[3.3] MoFireMofire, the guide to my leveling 1-100 SSF with fireball

Welcome to my guide, first time doing this so I'm sure it will be a HOT mess.
So this league I set some goals for myself:

1. Try SSF for the first time
2. Get level 100 for the first time ( always have stopped around lvl 94)

Currently my character is level 90 and boy has SSF not been kind to me. I have yet to 6L a chest piece to try to corrupt it for +2+2, I bricked the only Tabula that I got my hands on. Other than that the build has been super fun. Using fireball from level one has been a blast. The support gems and the damage have scaled nicely through all the content in the game.

Here is my character currently: https://pastebin.com/8LwPSyBr

Sitting comfortably at 100k dps with my poor gear and luck in a 5L is doing fine for the content I am able to get my hands on. I've killed atziri many times, I clear the temple and am starting to get into red maps.

The endgame goal for the build in a perfect world ( or not SFF) would be something like this:


While none of the uniques are "required" to make the build work I have decided to use this combination to best take advantage of the uniques I have been able to acquire so far. This build could also work well with a Kaom's and a Searing touch staff if those items were available to you.

You will at minimum ( for the 3 curses) need an additional curse from jewelry ( preferably a corrupted amulet)

Once you have a 6L ready to go the gems you will need are Vaal Fireball/Combustion/Burning Damage/Deadly Ailments/SwiftAffliction/Ignite Prolif

Now you are all going " but your ascendancy skill choices give you free prolif!" but... ignite prolif has a larger radius AND a MORE damage tag.

As for the other ascendancy choices I went with Elemancer which enables me to run one of each golems which grants me immunity to ignite, chill, freeze, shock. This frees up your flasks from having to do this task and provides a nice QOL when running maps with chilled/burning/shocked ground.

The build plays pretty straightforward: shoot a fireball at a pack and they all die. When Vaal fireball is up find a nice open space with 3/4 packs around you and trigger it and they all die. For bosses I normally just spam fireballs until I get a crit to trigger elemental overload and get a shock from shaper of desolation to ensure a maximum damage burn on them. Then just let the burn do the work. Fireball enables you to stay at range when needed and get up close to triple curse when needed. The defensive bonus of temp chains/arctic armor/cloak of the flame with 81% fire resists mitigates a lot of my physical damage, combined with immortal call and the elemental ailment immunity there have not been a lot of times that I've just been killed outright from too much damage.

I've really enjoyed this build which utilizes a lot of the new burn changes and the combination of Vaal/normal gems into one.
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