[3.3] Deadeye - Power Siphon/Barrage Aestethic Wander

Introduction: Any feedback on the builds featured, is welcome.

This is a classic wander build with power siphon. Farming t8 shaped burial chambers for now. Gonna try guardians and update this post soon.

Pros and Cons


+ Fast Clearspeed: 9 Projectiles, Chains 3 times, Shatters, Far Shot... You can easily clear whole screen and keep going... It's even faster in wide open maps cause of Vaal Power Siphon.
+ Single Target: Barrage is one of the best single target skill. Most of the bosses melts againts you.
+ Being Squishy: Decent evade chance, really good dodge chance with vaal grace, high movespeed, far shot. You'll barely take hits in a map.


- Not Budget Friendly: Jewels and rare items are really expensive. Body armour isn't cheap enough too. When you try to make a budget version of this build, you become "glass but not cannon" build.
- Can't Run All Map Mods: Ele Reflect and Cannot leech is impossible. Avoid ailments and temporal chains is doable but not QoL
- Not Viable For Hardcore: We don't have enough lifepool and a dodge based build is too much rng for hardcore...

Pastebin Link
items, skills, end game and levelling trees.


Detailed Gears

Body Armour

Yriel's Fostering (Bestial Rhoa)

Crit Chance, Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Life, Accuracy...
This is the one of the best option for damage/life/clearspeed.

Queen Of The Forest

Maybe with a little bit change on the tree this will be still good option even after movement speed nerf. High evasion, decent life, helps you to cap elemental resists. Still good option for clear speed.

The Perfect Form

A defensive choice. Free arctic armour, free phase acrobatic...

Budget Option: Rare Assasin's Garb

A 6 Link rare body armour always good enough for a start. You can find a budget flat life + % life body armour from incursion mods in this league or just find a decent life/resist evasion body armour. Assassin's Garb is a good base cause of movement speed implicit but you can always go with a zodiac leather or something else.


Piscator's Vigil

High WED, High Attack Speed, High Accuracy, Crit Chance... No physical reflect...
Depends on the rolls, this item may be your end game weapon.

Rare Wand

A good rare wand will be better than piscator and obviously much more expensive than piscator too.
We'll gonna check attack speed and crit chance, then one of the "flat lightning damage, % lightning damage, flat cold damage, flat fire damage, flat physical damage, % physical damage, WED, global crit multi."


Esh's Mirror

We have huge intelligence hunger and elemental resists are hard to cap with all these unique items. Esh's Mirror helps those things too but it's main duty is here stack lightning damage. It's a really good option for mapping.

Rare Shield

Must have option for this build. Gonna find attack speed and accuracy for 2 suffix and maximum life and an open prefix for crafting wed. If you can find, you can search for resist and evasion for last suffix and prefix.


Maybe good option for levelling but when we get deadeye ascendancy (Gathering Winds and Endless Munitions) and our accuracy shield, ice golem etc. We have enough hit chance to drop lycosidae and looking for more damage from shield. So I don't recommend this for late game.


The Tempest's Binding

Can Make 6l Vaal Power Siphon with this and drop Thunderfist for use a gripped gloves. Helps capping elemental resists. Decent life. A summon with shock ability.

Starkonja's Head

High life, crit chance, attack speed classic crit build helmet.

Rat's Nest

Offensive choice than Starkonja's. Another classic crit build helmet.



Provides 5th Link to our power siphon, attack speed and huge lightning damage boost. One of the must have item of this build.

Rare Gripped Gloves

Only if you're using Tempest's Binding. We're looking for attack speed, accuracy, life. Resist for last suffix or elder Socketed Attacks Have %Critical Strike Multiplier mod. Evasion for other prefix.


Rare Boots

A rare evasion boot with resist, movespeed and life. Maybe an open prefix for Haku6 WED craft.

Atziri's Step

If you can cap your elemental resists, You can choose this as a defensive option. Life, spell dodge, high movement speed.


Rare Amulet

Prefer onyx and agate amulet cause of off-stats. Flat lightning damage, WED, Life, % lightning damage, accuracy, crit multi, resist. Maybe shaper mods... Even you can find a good talisman in this league.


Opal Rings are the best choice. Diamond rings or two-stone rings are the budget-ish options too.

We're looking for resists, life, flat lightning damage, wed, accuracy maybe intelligence and strenght for off-stat needs.


The Retch

Leech, damage, movement speed boost. Good life and decent cold resistance. Good option for mapping.

Rare Stygian Vise

looking for resist, resist, more resist, life, WED. Nothing compared with another abyss jewel for this build, so I don't recommend other belt bases. I'm not gonna recommend darkness enthroned too. Because it's really hard to cap elemental resists. But if you can handle with it, you can use darkness enthroned and use 2 abyss jewels with %50 boost.


Quicksilver (prefer alchemist's/adrenaline for best movement speed)
Diamond Flask (choose grounding for vinktar, else you can go with warding or something else)
Life flask for "oh sh*t" moments (prefer bubbling or panicked with staunching)

These three flasks are must have for us. Then we're gonna use flasks for more damage.

