[3.3] Inpulserate Bomber - 1.4M DPS - Elementalist with MoM

Inpulserate Bomb Elementalist with MoM

Love the incinerate rework? Wish it was faster? Love watching packs explode? Like pretty graphics? This may be the build for you!

Fast Clear
Pretty Graphics
Less than 10 ex in gear
Ele Reflect Immune

Defence is based on damage
Can't do no regen maps

Required Uniques

Yoke of Suffering makes your fire shock, therefore you do not need lightning damage. By adding innervate as support gem incinerate gets a 20% chance to shock. Since incinerate hits quite frequent we are able to shock enemies fairly easily.

Inpulsa's does the magic and explodes enemies. In addition we get a flat 25-50% inc damage if shocked recently.

My Gear:

Gem Links

Incinerate - Immolate - Combustion - Burning Damage - Innvervate - Onslaught
CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration

COH - Herald of Thunder - Flameability

Herald of Ash - Faster Casting - Flame Dash - Swift Affliction

Level with Incinerate - Immolate- combustion- burning damage. Once you can put on inpulsa add the innervate. If you can get a 6 link can use onslaught - swift affliction, efficacy, or added lightning.

Passive Tree

PoB link: https://pastebin.com/98TnxkgV

Incinerate at stage 1:

Incinerate at stage 4

186k hit at release = 930k
20k ignite dot at release = 100k ignite dot

Incinerate at max stage:

280k hit at release = 1.4m
30k ignite dot at release = 150k

This does not include the additional damage gained from esh's mirror.

I know these videos are have bad frames. I will get some new videos with better quality soon!

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