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THIS IS A > Incinerate - Cast While Channeling - Detonate Dead < BUILD

Hello Everyone and Thanks for the Interest in my Build! :) This is my first Guide so it will take some time to put together and make it nice, Whatever you feel is missing just comment in the Post and i will Try to add the Missing information! :)

Mapping / Bossing Viable up to T15 (06.07.2018)

Guardian / Red Elder Viable: (13.07.2018)


Level 100 Version with last socket and all setup for Shaper DPS:

In depth Build Guide Video:

UberIzarro in under 10 minutes

Minotaur Fight (Also my first ever Minotaur though)



Short Intro
Short Intro

This Build is Designed to Clear Every content in the Game, it is viable for Farming bosses aswell as mapping it is solid for Temples in the Incursion league and if you are a better player then me you might be able to run it Hardcore (I wasn´t though). It is also Decent for League Start becuz even on a Tabula you get nice amounts of damage out there! Not good though if you want to be fast.

The Idea is to run Incinerate - CWC - Detonate Dead and scale as much as possible Fire Damage and Area of Effect. With the Blinding on hit from Saboteur and ele reflect immunity from Elementalist it does offer a save and quick playstyle with nice Clear and a bursty Boss Damage with Vaal DD being part of your 6 link in the newly merged DD Gem!

Pros and Cons

-Easy to build
-Nice Progression
-Great AoE Clear
-Good Bossing Damage
-Can do Every Content


-Hit and Run Gamestyle (if you don´t like it)
-Low secondary Defenses
-Dodge/Evasion based Luck rolls
-No Crit Shatters
-Flask Management required

Gems and Links

Main Setup: Incinerate - CWC - Vaal DD - Combustion - Immolate - Controlled Destruction

This will do all your damage, you will have a great all over clear and huge Explosions, the Vaal DD 4 link allows for shredding threw bosses super quickly!

Secondary Setup: Desecrate - Spell Cascade - Faster Casting

You need this to burst Damage with summoning extra corpses in Boss fights in between Phases! :)

Movement Setup: Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Blood Magic (not necesarry but i like it better) - Fortify

This will be your main Movement setup to be able to Jump around and buff your secondary defence

Curse + Orb Setup Orb of Storms - Curse on hit - Flammability - Arcane Surge

Temp Chains helps with the Defences and gives you more ignite Duration effectively so pretty cool also you get to use double herald since we have 40% increased effect and nice Guaranteed Shock damag buff!

Golem / Herald Setup: Herald of Fire // Lightning Golem - Minion Life - Culling Strike

2 Golems for being elementalist!

Defensive Setup: CWDT - Immortal Call - Vortex

Just kind of Obligatory at this point ....

Gear and Item Progression

To get the Base Mechanic of the Build going you don´t need anything else then a Tabula Rasa and some starter Rare Gear that focuses on Max Life > All Elemental Resist > Cast Speed > Fire Damage > Movement Speed in that order :)

In later game, without claming its the only way i can really advice you to pickup some nice Items from the Temple and nice uniques

Carcass Jack: will give you AOE + AOE Damage with still having a nice portion of life and all resist! Also it is pretty easy to roll 5Blue 1Green Sockets on it! :)

You could run this on Loreweave but this would also boost the Cost far higher and i think Carcass is really good already!

Devoto's Devotion: Will give you 20% movespeed aswell as a nice portion of Chaos Resist, Attack speed for Shield Charging and a good amount of Dexterity (hard to come by on the build) I enchanted mine with +1 Corpse can be detonated and it feels pretty good can´t yet say if thats the most efficient way though...

One of the Best Helmets at the moment and the enchant is super good!

Matat'l Boot's > Temple Boots with the Matatl Mod will give you Chance to dodge attacks and 30%ms really good to start clearing with

Puhuarte Gloves > Temple Gloves that will give you a nice amount of fire res together with extra damage against burning enemys (all your enemys basically)

Topotante's Sceptre > Temple Sceptre that will give you Fire damage % aswell as Fire Damage to spells in a single mod! Try to get Spell or Fire Damage aswell as Cast speed additionally and Attack speed really helps you aswell for Shield Charging faster! :)

A good alternative which i ended up using for the Leech survivability is Doriyanis Sceptre!

The rest of your gear should prioritize:

Life > Resists > Mana > Fire Damage > Addative Fire to Burning or alike

Leveling Trees
Link to the Skill Trees

Level 40-ish

Level 50-ish

Level 65-ish


For leveling Kill alira if you like for the res and mana regen ... but in general ERAMIR is the best Choice! :)


I mostly run Lunaris and Gruthkul since this build really lacks Phys Damage reduction against a lot of enemys, for Bossing you would of course switch to others and i really think Pantheon depends on what you would want to do with the build imo its best used as mapper so these are my choices. :)

Leveling Description

You can start out on using Freezing Pulse until the Merveill Quest in Act 1 around Level 12 where you will be able to go back to town and get a Firestorm Gem, With this one you should be able to run until act 4 with the Kaom and Daresso Quest. Then you will go for the actual Incinerate CWC Detonate Dead Combo! :). The Best Support Skills to level with are Elemental Focus (before your ignite does something for you) Controlled Destruction and Faster Casting on almost any Elemental Damage Skill but there can be done some Experimentation the main thing is that you optimally want an Fire / AoE / Elemental / Spell Gem and nothing to far out of that spectrum! ^^


If you want to ask questions in Person you can see me stream and optimize this Build atm Daily at http://www.twitch.tv/nogrul
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Been wondering what build to go for my second character (I was considering a glorious EQ Jugg, but not sold on its potential to endgame) and came across your build, seems pretty nice and good dps-wise.

Few questions: do you think Scion is the best way to go or pure Elementalist would be as good as/better?

Also, Saboteur is really optimal? I understood your reasons for going Sabo, but seems to me that Chieftain (covering enemies in ashes) + Life regen could be good too, or even Slayer for the leech. What do you think?

Thank you!
Yeah i think Elementalist could have the same Potential would be in need to set some stuff up differently and Chieftain vs. Saboteur is something i thought about lots aswell, i ended up with sabo but i probably will try out the chieftain aswell the DPS as is is already pretty nice so i figured fair enough to put a build out as is right now but i am pretty sure if you invest some time you can even optimise on my base! :)
Added a new Pastebin which shows the Build with optimized Setups and MoM as additional Defense to Shaper Viability, working on Videos to Show the Final Result soon...

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