[3.3] Burning Arrow Chieftain / featuring Blast Rain Ranged attack Totem / Almost final

Guide in preparation....
Below I summarized the basic concept and Idea of the build as well as some set-ups in its current state. While the Guide is being written just look at my Profile for the Character "BurntheIncursion" on IHC for more details. Currently lvl 88 with uberlab done. Gear-wise most things are settled except ring(s), and boots but what I have know is decent enough. I hope to do a short video in the coming days to show some arbitrary mapping

Why Chieftain Burning Arrow?

Well very simple:
With the new Ignite I wanted to try out a Burning Arrow build. Also I did not play Chieftain since a long time, so I thought it might be worth a try.

Theorycraft reasons:
On the other hand there are a couple of good reasons for a Chieftain Burning Arrow build:

1.) A main problem with many damage over time builds is sustain: since we do not focus on upfront damage, classical leech is sub-optimal as sustain.
-> Chieftain offers a shit-ton of regen (I have 7,9 % base life regen, which can easily hit 13-15% fully buffed)
-> in addition Chieftain still offers leech and leech from your totems, which will be used as extra damage and sustain in both fights in form of a ranged attack totem with a blast rain set-up.

2.) Damage over time builds often lack burst damage which can quickly extinguish the approaching threat, aka kill it before shit happens.
-> Vaal burning Arrow and its overlapping explosion solves this issue easily.

3.) Bow builds often have issues with physical damage mitigation
-> Chieftain offers endurance charge generation and 10% of phys taken as fire damage.

4.) Chieftain offers easy 100% conversion to Fire and thus frees the Quiver slot for example Drillneck or a GG rare.

5.) Chieftain offers a shit ton of extra fire damage in the form of 70% phys as extra fire for 3 sec every 10 sec. Yes this is one of the less reliable buffs but remember that we do not need it for trash and if a Boss fight last at least 13 sec we will get a really fat ignite (or 2 with the BA jewel) which will have the damage boost for the whole duration. In case we kill the Boss in <13 sec, well for me that is not a problem ;)

6.) Chieftain offers cover in ash which is another 20% more multiplier for ignites.

7.) Most Bow build have issues getting a "high" life pool, being on the left side of the tree we have no issue reaching a high Life pool by means of strength stacking as well as easy access to >>200% life nodes.


7.1k Life 254% increased life from tree (currently using Loreweave, 8-9K HP possible with Kaoms Heart)
7.4% Life Regen
11,6% Regen with 6 Endurance charges up
1% life leech from ourselves (not that much as we do mostly DoT)
1% life leech from our totem (actually pretty decent extra sustain on top of our high regen)
79% all Res (Loreweave)

Damage: need to check PoB but somewhere around 200k ish (on a 5 link without covered in ash) for 2 burnings and not counting the blast rain totem I guess?! For now (Tier 8 Maps) everything melts so I did not not need numbers to check the performance.

Pro and Cons

-High Life
-good sustain (regen + totem leech) and phys mitigation (Endurance charges + phys taken as fire)
-high damage potential (double ignite, 70% phys a extra fire, cover in ash, blast rain totem, ele overload)
- DoT/totem advantage aka hit and run while the enemy dies

-> Overall this should offer good clear speed, high survivability and good Boss damage

-Starving for Dexterity (honestly I have 2 30 Dex nodes on the tree and 150 ish on gear, the main Problem being the Bow requirements)
- Movement speed and attack speed are both hard to come by and while not super necessary, make the build much more fun to play.
- No classical Bow benefits easily obtainable like pierce, additional projectiles or Accuracy

-> for sure not the best build out there and at bit out of the box requirements

Current skill set-up and main build Idea

Main Skill: Burning Arrow / Vaal Burning Arrow
Obviously we want maximum burning damage whith maximum coverage ;)
For now I did choose the following support gems:
EDA+DA+Combustion+ignite prolif (+Burning damage when 6L)

for Bosses one can swap ignite prolif for immolate
While leveling I used Volley/LMP/GMP instead of DA

For early mapping I bought a reach of the council Bow, which allows me to use Deadly ailments instead of GMP and therefore beats a higher DPS bow (like Lioneyes) in damage and coverage.

Boss Damage Support:
ranged attack totem, Blast rain, immolate, ele damage with attacks

The totem acts as distraction and can dish out some serious extra damage, while leeching life to us.

Map/general support (CWDT lvl1):
I tried to use Asenath's Chant and it workes actually pretty good. I tried a lot of different spells
but in the end I realized that you can reliably proc only 2 spells (honorable mentions are: Flammability, Molten Shell, Frostwall, icespear to activate ele overload) and I found a substitute for thoose. Moreover, I needed the helm slot to fill out resistances. I might come back to this but for now I decided to skip it. In general Asenath's Chant is for sure more of a map clear item than a bossing item and I wanted to get a bit tankier and safer at bosses as I am starting to reach high lvl yellow maps.

So for now I use a CWDT set-up with: Flammability, ice-spear, GMP
This keeps ele overload quit reliably up and provides some offences bonus via a low lvl flammability curse.

CWDT(lvl1) set-up 1
cold snap for chill-safety and frenzy charges. I have a free gem slot and found ince aoe a useful support. Since I use the Dyadian Dawn unique belt it also allows for additional leech via the chilled ground.

