1.6% Life Regen) + Opal Ring(Elemental Damage) + Any GG belt (with % mine laying speed Tora mastermod) would be OP AF.

If you get Shimmeron you will have to switch Cold Snap with something else. I switched to Enfeeble which is a curse.

You want to aim for Watcher's Eye for the Clarity and Wrath mod.

The juicy gems

Chest: Arc - Controlled Destruction - Remote Mine - Trap and Mine Damage - Minefield - Lightning Penetration

Helmet: CwDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Vaal Clarity
Level 20 clarity.

Ring: Wrath

Gloves/Boots: CwDT - Cold Snap - Detonate Mines - Summon Stone Golem

Gloves/Boots: Phase Run - Smoke Mine - Increased Duration - Arcane Surge
Level 3 Arcane Surge. Somewhat incompatible without Increased Duration.

Weapon1: Lightning Warp - Faster Casting - Less Duration

Weapon2: Spell Totem - Detonate Mines - Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance (Finally, a free slot, right? xD)

Weapon swap: Lightning Trap - Multiple Traps - Cluster Traps

It's important to keep your helmet like that because none of the other active gems that are being triggered by CwDT will work with a helmet that has Supported by Remote Mines mod.
Even Detonate Mines Totem.
You also must weapon swap so you can't have auras or golem on weapon slots.

Bandit: Alira.


Soul of Lunaris (1% Phys for Each Nearby Enemy)
Soul of Garukhan (+5% chance to Evade if taken a Savage Hit recently)

Ascendancy order

I went the following:

Unstable Infusion
Deadly Infusion
Ambush and Assassinate

I don't think Unstable Infusion works, though. This was my first playthrough of the build. I still had tons of damage early, but from the looks of it this order might be better:

Ambush and Assassinate
Unstable Infusion
Deadly Infusion

Or maybe a respec midway in order to gain the dps needed for the second playthrough.

Ambush and Assassinate
Re-spec: Opportunistic -> Unstable Infusion
Deadly Infusion

I'm going to give you a bit of a warning before you start leveling with mines, it's fairly slow but deals tons of damage. Mine builds are highly susceptible to getting locked in the middle of a pack and dying without chance of retaliation.
I went a trap build then switched to mines when I needed the damage around T8-T10.

You can follow my stream if you want to see new 3.3.0 builds I will start playing soon.
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HC viable?
Every build is HC viable!
You don't have a source of leech so it doesn't look very capable.
I'd assume Saboteur would be a better choice since you gain a lot of % life regeneration from the ascendancy, although you lose that sweet endgame potential that Assassin provides with 500%+ crit multiplier.
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