[3.3] EB MoM Trapper

to give our traps bloodmagic while we reserve all of our mana for auras.
EB+MoM combination allows us to use energy shield to mitigate damage from our hp.
since we dont rely on our man to throw traps we dont have to worry about the life to mana (or in this case; energyshield) ratio. Most MoM builds want a life to mana ratio of about 7:3 to avoid feeling stun locked when you run out of mana. This build doesnt worry about that. If your energyshield gets depleted you can run around and throw traps.

my gear


use herald of ash and arctic armour if you dont have a watchers eye with wrath mod.
crit mod on watchers eye is priority i ended up using wrath aura instead jsut because i have the wrath mod on my jewel.
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