[3.3] Rain of Arrows trapper

This is my first build guide so i may forget a few things and it wont be as high quality as other guides.

This build makes use of the new rain of arrows skill with traps to push enemies around. I'd never thought i would be using rain of arrows for a trapper but since i found i liked it the most i went with it.


Chin sol:

This bow gives huge bonuses to arrow hits that are close range. Since the 100% increased damage applies to source of the arrows you will always get the increased damage. You can also enjoy watching bosses get pushed around.

Carcass jack:

This chest piece is best in slot because it allows the rain of arrows to overlap on the area the arrows land. It also has alot of area damage.

Maloney's nightfall:

This quiver gives more damage against blinded enemies. Plus some phys damage and life.


more trap damage. IF u find yourself low on resists you can use a rare belt instead.

The Effigon:

This is a nice addition to the build because enemies cause enemies that are blinded cant evade attacks.


Shaper gloves with trap and slower projectiles is required for this build. The rest of the stats should be life and resists.

Any rare with
Movement speed

any rare with

any rare with

NOTE: If you are using the Effigon then you do not need accuracy on any rare item.



Major:Soul of the brine king
Minor:soul of garukhan

Gem Links:

rain of arrows/vaal rain of arrows, trap and mine damage, cluster traps, elemental damage with attacks

cast when damage taken, immortal call, increased duration, stone golem

decoy totem, herald of ice, herald of thunder

POB: https://pastebin.com/vN6rm9QS
WARNING:gear is not up to date


When killing bosses, make sure to use your vaal rain of arrows first since its maims enemies. Make use of decoy totem and blink arrow.

There is really any map mod to be afraid of besides maybe a no regen map, but that is manageable with some life flasks.

I will try to put an updated Pastbin link since i have been having trouble with Path of Building. Videos will be coming up in the future too.
I hope you all enjoy the build.

added tree
added pantheons
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Will try this now in race. How much have you cleared with it? Is it Shaper/Uber Elder viable?

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