[3.3] Self-Cast Flame Blast with CwC | Ignite | Shaper/Elder down

Made this build when I stared at a shaped staff with CwC. It's tri-curse and has ignite prolif. It can down bosses pretty fast and can farm uber lab fast and safe.

Skill Tree:

Gear (with links):

Btw, have the staff for sale prolly around 10ex. I wanna move on to another build like I always do

Brief Desc:
Volatile Dead chases packs pretty well, improving your clear speed by a ton. 6k life makes you more tanky and combined with some decent life regen, life flasks and leech for warlord's mark you can quite take a punch.


Hello :3
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Reserved to update content cleared

T16 Minotaur downed, took about 30 seconds no deaths
T15 Elder Guardians no deaths
T14 Elder down ez af no deaths
Shaper down deathless ez af again


Hello :3
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