[3.3] Quantity Hunter - Elemental Hit Deadeye - Quill Rain / Windripper

Updated for Delve, also introduced a faster variant (Queen of the forest)

Hey Guys,

Please read the guide thoroughly and do NOT message me in game with questions. Post here so everyone can read!

Note this build is meant to farm with increased quantity on low maps, but with valuable gear or a second gear specialised in doing high content, youre able to do end game


Videos - i use free version of sony vegas, so my videos cant be rendered over 2 minutes lenght
Quill Rain




I played Kinetic Blast in 3.2, compared to, I prefer Elemental hit, of course you wont have the same Clearspeed in maps like Underground Sea, but therefore you have a better clear in opened Areas and you can slay Bosses without using borders or gem swap, also you can use nearly every quantity item especially Windripper!


Fast Clearspeed
High Quantity Gear
Low Budget with high valuable good engame gear
No Uber-Lab required
Full Elemental damage...Phys Reflect np
Beginners Friendly


Low defense (Max Resistenz Cap + around 4-5k life/3.5-4k with full quant)
Requires insane Gear to do end content
Bad league starter as its weak against Bosses early
Wouldnt recommend SSF (Mostly everythings Unique)
No Elemental Reflect

Endgame for this Build:
I think there are 2 good uses for this build.
1: Burial chamber farming, theres always the chance of dropping a doktor, with 100% increased quantity or even more, its like you run 2-3 maps everytime you run a single map!
If you dont know how to get Burial Chamber farm going check out this video, hes explaining it really good, if youre not deep into the game anyway, you might want to check out some other stuff he did!

2: Vaal Wind Prophecy 6link farming, this might be the consistent farming varient, you roll your maps, sextants, vaal it, take a zana mod, and the Vaal Wind Prophecy (its not cheap but worth), you need the highest mob density possible, with high quantity. By entering the map you will see red tempests on the ground, use blink arrow to get the tempest (you will receive a buff which is shown on the top left), now every single item you drop, will be corrupted, which means that you have a really high chance of getting 6links (compared to the normal 6link chance), most of the 6links arent worth more than a diviners orb, but you will drop 2-3 6links each map + additional stuff, 2 diviners should take your investment the rest is profit!
I recommend running maps like volcano (kaoms hearth divination cards, steel ring), you could combine both farming strategies of course, but there are people who never saw a doktor before so dont expect it to drop him...




I decided to not put up a seperated leveling skill tree, as theres no real use for, just use the normal one, make sure to have 300hp*act, means 3k hp at before beating 2nd kitava. Also make sure to get some resistences, especially when starting maps, the low life in general with this build could kill you fast, however i dont recommend to go full quantity before level 80, if you dont mind dieing some times start with quant gear earlier, damage will come from 6link and elemental hit anyway!


First Points, you should have atleast 1.2k life and dodge izaros attacks, i recommend killing all the additional stuff so you have an easier fight and get the points
Start with Fast and Deadly if you own a Quill Rain already, Blink Arrow Cooldown will be pretty good to finish the story

Next points, i did the 2nd lab with level 62 using rares + quill rain (4link) and 2 Combat Focus Jeweles, however you should have good resistences and probably around 2.5k life, still need to dodge attacks and i also recommend killing the additional stuff, just get the points and dont waste much time
Here we chose Powerful Precision, so you wont need pierce support

Last but not least 3rd lab, its tough killing him with quill rain, but not to hard, i did it before killing kitava with capped res and around 3.5k life (kitava was doable at this point pretty aswell, for the time until you kill both i recommend you leveling at blood aqueduct, you can sell the humility cards pretty good, also some raw chaos dropping
Now you can decide, Far Shot or Gathering Winds, damage on low maps (t1-6) will be fine without Far Shot, but later on you want to get Endless Munitions, so you can (with an additional arrow on vaaled equip) swap greater multiple projectiles, as elemental hit deals area damage with the herald of ice explosion you wont need 5 projectiles anyway for nice clearspeed

I didnt tried the last lab, i guess i could beat him but i wont try, as this build isnt supposed to kill bosses, maybe you can spend some chaos or ask a friend for it, but its not even required
You can take Gathering Winds if you want to keep GMP, otherwise take Endless Munitions (need Vaaled equip with additional arrow and maybe Dying Sun Flask)

You can respec later into passive points if you have nice jewels, otherwise it will be hard to get the resistences also the mutliplier is pretty nice, mana with quill rain anyway


Depends on the situation, for pure farming you can take whatever you want
Cant do Elemental Reflect anyway...Mostly not stationary


My Actual Values with Herald of Ice:

Offense Quill Rain

Offense Windripper

Misc (Quantity, Windripper 15% will come on top)

These Values are with normal equipment (easy to get in some days), gems around level 19 with nearly no quality


Gear Breakdown:


No need for Uniques, take instant recovery life flask, a mana flask for bosses + vaal haste, diamond flask, quicksilver and onslaught, curse immunity, anti bleed/poison, freeze immunity
kinda depends on your play style,
with windripper you wont need the mana flask anymore, so you could get rid of some mana nodes or the mana flask

Bows (quill rain 1alch, windripper 200c+):
Quill Rain, you will need the mana flask, also you shouldnt use Haste as you wont have enough mana (most enemys will shatter one hit, but rares normally wont)

Windripper, pretty expensive, i managed to get mine after mapping 2 days straight, not dropped an exalted at all, neither some high valuable items, the biggest thing was a poets pen for 29c, the rest was jewellers/fusings + raw chaos drops + chaos recipe (i know thats slow but with Incursion full clear you get the stuff for 3 recipes)

Quiver (mostly cheap stuff, rares 1c-???, Hyrris Demise around 10-15c):
Any Spike Point rare, with crit multi, life, elemental damage with attack skills, you can watch out for resistences here aswell, added cold damage would be nice aswell, mostly not that exspensive

Unique - Hyrris Demise, giving you cold damage each 10 dex, will increase the base damage pretty nice, also the additional attributes are nice, however id recommend you to have atleast 45% crit chance without spike point quiver, better 50%, with diamond flask you should be at 75% crit chance

Body armour (random corrupted 6link is around 10-30c, the 6linked belly some ex):
Im wearing a random 6link with my sockets (got a corrupted one for 12c)
Later id recommend a belly of the beast (you need the 6link)
You could take whatever you want, important to have some resistences!

