[3.3] Sanguine Eulogy Scion : 1M+ DPS, 10K+ EHP, Pure Phys, NO Reflect : Shreds all content!

[3.3] Sanguine Eulogy Scion : 1M+ DPS, 10K+ EHP, Pure Phys, NO Reflect : Shreds all content!


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This build takes advantage of the poet’s pen synergy but instead uses physical traits to shred content. I have only recently been able to pass T10 maps after 2+ years of on and off playing PoE and with this build I am dominating T15+. Once fully geared I am sure this setup can complete all content with minimal risk, possibly even HC viable. (Although I would always prefer VD for HC for that layer of safety.) This thread will be updated as I further tweak and max out the build capabilities or newly released gear. Please NOTE I do not have the ability to continually reply to any questions here so please visit my twitch channel if you need help. Enjoy!


  • Insane DPS/Healing when maxed mana regen
  • Massive health pool that can hit 10K+ with legacy Kaoms
  • Immune to freeze, stun and slowing effects without flasks
  • Immune to reflect (I literally do not check map mods)
  • Very good clear speed while still maxing single target

  • Endgame gear is expensive
  • Lacks range clear of volatile dead
  • Bodyswap can clip edges of map sometimes
  • LOUD!



There are multiple mechanics that work together to make this build viable. Poet’s Pen and Indigon stack to charge tons of spell damage and mana cost on skills. Zerphis flask works perfectly with Indigon and combined with damage/mana leech, 6%+ regeneration, life gain on hit and 10% healing from mana flasks you will always have fully recovery. Both Kaoms Roots and Kaoms Heart give a massive life pool. Kaoms Roots also protect you from Stun, Freeze, Temporal Chains and almost all slowing effects. Clarity and Watcher’s Eye give a massive buff to mana regen which allows all of the gear to pump out DPS and healing.


Gem Links:

Spell Gems:

Bodyswap + Unearth + Greater Multiple Projectile / Blade Vortex + Controlled Destruction + Brutality
(Controlled Destruction can be swapped with Concentrated Effect for max DPS but removes clearspeed from the reduced AoE.)

Attack Gems:

Kinetic Blast + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Chain Support + Life Gain on Hit
(Supported by Faster Attack Speed + Faster Projectiles via gloves)

The idea is to stack as much “Mana Multiplier” listed on the gems as possible while still using effective skills. Kinetic Blast has almost double the base mana cost and AoE compared to Frenzy so I choose this.

Aura Gems:

Clarity + Blasphemy + Enfeeble + Blood Rage

Leave clarity at level 1 by right clicking it when the level pops up. You want it to use as little mana reservation as possible because it being active with a proper Watcher’s Eye jewel will multiply your mana regeneration from passives and gear. Enfeeble reduces incoming damage by 30% but also reduces your effective HP from Mind Over Matter passive node. Your Zerphi’s flask will cancel healing if you reach maximum mana so using Blood Rage with Mind Over Matter will stop this from happening and adds decent attack speed for movement.



Dual Poet’s Pen:

Triggers Blade Vortex and Bodyswap.

Indigon Hubris Circlet:

Triggers spell damage and increased mana cost.

Kaom’s Heart Glorious Plate:

Adds life to pool.

Kaom’s Roots Titan Greaves:

Prevents stun, freeze, temporal chains and slowing effects.

Zerphi’s Last Breath Grand Mana Flask:

Gives continual life boost.

The Overflowing Chalice Sulphur Flask:

Refreshes Zerphi’s Flask.

The Watcher's Eye Jewel:

Find one with "(20-30)% increased Mana Recovery Rate while affected by Clarity".



Other Buffs:


Soul of Arakaali + Soul of Ryslatha

(The first Ryslatha buff does not effect Zerphi’s as it is a mana flask even though it gives us health.)


Destroy them all!



Thank you for considering my build and be sure to contact me through twitch if you have any questions or problems while using this guide. I will try to keep it updated as current as possible but I will be unable to check the replies on this thread daily. If you have any suggestions or awesome synergies that can better this build please let me know!

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ok i gotta see this in action
What about Rings, Amulet etc...?

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