[3.3] Day5 #1 Incinearate Hit Build

Hey Guys!This is my Incinerate Build,after buff ignite still feel pretty suck these day i think,

so I've planned to do a Classic Crit Spell Build for it.it went pretty well and now I am #1 Incinerate build on poe.ninja.and I am gonna jumping to a new char,so I wanna share my build here to you guys.

So far It can easily take down Shaper,Guardians,Chayula with Brightbeak.
For Uber Elder I think it's do able but need to have skill, and that's what i don't have ,so i haven't try it yet.

For Mapping,your overkill aoe from Herald of Ash actually doing something similar to ignite.that it a surprise to me.

Also,if you think Incinerate is too slow for mapping,you can simply change the skill to Vaal Firefall,it's work pretty well for this build too.of-course the single target would be a problem,but it can still take down up to T15 incursion temple.

[3.3]Incursion hit Incinerate T15 Basilica Map + Zana Mission Full Run With IAoE Mapping Showcase



I am not using MOM or other defense mechanism.so Loreweave is the best choice for defense,and I am using Arctic Armour too,because we are always standing.

And with the Incursion mods,get some chaos resis on the gear then you will be fine.I haven't died to those mod after that.

Crit Multi for spell/elemental skill/fire skill
fire dmg

I am just using some trash jewel with two of those mod,cost me about 3-5c per jewel.
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