Vaal Molten Shell

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Last bumped on Dec 19, 2019, 5:01:15 PM
What about making it instant cast just like the molten shell itself? Otherwise, great skill, thanks.
Bug ? Vaal Molten shell gets overwritten by the normal Molten Shell.... Is that intended?
Heyo, Just dropping in to throw in a suggestion!

Its pretty sucky to have the vaal version of this skill overwritten by the regular version. This makes no sense as a gameplay design, and isnt congruent with other overwrite effects where the strongest active takes priority.

Given the soul gain prevention period and the high soul cost, The vaal skill should definitely retain priority.
This is particularly pertinent to cwdt setups, and is bad for skill setups that specialize in high armour (which inherently improves molten shell), as taking either the vaal skill or the regular skill + cwdt precludes you from using the other and forces you to choose a different, less effective skill, which also takes up another socket.

This is the equivalent of having regular summon skeleton destroy the entire vaal skeleton army on cast.

I dont think having the skill 'check' to see if a vaal version is active, and if there is a vaal skill already active, failing to cast is a bad solution!

Thanks for your consideration!

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