[3.3] Sabo Elemental Hit Traps - Low Budget, Easy Leveling and Endgame

First of all, I would like to say this build is still in progress, I currently have my saboteur at level 88 in Incursion, and there's definitely a lot of room for fine tuning.

PoB as I create this post: https://pastebin.com/Za1K246v

Bandits: Alira

Ascendancy: Pyromaniac, Perfect Crime, Chain Reaction and Born in the Shadows

Main Skills:

For 5l (what I have currently), Elemental hit, Trap, Elemental Damage With Attacks, Cluster Traps and Charged Traps on a +3 bow gems bow.

When I get a 6l I plan on using trap and mine damage until I can get my hands on a level 4 empower, which then should outdamage the trap and mine damage support.

I also use Bear trap and Vaal Lightning Trap for more damage when needed(rarely), Enfeeble aura and arctic armor for survivability and finally Blink Arrow for movement. I'm currently experimenting with clarity so I can get rid of my mana flask, but Ill probably need to get a level 3 enlighten gem to get to the point of really sustaining the mana costs.

Build Idea:
Since now normal traps don't have cooldowns anymore, it's easier to deal sustained damage with them.
Traps don't use your attack speed, so I went for a slow as harbinger bow with crit. It also needs +3 to gem levels to really scale your Elemental hit. Trying to add flat ele damage to Ele Hit doesn't work that well, since the base damage is already insane, and since we'll be working with elemental Equilibrium, each flat damage type you add only has a third of normal effectiveness, due to the damage type locking of the skill. In short, we don't go for sources of added damage at all on this build.
Traps give easy access to charges and crit scaling, so another plus for using harbinger bows.
The damage is already so damn high, I opted for using a belly for survivability. Having a bigger hp buffer helps a lot. This plus using acro/phase acro give us time to throw our traps without being bursted down. Thinkerskin might really come in handy in no life regen maps tho, but in most cases running a single life flask still makes it really easy. If you still have no currency to purchase these, just go for a standard high life, res chest, and you should still be okay for a long time. Just keep in mind that upgrading might be necessary for red maps.


Start with explosive trap until you have access to Elemental Hit, aiming for trap damage, throwing speed, trigger radius and life. At level 12, make your ele hit gem setup on a silverbranch, which will give it +1 to level. At level 36, upgrade it to a silverbough for +2 levels, and use it until you can afford a +3 harbinger bow. You need equipment with life, resists, elemental damage with attacks and crit chance/multiplier. An accuracy quiver is preferred, and remember to not care about flat damage bonuses at all. They don't really do anything for you.


This build can do most if not all content easily, it's just not the tankiest of builds. It's alright, but you need to take care and be sure to dodge telegraphed attacks and extremely large bursts of damage, like incursion construct missile salvos. Pyromaniac ascendancy node will keep you alive in most other situations. I still haven't done shaper or red elder yet, but right now it looks promising. I have done up to tier 13 maps with no issues at all, and bosses go down in less than two seconds(yes even tier 13, rare map ones).
If people start getting interested in this build, Ill happily get example videos of me doing maps and hard bosses. Definitely will update this guide with shaper and red/uber elder videos when I get done with them.

I hope this is usefull to anyone!
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