An Atziri's Promise and a Sulphur Flask is the cheapest options. You can use Wise Oak for a cheap-ish option if you can balance your resists or at least your lightning resist is the most overcapped.

Vinktar's Vessel with "adds # to # lightning damage to attacks" variant is the best option. But penetration variant is as good as a low roll flat lightning damage. But best option is here high roll flat lightning damage.

Dying Sun with reduced charges used mod will be best option for this flask. We don't mind area effect mod. 2 additional projectile will be huge dps boost for barrage.

Recommended setup: Quicksilver/Life/Diamond/Vinktar/Dying Sun


We're looking for "Searching Eye Abyss Jewel".

flat maximum life + flat lightning damage to wand attacks + flat lightning damage to attacks + global critical strike multiplier

This four is our dream setup. Even double lightning damage with life is expensive enough. So you can search a jewel with other flat elemental damage, attack speed, penetrate etc. But double lightning damage is the most damage.

Check This: http://poe.trade/search/heikatetonasit

Current Gear

Levelling Items

Gem Setup

6L Body Armour
Barrage > Added Lightning Damage > Elemental Focus > Elemental Damage with Attacks(4L) > Greater Multiple Projectiles(5L) > Lightning Penetration(6L)

4L Gloves

Vaal Power Siphon > Elemental Damage With Attacks > Chain > Lightning Penetration (+ added light from thunderfist)

4L Defensive Setup

CWDT(1 level) > Immortal Call(3 level) > Increased Duration(Max Level) > Vaal Grace(Max Level)

4L Aura + CoH

Herald of Ice > Curse On Hit > Elemental Weakness > Wrath

3L Utility

Summon Ice golem + Blood Rage + Decoy Totem (you can drop decoy totem for increased duration or a mobility skill)

3L Power Charge

Orb Of Storms > Increased Critical Strikes > Power Charge on Critical Strike

This setup is for bosses, you don't want to hit power siphon until get power charges then use barrage so this is an option. But you can always drop this for a mobility setup (lightning warp+faster casting+ less duration or swift affliction... or flame dash + faster casting...)



Alira as an usual crit build choice. We need crit, we need resists, we have mana hunger... So 2 passives isn't a good option we have to take Alira.


Gathering Winds > Far Shot > Richochet > Endless Munitions



Lunaris for mapping, Solaris for bosses. Our leech is good enough against blood rage, arakaali is not necessary for that.


Garukhan with movement speed upgrade.
Gruthkul or Ryslatha for mapping.
Shakari for chaos areas like toxic sewers.
Ralakesh for Chimera.
Abberath for Atziri.
Yugul with cold damage reduction for Shaper.
Tukohama for Minotaur

Lab Encants

Barrage +1 Projectiles > Barrage Attack Speed > Barrage Damage

1 to 160 Lightning Damage if you haven't killed recently. (Best)
Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently. (Second viable)

crit chance, other elemental damages, attack speed and leech enchants are not good enough.

Actually I don't care this...

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Looking good.. Can you add pros and cons for build? It would be lovely..
Minakoken wrote:

Looking good.. Can you add pros and cons for build? It would be lovely..

Pros and Cons added to build. Thanks for reminding ! ^^
Hi. I'm curious as to why you're using PS for your clear skill? Wouldn't this work better as a KB build?
Just cause of aestethic issues. I was a big fan of power siphon but it was really useless before. After 3.3 revamp it became a viable skill. Still not good as KB in corridor maps cause of overlaps but VPS is better than KB in wide open maps. BTW PS + chains feels fast enough. I've just tried this against t15 maps still works fine. Gonna try bosses if I can 6 link my body armour. If it feels good enough against bosses too I'll add videos of this build.
Yeah. PS is a really nice skill now. I levelled as wander with PS from level 12. PS is a great alternative to KB/Barrage. What do you think of the way the skill looks now?
can i understand why non of the projectile damage node except for the fury bolts circle is picked up?
especially those at the beginning of the ranger path.
Chalk_Circles wrote:
Yeah. PS is a really nice skill now. I levelled as wander with PS from level 12. PS is a great alternative to KB/Barrage. What do you think of the way the skill looks now?

yes the revamped PS is a good leveling skill from level 12 onwards.
2 x storm prison
sadima's touch
wake of destruction
sacrificial heart
boost the damage by heaps

thief's torment or eleron rings will solve the mana issues

i believe even without these quality of life uniques, this can be a relative good or ok league starter
except that rangers have no access to power siphon until siosa.
Krueladin wrote:
can i understand why non of the projectile damage node except for the fury bolts circle is picked up?
especially those at the beginning of the ranger path.

I tried a physical/crit tree before but this classic kb/barrage/lightning damage tree gives more damage. I tried to add some more damage nodes to this but I have to drop more life or leech nodes if I do that. So I give up all those projectile/physical wand nodes and made a vanilla wander tree... If you're looking for insane damage, the best option is complete abyssal armour set. Decent amount of life nodes and tons of jewel sockets but that jewels are really expensive.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't your curse on hit set up do nothing since your herald of ice can't explode from shatters to curse? You use ele focus in PS and Barrage so you can't freeze to shatter. Herald only can curse from it's explosion damage, and Wrath just doesn't curse on hit.

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