CWDT lvl 19 (maybe higher...)
IC+increased duration + Enfeeble
This is our safety net. Since we run 6 endurance charges we want to only "loose" them if it is really necessary. Having Enfeeble in there does help against non phys damage and further reduces how often IC triggers.

blink arrow+ faster attacks


The Weapon:

cost 25c (not linked)
I thought a lot about which Weapon to use (Xophs for free prolif?, Lioneyes for can not evade...) but in the end I wanted a high damage per hit (as BD scales per hit) but also decent attack speed. The above beauty is wanted I went for. You want to prioritize phys over fire because of the chieftain ascendancy but almost all scaling is actually done via fire, so a high fire roll is nothing to sneeze at.
I feel attack speed is needed for 2 reasons:
First we can aply 2 ignites and should do so asap.
Second we use Asenath's Chantto trigger 3 spells each with 25% chance per attack. Therefore we want enough attack speed to have the benefits from all 3 spells.
Last but not least, faster attack speed means less animation lock means higher survivability.
Best "leveling" Bows are in my opinion "Infractem" for high damage and free pierce and "Reach of the council" for free LMP. Both are pretty cheap these days.

The Quiver

cost: 20c+ (The above one is self crafted and costed me 7c for the quiver and 15alch+scour, got lucky)
We really want to avoid using LMP or GMP in the final set-up. Even though it does not reduce the burning damage, it does not increase it either and this green spot is best used with deadly ailments which give a whooping 60+% more damage over time.
This means that we need an additional arrow from somewhere to have a good enough coverage and easier targeting.

The Belt
cost: 1 c

The 35% faster burn is a flat 35 more damage per time and thus this is a huge damage boost and most likely BIS for this build.

The Helm
cost: couple of c

Just a decent life resist helmet.

Body Armour
cost: 160ish chaos

I decided to use a Loreweave as I am little starved on links on a Koamsheart. (I would have to dodge the totem and for now I find it quit handy). Otherwise a Belly or a rare chest will do well to. I used a corrupted 6 link till lvl 80 ish

cost: 50? ish chaos (not sure crafted them myself with some 20-30 ish chaos spam)

I actively wanted to have faster attacks and faster projectiles. While FA is quit obvious I opted to go for faster projectiles as it makes blast rain "hit faster". With basically no totem passives our ranged attack totem is very squishy and we want it to dish out as much damage as possible while it is alive. Also the totem will leech life to itself and as which we want to keep up with the highest speed possible. Last but not least the high hit frequency of of our blast rain totem allows us to trigger covered in ash reliably against bosses.

Other Gear

We need a ton of Dex, but otherwise the gear follows the traditional rules: Res, Life, Movement speed, damage.
Longterm goals are linking my loreweave and upgrade my rings and boots

1 sudden ignition (has to be on the slot close to the Duelist for the Dex requirement)
1 +pierce jewel to have better coverage
1 damage /life jewel

But Elementalist?
Yes, you could also do an Elementalist BA build.... Despite me just wanting to try a Chieftain, I do actually think that the Chieftains cover in ash(20% more damage) as well as the 70% phys as extra fire can compete with the Elementalist shock effect and more burning damage and prolif. For bosses the Chieftain just swaps out ele prolif for immolate and is good to go. In addition I think the Chieftain version is significantly more tanky and has significantly more sustain, which is something I do like to value quit high in poe.

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updated with gear and preliminary final set-up
updated with new gloves and helm. Video hopefully coming soon
Looks like a fun build. Any leveling advice and skill tree progression would be awesome.
Sorry was a busy with work...
I will try to Update the guide in the next days including lvling and some gameplay
For now a short version:
I leveld all the way with BA wich is probably not the best idea...
I guess it is better to use SA, LA or RoA early on. In case you want to start BA early head towards the jewel socket close to the duelist so you can equip a sudden ignition jewel early on as it basically doubles your damage.
I picked the fire nodes north of marauder for early damage as well as RT. Once you have enough damage (have good levelong gear) you can pick up Blood magic and drop herald of ash. In general some bow leveling items (Weapon + Quiver uniques) come in quit handy. Also keep your dex requirement in mind and do not hesitate to pick an extra dex node if possible/needed. Hope this helps for now. For Ascendany I picked the conversion node first and then the endurance charge / phys taken as fire which is probably the more defensive choice.

why do you say that "almost all scaling is actually done via fire?" (under Gear/Spoiler/The Weapon)

true the chieftain ascendancy is bringing increased fire dmg, and several wheels on the passive tree nearby maurauder/templar also do.

since you get 100% phys to fire conversion, I guess it's the same effect to dps if you choose "increased global physical damage" or "increased projectile damage" instead of "increased fire damage".

Except for that bow, since it provides "gain 9% of physical damage as extra chaos damage" I think that scaling physical damage would be more effective on a point per point basis. any other similar mod like hatred buff or taste of hate I think would also benefit more from physical damage scaling. probably prefer steel rings to opal I would expect

obviously more of "increased fire damage" mods are available in different ways, and maybe that's what you meant
Bandits is Kraityn right? since attack speed + move speed is hard to come by as you said and checking your skill allocation suggests that you chose one of them instead of 2 skill points.
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Are you ever going to post an Update? Like a skilltree or something like that? A progression plan?
I am trying to theorycraft my own build but struggling to get any meaningful scaling for the damage and also reach some bow nodes. Or are we solely scaling via fire/elemental damage and are supposed to get the few Dex nodes close to Marauder?

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