[3.3] Elemental Hit Deadeye - Tanky with high DPS

Elemental Hit will be both our clear skill and single target.
We scale our damage by converting our damage using Avatar of Fire and Call of the Brotherhood

and blocking Lightning or Cold damage from being picked via the threshhold jewels

For single we also use a Frostferno

For defense we pick up Mind over Matter and if you can afford it a Kaom's Heart

I have also added a variant using Xoph's Blood with ~30%more damage but no MoM, I don't think it's better as we enough DPS for anything in the game anyways.

-Easy to play
-No uber lab required
-Fast mapping 8/10
-High single target DPS (more than enough for endgame)
-Lots of defense (6k+ Life and MoM)

-While fast at everything, it isn't the fastest at anything
-Can't run ele reflect maps
-Can get expensive in the endgame, more about that in gear section
-SSF not recommended

Path of Building (includes Xoph's Blood tree)

Ascendancy, Bandits, Pantheon, Leveling Tips
Ascendancy points in order (Uber Lab is not needed, but it's not completely useless either)
Gathering Winds -> Fast and Deadly -> Powerful Precision -> Far Shot

Bandit: Alira
Pantheon: Doesn't matter (I take Soul of the Brine King, just in case I do get stun-chained)

Leveling Tips: Try to "rush" Avatar of Fire while taking the nodes you need.
Storm Cloud can carry you all the way to maps with Elemental Hit.

In order of importance (Xoph's Blood variant requires said amulet)

Both of them are required

It's possible to play without one, but it is by far our biggest damage increase

Another huge DPS increase

Biggest Boss DPS, ~30% more damage than the other options below

You can use these as a switch for better map clear

2nd in damage, excluding some Shaper bows

Only a bit less damage than The Tempest, with the added bonus of increased rarity (no freezes, no quantity!)

Really good when paired with a Windripper, and with our high average hit damage we also schock bosses (intensity of shock applied may vary)

Best defensive option, other chests are fine too

Rare Gloves would work too

Nice to have, get one if your gear allows it, look for life and mana

The rest of your gear should cap your resistances and have as much life as possible

My current gear (Links may not be correct):

Gem Links
In order importance

Single Target:

Clearing (5-Link is plenty):

Note: Mirage Archer can be swapped for something else, if you don't like it


Utility (This can be anything you like):

If you have any recommendations or questions feel free to ask!
Thank you for reading my first guide!
Last bumped on Sep 22, 2018, 2:25:38 AM
its me,the one who sold you the abyss jewel :P grim globe i think
and coincidentally i'm playing elemental hit too!

any end game content done yet?
xqzee wrote:
its me,the one who sold you the abyss jewel :P grim globe i think
and coincidentally i'm playing elemental hit too!

any end game content done yet?

Hi there! Hope you're also having fun playing ele hit. Hardest content I've done so far was T15 Elder deathless.
Hey guys I've been playing Ele hit as well. Just recently started playing it and been pretty good. Done a few Uber Atziri's easily.

But I'm playing my own iteration of the build with dodge a lot of dodge and evasion and without kaoms heart.

It's not really done yet at all but I've tried my best to put the idea into Path of building for anyone interested in a full evasion build rather than armour.

https://pastebin.com/AkBZMLnj here's the pastebin
Seems like FarShot is at odds with ChinSol and Point Blank. Why use?

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