[3.3][Trickster] Pulsing traps, CI + EVA budget, league starter

If you love trickster class and always felt bad about using it for traps, no more!

Dislaimer: got bored after reaching t13, there will be no end end game vids

- trickster bonuses to evasion helps with trigger ES regen in reliable way
- trickster vast speed actually helps with some traps now
- stack cast speed and skill duration to boost that dmg
- use all 3: seismic, lightning spire, flamethrower
- nice movement speed

Defenses at lvl 90:
9k ES
22k unbuffed evasion

Bandits: Kraityn
lvl 59:

starting lvl 70 you will no longer need mana regen nodes, aoe will be less of and issue while you want to boost your defenses. Starting t10 indestructible traps become a must:

lvl 90:

budget items that will get you started(along with links):

godly es and evasion. +1 lvl is best buff for flamethrower you can ask for
cheapest high evasion chest to boost our ES. everything else is nice bonus.
phasing is very useful, above others
cheap movement+es+eva
gives us immunity to bleeding and faster start of ES recharge. bye bye soul drinker.

This is cheapest high efficiency stick you can get. Problem with it is that mana multiplier forces you to grab few mana regen nodes. For that reason alone(and small dmg boost) you will search market for following:

budget gloves would be: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Kalisa%27s_Grace
where you put lightning spire.
At some point you can replace them with luxury version:

jewelry fills your resistances and ES

Extra thoughts:
- not for SSF, as ascendancy bonuses rely heavily on items. For SSF Id try to make it work with occultist.
- one skill duration cluster is nearly 2s for each trap. Its best thing in a tree to get and you want both
- aoe somehow becomes less crucial towards the end. Might be due to play style you naturally shift towards: throw trap at enemy cluster, run forward, come back if you hear sound of currency drop
- very powerful boss beater. Only problem I encountered were trio of boss demons in alluring abyss. Their high mobility and high aoe attacks make it very hard to throw traps while staying alive. You can master it but it doesnt feel safe at all.
- might come back to game and expand this if people are interested at all
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