[3.3] Pure phys Trapper - No ele shenanigans


Hi everyone!

You're looking for a Trapper, outside of the Arc-Meta?
You want to brutaly wreck stuff without gutless elemental shenanigans?
You want nothing but blood splattering across your screen, when your enemies are crushed and scrunched by your Trapps?

Than this build is for you!

PoB pastebin:

Level 90 tree:

Ascendancy and leveling:

You can level with Fire/Explosive Trap for the most part of the game. You can also use Arc/Lightning Traps when available. I used Bladefall as soon as I could with the unique Boots

In the tree, go straight to Trickery -> Saboteur, Expeditious Munitions and than start making your way to Devastating Devices through the path over Blood Siphon -> Coordination -> Fangs of the Viper -> Blood Drinker.
After that, go to Master Sapper -> Unstable Munitions and fill out the rest of the tree as needed.

For Ascendancies I recommend taking Perfect Crime first, because of the insane damage Bonus.
After Cruel Lab I took Pyromaniac for the sustain and Shock/Ignite Immunity.
After Merciless my advice would be taking Born in the Shadows for both, the offensive and defensive benefits this node provides.
Finishing your Ascendancy with Chain Reaction boosts the damage even more and rounds up the build.


Kill all is a safe bet.
If you want to use much crit, you can also help Alira.

Skills, Gear and generall concept:

Bladefall is our go to Skill for both, clearing and bosskilling. It has decent AoE, overlaps for great single target and has increased critchance for the first volleys. Linked with Brutality, Cluster Trapps and Trap and Mine Damage, this will serve us well in killing all of Wreaclasts inhabitants.
Ideally you want them in a pair of Shaper Gloves with level 22 Trap Support and increased Trap damage. Mine have the additional Trap/level 22 Trap support affix, which is not ideal for the other traps we're using, but they do the job for now.

Bear Trap with Brutality, Advanced Traps and Trap and Mine Damage in the unique "Jaws of Agony" shield will help us wreck Bosses and tough rare mobs (I currently tested Increased Crit Strik Chance and Damage instead of Trap and Mine Damage, so don't bother the gems in my shield)

Seismic Trap will be our second skill alongside Bladefall for clearing large groups in a sustained way (ideally for Master missions, opening boxes) and for wrecking Bosses (like Omnitech, Elder ect), due to it's high damage.
Ideally we want to link it with Trap and Mine Damage, Brutality, Advanced Traps, Increased AoE and Controlled Destruction.
The increased AoE helps the waves to overlap and therefor guarantees maximum wreckage.
That's also the reason, why I use the unique chestpiece "Carcass Jack" and not the standard Trapper choice "Tinkerskin", more on that later.

The rest of the skills is preference. You want a movementskill for sure. I'm using a dagger in my build currently and therefor use Shield Charge, Faster Attack, Fortify.

You can also use Leap Slam or Whirling Blades, if you use a dagger and don't like Shield Charge.
When using a Wand, simply use Flame Dash/Lightning Warp to your liking.

As a second Support, I'm using a Stone Golem with Minion Life and Blind support. He occasionally taunts, he can blind cause of the support gem and he gives me some Life regen.

You could also use Immortal Call/Cast when Damage taken/Increased Duration as a defensive Option.

The last Gems you wanna use are Vall Grace and Vaal Haste with increased Duration and a leveld Empower. Grace can be used as a go to Aura for general gameplay. We don't need any more Mana reservation, cause we don't use those pesky elemental buffs *spits on floor*

The rest of the gear focueses on maxing out elemental resists, getting as much life as possible and than getting Trap, Spell, global Physical damage and some Crit Chance and Multiplier


Soul of Lunaris
Soul of Ralakesh / Soul of Garukhan

Why no Tinkerskin?

Tinkerskin gives us some Life, some CD Recovery Speed for Traps, Frenzy Generation, Phasing and Liferecovery.

The CD recovery is not needed, cause the majority of our Damage comes from Bladefall. Seismic and Bear Trap already have a short enough Cooldown to have the Bear Trap Debuff up when needed and Seismic Traps going contuniuesly.
Frenzy Charge Generation is not needed, because we already get them from the passive node Master Sapper.
Phasing is not realy needed, cause we utilize lots of Evasion, dodge, Spell Dodge and have mostly blinded every Enemy because of our Ascendancy (and the Stone Golem with Blind if you choose to use him).
Additionally Phasing can be covered by a Quarzt Flask, giving us 10% Dodge/Spell Dodge on top.
The only usefull thing Tinkerskin has, is it's liferegen, which we don't really need as a Trapper, because of our 20% regen from the Ascendancy.

Carcass Jack provides us some life, some All Res and Area of Effect and Area Damage, effecting both Seismic and Bladefall Trap and therefore helps us scaling our Damage.

If you feel to squishy, go with Tinkerskin. I like Carcass Jack more.


Our mana regen is bad. So an Eternal Mana Flask is required.
Our Life regen is good, but for running Labs and doing Bosses I recommend using a Life Flask.
Jade and Quarzt Flask for defense and a Quicksilver for movement rounds up everything.

Closing Words:

I know that many Trap builds out there can deal more damage and using Ele conversion and stat sticks can yield more DPS, but I just wanted to make a pure Phys build with Traps and it works surprisingly well.
The tooltips on the skills and even PoB seems disturbing at first, because ~16k Average Damage in a Bladefall seems like nothing. But the Video below shows how much damage you can actually deal with this setup, and that's with rather crappy budget gear.

I hope you enjoyed my guide and give the build a try! Will be glad to discuss with you and see your field reports!


Full Atziri Run for the lulz:

Annihilation of Yellow tier Elder and his guardians: (died once on elder because I failed a smash :/

Wrecking of Red Elder and his Guardians (died again to Elder smash, although I was clearly out of range, I hate that skill...

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- New Videos of Atziri and Red Elder + Guardians

I also worked in improving the build further and theorycrafted some changes:

- Swapping the Stone Golem for leveled CWD - Immortal Call - Inc duration to prevent oneshots
- Swapping Shaper Gloves with the Incursion Unique "Slavedriver's Hand". This would solve the mana issues of the build, give us Endurance charges and the possibility of a 4-linked Seismic in Gloves and a 6-linked Bladefall in the Chestpiece, increasing the overall DPS significantly.
- With the mana issues solved, we could swap Mana Flask for Diamond Flask, utilizing Crit more

Further I improved my gear a bit and got a new helmet with the 90% crit enchant for Bladefall.
Next goal would be to improve my Weapon, but Temple is not nice to me the last days :/

Hope you like it!
This looks like a lot of fun. I think I am going to swap over to it from arc. I am only level 25 so it will not be too hard to do it. Looks really fun. Can't wait to try it.
always nice to see some love for pure phys

how about not taking chain reaction, but the area damage and inc aoe instead? ele pen will be useless of course
but my point is, that is has become quite popular to stack enough trigger radius to make all your traps "triggered my enemies" and therefore you will get a crazy amount of charges
Out of interest why do you not take High Explosives? It's only two passives away from Clever Construction.

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