Helmet (around 3c):
Goldrim for resistences is nice early, later you could take a rare helmet with high life, missing resistences and Elemental Hit damage enchantment (+40%)

Amulet (spinefuse could be pretty expensive 30c up to some ex and biscos ofc...):
Spinefuse talisman (quanitity Implicit) with life mod, crit, cold damage, resistences

If you have good resistences without spinefuse you can take Biscos of course

2 Ventors gambles if you get some good, otherwise diamond rings (no need for mana/life on hit)

Belt (maybe 1 alch - up to exalteds for rares or headhunter):
Perandus Blazon - quantity
You could take rare heavy belts, stygian vise aswell (the abyss jewel would be pretty decent with max life, cold to attacks, cold to bow attacks, crit multi)

Boots (maybe 1 alch?):
Goldwyrm Nubuck Boots - quantity

Gloves (around 10c):
Oskarm Nubuck Gloves - these are insanely good for crit builds, also you wont need a curse as Oskarm has a curse on hit

Jewels (even with 15% roll 1alch, rares up to some ex):

2 are core for this build, Combat Focus Viridian/Cobalt Jewel, we just want the cold damage :)

others could be rares with following stuff:
increased life, crit multiplier (global, elemental skills...), attack speed, crit chance, resistences - first 3 are most important

or with abyss jewels
max life, crit multi, added cold to attacks - with bows (increased damage after kill could be good aswell)

Helmet - Elemental Hit Damage 40%

Boots - 16% attack speed if killed recently
Elemental Penetration against Bosses (if you want to swap boots)

Skill Gems:

1st 6link - Elemental Hit - Added Cold Damage - Greater Multiple Projectiles (Mirrage Archer instead of added cold is possible) - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Increased Critical Strike Chance - Increased Critical Damage

2nd 6link for single target (no problem if you dont have one, the first is for fast group clearing, if you have a 6link quill rain this would be a good option, chin sol would be okay aswell) - Elemental Hit - Added Cold Damage - Cold Penetration - Elemental Damage with Attack Skills - Increased Critical Strike Chance - Increased Critical Damage

you could also use Barrage, you would need a second helmet with enchant and a second weapon specially for bosses, however i would recommend using a second elemental hit link

Herald of Ice - Ice Bite - Vaal Haste - Enlighten

Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Vaal Haste (dont level Cast when Damage Taken or Immortal Call, to have it activated as sonn as you get damage, but level Increased Duration it will support at any level

You could use 2 Vaal Hastes, the first one as active buff the second as boss use, you could also swap out the first one for another buff (Hatred isnt that good with windripper or quill rain)

Decoy Totem for bosses and some rares

Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks (not needed with quill rain)

Summon Ice Golem for more crit chance, if you feel like you got enough crit chance, you could use other golems, also you could use the Cast when Damage taken link for the golem, but then you need a low level golem

Blood Rage is a possible buff, i dont like the degen, but it would be worth


Edit now with even more Quantity
I invested some more Currency, so im able to have nearly the same DPS but with more increased quantity.

At all these are 48% quantity, in addition to that windripper 15% and biscos 38%, also there are better varients of some items (ventors...)
And yes the investment was good, i dropped a doktor already!

-- Update for Delve --

I still cant recommend you playing this build HC or high maps

new Skill tree - https://pastebin.com/SJdSA31j
Items in pastebin are up to date, will link them below, dont change thiefs torment (main mana sustain), also i prefer that kinda amulet, you can go for biscos ofc
further levels should be evasion or crit above evasion wheel(your decision)
make sure to socket inspired learning at the exact same spot as i do, otherwise it wont work (need to allocate 4 notables)

Item Setup

These Items are way more expensive, but with them you will be able to farm way faster (low maps like burial chamber)


can also use Diamond Flask, Atziris Promis, Dying sun, but these will do aswell

New Video will follow soon


If you have any recommendations or questions feel free to ask.
Thanks for reading, I hope you like my guide and get much stuff out with it!
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Interesting guide. For video capturing just use OpenBroadcaster. Its a streaming software, but it has a recording function which is really good
SuperCrap wrote:
Interesting guide. For video capturing just use OpenBroadcaster. Its a streaming software, but it has a recording function which is really good

nice call, gonna try that one for future, thx!
im afraid your tree is a mess maybe go ask for help in the poe discord
Penguian wrote:
im afraid your tree is a mess maybe go ask for help in the poe discord

im afraid i copied zizarans skill tree, maybe you tell him how to get better
Zizaran isn't exactly great at the game
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Would love a leveling guide. At least the tree, there are people like me that doesn't know where to go. Thanks.
delorian wrote:
Would love a leveling guide. At least the tree, there are people like me that doesn't know where to go. Thanks.

good point, im gonna do that as soon as i have some time for that (prob this weekend)
"you could also use Barrage, you would need a second helmet with enchant and a second weapon specially for bosses"

What second weapon? You mean windripper for bosses or what? can you give me an example?

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