[3.3] Glacial Hammer - Magic Find / MF - IIQ 50 - IIR 350

Under Construction!

With Incursions having nice density and dropping a lot of loot. A Magic Finder looked like a fun thing to build. This is what I came up with:

UPDATE 29.10.2018
- I am no longer developing the build
- as of PoE 3.5 the build works perfectly fine to farm mid tier maps or do some delving
- however because of the slow attack speed of the maces you will never clear as fast as windripper builds

UPDATE 08.06.2018:
- Build is still in Baby form but looking surprisingly good. Incursion rooms drop an insane amount of uniques in maps.
- Glacial Hammer feels very nice, damage application is instant and area is bigger than expected.
- Iceicle Burst from the hammers needs to be tested more. dont know if it is worth the gem slots. But looks neat.

Build Concept:
The Standard Windripper Magic Finder is Expensive doesn’t really have a lot of IIQ/IIR and also doesn’t have that much Life/DMG.

Goal is to get as much IIR/IIQ as possible while having “enough” Life and DMG to comfortably farm our desired map.

In order to do this we look at each Item slot and use the best Magic find Items in the slots bringing the most IIQ/IIR. The bad MF slots we fill with life and dmg items to get the

The Build is based on dual wielding Cameria’s Avarice, a chap ass hammer rocking over 300dps, 40IIR and up to 7%base crit.

Freeze Mechanics

80% of our Rarity applies to frozen enemies only, this means. We want to Freeze Everything!

Base freeze duration is 60 milliseconds (0.06 seconds) for every 1% of the target's maximum life (before party scaling) dealt by cold damage, up to a maximum of 50%. Freezes with a duration smaller than 0.3 seconds are discarded, effectively requiring a hit of 5% enemy life.[1] Freeze duration can be increased (and therefore, minimum hit damage decreased) by freeze and ailment duration modifiers. When a target is frozen, it is also chilled for the entire freeze duration, plus an additional 300 ms.[2] The Temporal Chains curse slows timers but does not affect duration stats, which means it does not count toward the 0.3 second minimum, but it will cause the "real duration" of freeze to be longer.

This means Temporal Chains wont help much because it doesn't reduce the amount of damage per hit you need to deal in order to freeze a boss. But jewels with 15% freeze duration combined with the 10% from glacial hammer quality gem, area quite good. I recommend getting 3-4 jewels with freeze duration, reducing the amount of life you need to deal in damage from 5% to about 3% to freeze bosses.

We freeze almost everything in the game!

Tree & PoB & Ascendancy & Bandit:

Ascendant with Jugger/Raider seem to be the best choice. 1000 Accuracy is a must, we dont have space on gear for accuracy rolls. Raider gives damage plus a lot of attack, cast and movespeed. In addition, having onslaught from raider frees up a valuable flask slot. The only other thing worth picking up would probably be slayer. But everything is frozen, so we dont really need the defensively powerful overleech.

Help Oak for damage and survivability. If you have very good Jewels, two skill points may end up being better.


Path of Building

Gear Explanation:

Goldwyrm is the obvious choice, 20% IIQ and 45+% Fire Resi is too good to pass up. Absent of Biscos there is no better Item for IIQ.

Ventor’s Gambles are a must. They are super expensive but also the overall “best” Magic Find item in the game. 10 IIQ and up to 55IIR in a ring slot is a lot. Use rare ring with a bit of rarity undtil you can afford them. Use resis on jewels if your

Greed’s Embrace:
50 IIR and 15 IIQ are really good and in softcore we use it of course. Glacial Hammer is Red and so are most support gems we use, it will be easy to get a 5-link with the right colors. In HC I would however recommend wearing a belly instead.

Sadimas are worse than Goldwyrm. So we get much needed life, attack speed and resists here.

Get as much life and resists as you can. Perandus Blazon gives only 8% IIQ, not really justifiable.

Another slot where we get life/resi/IIR.

Bisco’s or Rare with life/resi/IIR

What we end up with:
Assuming 30IIR on helm and amule we get:

20+10+10+15=55 IIQ lets subtract 5 because we wont have perfect ventor’s and we end up with 50 IIQ.

40+40+30+30+55+55+50+70= 370 IIR - lets subtract 20IIR because we wont have perfect ventor’s and we end up with 350 IIR.

Correct me if I’m wrong but with (IIQ)1.5 * 4.5(IIR) we should get at least 6.75 times as many uniques.

My Gear:


Lvl - Leveling:
Nothing special here.

It’s basically a normal melee tree in the beginning, you can lvl with the melee ability of your choice.

What works surprisingly well is:
Glacial Hammer - Ancestral Call - Melee Physical Damage - Elemental Damage with Attacks

With a high dps mace and two Winter Burials, you can one-shot-freeze-explode from pack to pack.

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how far did u get so far? t15 or something like dat? was looking for something similair with glacial hammer, did u consider the threshold jewel for more MF?
Videos? :3
Currently leveling this build, seems like an interesting MF char.
I am wondering, at what tier map does this bottleneck?
I'm not expecting this to go super high tier, but the single target feels really lacking and made me wonder how high did u get this?

I'll keep you updated if i like this build or have suggestions.
I'm about to hit level 60, so that's where the real fun begins.
A video would be cool. Interesting build :)
I'm looking to build something similar, though only with very high IIR.
There's also 2 things i'd like to add:
Curse on hit Frostbite to Herald of Ice,
Frost bomb to cwdt setup.

CoH on HoI works by cursing mobs which take dmg from your shatter explosions. That way Frostbite will grant more chance to freeze mobs while also giving a lot more dmg multiplier. (+Q grants inc freeze duration on cursed enemies)
Frost bomb on cwdt setup will be useful on single targets, granting more dmg (-25% to enemy cold res) + reducing enemy life regen rate by a lot (-75%), if it's affected by it.

+ Since we are running hatred, it would be nice dmg boost to get watcher's eye with beneficial mod, example: (40-60)% increased Cold Damage while affected by Hatred.
Is Shattered Chains
Crimson Jewel worth using?
How build, do you progress with progress?

I reserved this build, and really like it.
Can anybody check my gear for further development: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Xelanderen/characters char name:GlaciMF
What pantheon sould I choose?

Thanks a lot!
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heads up, just cleared all content in hc ssf with this build in 1week

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