[3.3] SSFHC Trapper Question/Theorycraft

Hey everyone,

I've been doing some theorycrafting/testing on a vortex trapper. Currently, he's just level 33 and has started using "Mirebough" with vortex, hypothermia, and controlled destruction.

Right now, it's doing great damage, but it's obviously still very early game so I'm not sure if it will plateau eventually. I would love to continue this, but I am pretty awful at theorycrafting so I need some help figuring out the best gems for vortex.

In the past, people have used pyre and cold to fire gem and used the DOT from vortex rather than the actual hit. I think that has been nerfed, so are there better gems to use rather than hypothermia and controlled destruction? I think I will be crit, so controlled destruction is probably counter productive.

Thanks for the help :)
Last bumped on Jun 14, 2018, 10:20:48 PM

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