[3.3] Trickster CI Flicker Striker - TrickFlickSupremacy

Hi everyone, this is my newest build, bringing an oldie but goodie back with the new Apep's Supremacy shield. If you like to Flicker Strike without having to think about frenzy charges, hate pesky life and mana flasks and is secretly in love with the weird, yet bizarre Shadow voice lines, then this is most certainly the build for you!

Pros & Cons

+ Takes you odd places ;)
+ Great for Incursions!
+ Cheap to buy gear for! ES/Phys items are not that expensive
+ Very fast clear!
+ BIS is Atziri's Splendour. Which means it's easy to get colors!
+ Relatively tanky! 6k+ es, good evasion and 78% on all max res w/o flasks.

- Takes you odd places :(
- Has barely ok single target without elder gloves.
- Flasks can be expensive.
- Has to play very safe against Omnitect. Don't know why they gimped all "true" melee builds against that boss... You can't stand on top of him or his aura of death will get the best of you. Blade Furry setup helps though..
- Can be a bit tricky to level, because we can only really go into the build at level 68.
- Can't do Phys Reflect maps.

Build Mechanics

The following will refer to some unique items. These can be found below in the "Gear" Section for quick reference.

This build relies on The Red Trail boots and The Golden Rule for infinite frenzy charges. This is works by The Golden Rule which inflicts bleeds and poisons onto you which you apply on others, and because of this gets the "Frenzy Charge on Hit While Bleeding" clause to work for us (almost)all the time. Paired with Apep's Supremacy it makes you bleed immune since you have the CI Keystone and also nets you a free 3% all max res. Neat! We also use a Atziri's Splendour body armour with ES/Eva roll to get a body armour that gives roughly 670 ES because of the Trickster node Escape Artist. Combined with the %All res you can get on that armor, it is BIS for this build, no questions asked. Final mention is just a little sidenote, but it is Varunastra. It really helps us fix the issues you get by having to grab ES while also grabbing the damage you want.

Current progress with the build:

Killed all Guardians
Killed all Uber Guadians
Killed Red Elder
Killed Shaper


T15 Double boss Carcass full run: https://youtu.be/olbotYcvcjs
Shaper Kill : https://youtu.be/SZeRPz4w0rw
(Very rough one, died a couple of times, first try on it with this char)

A little note to the shaper kill; this is not a shaper killer by any means. Sure, you can do it, but it's not gonna be pretty. This is not a boss killer, but it has crazy clear to compensate for that.

Nevertheless, for the highlight:


Varunastra is a really good weapon when we want to go CI as this allows us to grab all the damage notables without having to be starved for them as we would be if we were to go Daggers or Claws. A shame we don't grab Deadly Dilettante :(.

This armour is just that good on this build. 670 es and a lot of evasion while also giving us 21% all res???? YES PLEASE!

This is one of the build enablers. It's just too good to pass up on. I accidentally weapon swapped once while i was mapping and i straight up died without knowing what happened. This is a must-have!

Again, one of the build enablers! While many of the stats makes little sense on this build (life, armour) it does give us 10% phys reduction while flickering (When flickering you are actually "stationary"!) and gives us all the frenzy charges in the world.

My current helm is actually crazy.. I am so happy to have it and it fixes a lot of resists for me that i should otherwise get on my rings and/or amulet. I suppose you could use a The Vertex in it's stead, just because of the ES, but i'd argue that a solid rare with resists is the better option.

This actually have all the stats that you'd want to go for, but the base is a little off. The best base for us is to grab a Amber Amulet base to get the strength that we so desperately need!

Ahh the rings. Use them to get damage(like i do) or use them to get the resists. Get strength if you can. It's a stat that handicaps me in my current setup to the point that i have to grab 2x30 strength nodes on the tree. :( The rings themselves aren't godly or anything. Try to see if you can hit ES / added phys / Resists / Accuracy / Strength / Intelligence.

Not much to say here. Fix resists, get strength on base and/or suffix preferably and i even get some armour and WED while i am at it.

These gloves have 2 purposes. To giv me ES and to give me a 6-link for my Blade Flurry setup. You can go for a pure ES base, i guess, but while you most certainly can flicker on single targets with this build, you are way better off having a solid single target setup like this!

Flasks... They give you a metric sh*tton of dps on this build. I am in negotiations as for changing out 1 of the unique flasks for a Sin's Rebirth. But they are all so good. If i were to do it, it might be for a Atziri's Promise, but it gives me more leech so i am on the fence. As for the non-unique flasks, they are pretty much there to give me a Warding and a Freeze flask. The diamond flask is a HUUUGE boost to dps, but you could drop the silver flask for a Basalt if you want to have even more defensive options!


We need The Golden Rule to make the build work. Besides that i use rare jewels with Damage in all forms. And since we use Varunastra, we do not care about the weapon type, as long as it could be a 1-handed type of course. Crit multiplier, %damage and %es is the go-to stats for your jewels.


Flicker Strike
Flicker Strike - Multistrike - Melee Physical Damage - Melee Splash - Chance to Bleed - Damage on Full Life

Notes: While Chance to Bleed is less damage than Damage on Full life, if played in a 5 link, i'd rather want the consistency than the damage. Feel free to see if the Vulnerability setup is enough to keep up bleeds on yourself consistently!

