[3.3]Saboteur Elemental Hit Trap 2.5MDps (Shaper/Elder/UberElder)

Uber Elder done

Every projectile hit will stun and next hit kill me.
I need more practice and maybe stun immunity for deathless farm.

+ can run any map mod
+ can start with low budget
+ instant kill many of bosses
+ Shaper/Elder deathless

- only 5k life
- weak at stun and slow
- need to change gem for speedy clearing/boss
- hard to clear "not kill **" or "kill during **" quests

2.5MDps vs Shaper
(178k x throw 5 traps /0.35s swap GMP<->Trap damage for clearing)


Elemental Hit get ADDS mod in 3.3.
When you convert Lightning and Cold to Fire, and EH choosed Fire, heavy fire damage dealt.
For converting, use Avatar of Fire keystone and Pyre ring.
And EH only choice Fire with two Combat Focus unique jewel.
(this is one of them. you need cold and lightning one each.)

Traditional bow trap build, ChinSol + Point Blank deal up to x3 damage.

Saboteur Ascendancy Born in the shadows blind enemy, The Effigon give you "Hits can't be evaded", able to do crit build.

Tinkerskin recover ES when triggered, not need mana with Eldritch Battery.

Also you can gain many Frenzy charge, Rotgut help MS.


Throw trap to enemy, get Frenzy, drink Rotgut and run.
Nearby blind from "Born in the shadows" seems to be around 40 radius, near to radius of Curse+Blasphemy(20/20).
So it's better to stand near enemy in this radius.
Throw Bear trap and siphoning trap for more damage and regen.

Bandits : kill all
Key Stones : Avatar of Fire, Eldritch battery, Acrobatics, Phase Acrobatics and Point Blank
Ascendancy: Born in the Shadows, Pyromaniac, Perfect Crime and Explosive Expert
Pantheon : Brine King / Ryslatha


required uniques
Chin Sol

The Effigon

Combat Forcus (cold and lightning)



Hair Trigger (need for max dps. Sometimes not all traps triggered without this)

not required but recommended

+1 Trap Shaper Gloves

Watcher's Eye (Anti-TemporalChain)

Gem Links

Elemental Hit - Trap - Cluster Trap - Elemental Damage - Combustion - Greater Multiple Projectile / Trap and Mine Damage

Bear trap (for 15% more damage)
Siphoning trap - Increased Duration - Advanced Traps(for regen and chill)
Orb of storm - Culling strike - Blind - Aoe (For Cull and blind)
CwDT- IC - Cold Snap (Survivability)
Blasphemy - Projectile Weakness (more damage and pierce)

Budget build

you can deal 1MDps(98k x throw 4 traps x/0.35s) to shaper with pseudo 5L with 20/20 gems in DeerStalker

EH - Cluster - Combustion - Trap Damage/GMP
if you don't have enough points and crits, get Elemental Overload and Point Blank corrupted quiver.

For More DPS

This build do not convert all damage to fire. because only using Avator of Fire and Pyre (50% Lightning, 90% Cold).
Using "Call of the brotherhood" give around 17% more dps but lower life and res.
Diamond flask, Shock, more Crit Multi and +level to gem will give higher DPS.
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Do you think frostferno for the single target ele hit links would be better? You get a lvl 30 cold to fire and gem levels on ele hit are insane right now

I'm asking because I already have one, along with call of the brotherhood and all the other bow ele hit stuff
rough calced.
Using Frostferno with +1trap shaper glove and Call of the brotherhood instead of Pyre,
You get 2.4MDps with +4 ferno, 2.9M with +6 ferno, and 3.5M with +8 ferno. (EH-Trap-Combustion-Ele.Damage. You may be able to deal 10% more damage when Combustion with other skill.)
This gives you much more instant damage, 400k-600k per trap.
For clearing packs, using pseudo 5L in glove may be enough (or simply use 5-6L in body or bow).

Frostferno would be better for single target.
I don't use Frostferno because some utility skills become unusable and +6/+8 ferno is expensive.
Hey there.
I am playing Ele Hit Sabo myself and played around a bit with different build variations from deadeye and some sabo stuff.
If you like, you could check out my PoB - maybe you got some advice for me, or maybe you find stuff for your own guide youd like.

My PoB: https://pastebin.com/6QhasQ3T
still in need of a better jewel for my gloves + better quiver. Then again there is always more than enough gg gear that could improve the build by a lot like ele weakness tombfists, elder crit+life body armour and corrupted frostfernos with +gems.

So far I did shaper, elder etc with this build and chain farmed T16 Haunted Mansion, works really well. Just for Uber elder i need better mechanics and/ or more dmg, ebe though the dmg is pretty insane so far.

Anyways, always nice to see ppl playing similar builds and to theorycraft a bit!

Edit: Btw maybe you or someone else could explain the formula for trap dmg to me. Would be appreciated!
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nice build

your dps plz?

miner version

my dps is low 24k per trap whats wrong with tree or gear?


my gear in std

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