[3.3] AeroBearo's Vaal Fireball Ignite Prolif. Elementalist, Farm Stuff

I always wanted to play a viable fireball build, so here it goes. Please note that I don't play a lot, and none of this is min/maxed or optimal gear. Feel free to improve on any of this.

Path of Building

Pro's & Cons

+Solid clear speed through all maps.
+Relatively cheap to get going.
+Over 7k effective HP with MoM
+Hit pack and move on, let them melt.
+Good league started with no required items.

-Not great single target dps.
-Gets stunned sometimes (probably my fault)

Ascendancy Order

Shaper of Desolation
Beacon of Ruin
Paragon of Calamity (for ele reflect)
Pendulum of Destruction

If you're not worried about ele reflect, swap out Paragon for Liege of the Primordal

Gem Links

+Burning Damage Support
+GMP (/ Swift Affliction for bosses)
+Deadly Ailments
+Unbound Ailments

Summon Flame Golem
+Minion Life

Flame Dash
+Faster Casting


Cast When Damage Taken
+Increased Duration
+Immortal Call
+Your Choice of Curse

Other options for supports include:
Increased AoE

Helpful Uniques

Doryani's Catalyst

The go-to unique for burn / ele builds.

Dyadian Dawn

Increased burn speed, helps a bit with bosses.

Working on some videos, sorry.
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Dyadian Dawn reads: "Enemies Ignited by an Attack Burn 35% faster".

I also highly recommend going all the way rightside to pick up Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics; these two are probably the most valuable notables this league considering all the chaos spitters.
Good guide, i'm following it
Good guide, i'm following it
Good build
great clearspeed
i have a lot of fun with burning everything :)

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