[3.5] Elemental hit One shot bosses! Frostferno version

Welcome to my first ever guide! Please be gentle.

Who am i?

I'm nightcodex. I am a small individual content creator/entertainer on twitch
I have been playing PoE since release but dropped out somewhere at the moment of the vaal introduction.
Came back on harbinger 2nd month into the league and racked up a 2200 hour on steam.
I spended my off time (toilet times and stuff) Reading guides and alot of things about Path of exile.
During this time i had a great way of income ingame like lab and boss services with a mere few characters. This went so well that i eventually tried over 40 different builds untill now from the forum and other sites / youtube videos. This gave me alot and i mean a LOT of insight in gear and jewel wise mechanics as well as making your own build.
Here is my first build ever!

What is this build?

This build uses elemental hit as a bow character.
super high dps capable of 1-2-3 shotting any t1/t10 boss
This means that higher tiers might require a few more shots.

Pro's and con's

1. Can do all content Atziri/Uberlab runs/Guardians/shaper/Elder
2. Cheap to swap to endgame gear! As you level like an elemental bow build like TS!
3. High survivability due to evasion and physical damage reduction combined with some armour.
4. Mapping is amazing with chain support and our ascendancy with a total of 3 chains!.
5. Oneshot everything!

1. Cannot run ELEMENTAL reflect
2. Requires a chin sol 5L and a kaom's heart
3. Endgame gear is expensive due to xoph's blood (Doubles DPS THOUGH)
4. Frostferno is mandatory for this build's single target
5. EXPENSIVE (incursion league as of writing 13 ex)

My gear

Wanted to share you guys my build in this POB below

Check it out in POB and give me some feedback
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deadeye? which ascension points did you put first respectively?
dotgain wrote:
deadeye? which ascension points did you put first respectively?

Gathering > far > Rico > fast and deadly
So why the chain? Does it do anything in the single target damage?
So why the chain? Does it do anything in the single target damage?

Our ascendancy says > Projectiles deal 10% more Damage for each remaining Chain we chain 3 times this gives us a nice compensation on max lvl chain > Supported Skills deal (50-31)% less Damage with Hits <

Our damage is insane when fully geared chain can be swapped for mirage archer if you feel underpowered but chain is great for one shot pack clearing. The single target is in the helmet we are using 2 elemental hit skills!

There's literally so many builds on this why even bother creating one lmao, who knows who copied who
Thanks man i whas looking for a build that could do massive damage and this is a good one ty <3
Amazing build dude. First bow char i've seen that could farm guardians. Fck all the haters this build is original af.

I am deffinitely gonna try this build out! :D

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