Auras, Curses & Heralds
Discipline - Blasphemy - Vulnerability - Herald of Ash

Blade Flurry(if you have elder gloves)
Blade Flurry - Concentrated Effect - Damage on Full Life - Melee Physical Damage

Whirling Blades
Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Ancestral Warchief
Ancestral Warchief - Melee Physical Damage - Faster Attacks - Concentrated Effect

Ascendancies, Pantheon, Bandits, skill tree & PoB:

For Ascendancies we run the following:

Swift Killer
We are always on full frenzy charges. This is a great damage boost!

Weave the Arcane
No-cost Flicker Strike and 20% increased Attack Speed on a node? Yes please!

Ghost Dance
Remarkably good node. Doesn't trigger the "... Energy Shield Recharge has started Recently" clause very often but the defensiveness this node gives is nothing to scoff at. I would, none the less, be inclined to take Harness the Void instead of this if it wasn't obligatory for taking Escape Artist.

Escape Artist
This node is kinda cool. Again, it's defensive, it gives us ES and Evasion rating, and allows us to use a Atziri's Splendour with hybrid Eva/ES rolls to our full advantage.

I will like to point out, that with Incursion it is possible, albeit very expensive, to get 6-white good ES chest pieces. If you were to stumble onto any of these, i would recommend not to go trickster, as much of the appeal of this ascendancy comes from the fact that you can use a fairly cheap body armour as a T0 ES chest piece that would be tens if not hundreds of exalts worth. This would mean that you could go do something else entirely, like Assassin, Pathfinder or even Scion.

As for the Pantheon we run the following:

Soul of the Brine King
Stun mitigation? This paired with Escape Artist does unfortunately not make us stun immune, but it does make us very resistant against it. This makes us able to not run stun immunity in the form of Eye of Chayula or the like, and that makes it hard to pass up.

Soul of Tukohama
I like phys reduction and this gives me exactly that! Besides, all the other options are kind of meh.

As for the Bandits it's really simple. Kill them all. Alira could be kind of okay, but the main selling point for her is usually that the trifecta of stats are really good which makes up for the 2 points, but since we don't get any use out of the mana regen, i'd argue it's really not worth.

Finally, the Skill Tree and the PoB:

The Skill Tree: (Level 90) http://poeurl.com/bZ9j
The Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/SqVuXxXL

Closing words:

Thanks for reading my guide to this build. If you have any questions or have some feedback you want to throw my way feel free to leave a comment below!

Courtesy of Hollyphanthom, https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2168614 this is a different take on the build, albeit not much. This is using a claw instead of Varunastra. I outlined a few differences in our build in a below comment, and he outlined a few aswell in his own build thread. If you have the currency to have a godlike claw, be sure to check this out!
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Yeah, I'm trying this one out, how does it performs on lab btw? and in bosses? do you actually have anything thought for the single target dmg?
In lab it's doing as fine as any leech-based non-slayer build. Traps will hurt, but you have many layers of defense to help out on both Argus and Izaro. As for general bosskilling, you can actually kill them with flicker most of the time. When they are too tough for that to be safe (for me that's really t14+, and uberlab included) you have the Blade Flurry setup in your gloves that gives you plenty of single target damage. That is what made me able to kill Shaper, and what makes one of Flicker Strike builds' weak spots go away. Feel free to ask any other questions if you have any on your mind!

This is my build.


Interesting that you used varunastra and different ascendancy nodes.
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This looks very interesting! I will say, that besides the flaws and strength's of the different builds you've outlined already i'll just leave a few other mentions: your build, just judging from your weapon alone, is much more expensive than mine. Yes, my gloves are a bit more expensive than yours baseline (without the corruption that is). You are basically trading the several defensive layers of Ghost Dance and Escape Artist for the damage and leech of Patient Reaper and Harness the Void. Taking off the frenzy charge of your gloves and removing Harness the Void basically leaves us with the same DPS. Now i really enjoy what you've done with your build. I had a lot of issues finding a correct weapon type for the shell and it looks like you've found a good one. Beside that, the tradeoff that i have from a pair of elder gloves is that i have a 6 link single target spell, which is a huge deal if you want to deal with the "bigger" bosses in a safe manner. Thanks for bringing this to my attention it was really interesting! :)
Yea. My gear is expensive only because I progressed into it. It used to be cheap. Actually, the only >100c items are chest & weapon. Other items "look" expensive but I got a good deal since I've been watching new items for sale constantly.

In POB, if you switch my claw to a 1c Wasp's nest, you just get a -12% less DPS. I was using wasp's nest for a long time. It is more than enough. I went with claw because of the leech rate. It leeches much better than swords/dagger.

Also, shaper frenzy charge corrupt gloves are really nice. You should try it. It adds a ton of damage and ES. It is not that expensive right now. It used to be like 1 ex unliked, but now they are like 30c 4-linked. The 30-strength nodes on the tree becomes 6% ES and 6% damage nodes.

And vaal double strike gives me my single-target damage. a 3-link is sufficient for nice damage boost.
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Sounds fair - all in all its a cool build we both made :)
I believe GGG confirmed that flicker and soul of tukohama do not work together as flicker counts as moving.

Edit: Yeah, found the post where MarkGGG confirms that flicker counts as moving and does not let tukohama to "build up".
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can someone post to me leveling guide please?
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The Skill tree link is broken :/

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