[3.3] Bladefall Crit Trapper Saboteur | Shaper & Uber Atziri videos!

Hi there!

So, as all you know, 3.3 is an update very focused on traps. It's been a while since I played my Bladefall trapper (back to 2.x LUL) and I wanted to give it a try. Surprisingly, it has been working pretty good for me this first week of the league. In this thread, I'll try to explain you how it works, and upgrade it with your commentaries. Without further ado, let's start!

Tree and pastebin:

Tree explanation:

So, basically I opted for a mostly offensive based tree, as I'm playing SC, so it just has a 136% increased life from tree, which make us get about 4.2k hp at level 90 (+ about 800 ES).
I decided going Acrobatics so I would be closer to Heartseeker. With that node + Throatseeker, we get a bunch of Crit Multi and Chance. Arcane Potency could be a potencial node to go if pushed to 100 (actually to 96, as 6 more skill points are required), or even getting more HP. Also, with some good HP jewels, our life pool will increase substantially.

Leveling tree progression
20 points
36 points
60 points
90 points
106 points
115 points

Note: This is just a suggestion. The way to make a tree is getting those points you feel you need the most for what you are playing. In example, I'd probably pick Phase Acro earlier due to incursions, there are a lot of enemies that can hurt a lot 'cuz spells.


Perfect Crime > Explosives Expert > Born in the Shadows > Pyromaniac
That would be a good pick order, but pick whatever you feel most confortable.

We are not picking Chain Reaction as it's no longer needed, in fact, it's almost a handicap. With Master Sapper and Blast Cascade allocated in the tree, we are getting 15% chance to get Power and Frenzy charges whenever a trap is triggered. With those new juicy "Trap trigger area of effect", our traps are almost always going to be triggered. Not forgetting to mention "Tinkerskin", which will allow us to regenerate some HP and ES for every trap triggered. Picking Chain Reaction will proc all this just 1 time, loosing all that charge potential and our "regeneration".

I'd recommend picking Born in the Shadows before mapping, as it will give us, along with Acrobatics, all the defense we need.

My current gear [3.3]









Gear explanation

Incursion league has brought some juicy items to us. Unluckily, not any mod can overstand Shaper's "%Phys as extra elemental damage" mods. Nevertheless, we got some new mods that can help us starting our new character, and will carry us along our journey until we get those expensive shaper weapons. I'm talking about Matatl's prefix, which will give us #% Increased trap damage. Those are fairly cheap, and give us tons of damage compared to average weapons. I'd choose dagger while leveling, and sceptre when we reach a pretty decent crit chance (about 35% without any buff will do).

Body Armour

Before Tinkerskin existed, trappers would play any kind of armour, from Tabula to Lightning Coil, but with the arrive of this armour in 3.0.0, trappers now have a BiS body armour. Basically all the stuff we're getting from the armour is worth it. We got defensive stats, like the HP or the HP gained on trap triggered, as well as Energy Shield, and more Frenzy Charges generation, leaving us with a 30% chance to get a charge on trigger.
Another good option would be Carcass Jack, as it gives us 40-50% more area damage


Before we get our 6L, the best option is Deerstalker, as it's giving us a 5L on boots. We also get 30% movement speed after throwing a trap, which is pretty good for us, as we want to keep running while throwing traps. Whenever we get our 6L, is time to get some good rare boots.


I highly recommend running 1 life flask, 1 mana flask, 1 diamond flask and an Atziri's Promise. The 5th flask depends on preferences. You can either choose some QoL and get a Quicksilver, or try to get more damage from a Taste of Hate, or even a Spell damage Vinktar's. Sin's rebirth will scale us as well, but all these damage flasks won't add that much.

Unique Jewels

I'd recommed you getting a "Hair Trigger" jewel, with a high Trigger Radius roll, so we will apply even more On Trigger effects.

For the rest of the gear, just try to get as much life as possible, trying to get some ES on the way, and cap resistances. Chaos resistance is also pretty important, even more now with Incursions, so try to get a bit to avoid getting one shotted.

Gems and links

Main Skill

5L (On Deerstalker): Bladefall > Cluster Traps > Added Fire Damage > Concentrated Effect

6L: Bladefall > Cluster Traps > Trap Support > Trap and Mine damage > Added Fire Damage > Concentrated Effect

We are using Added Fire Damage because of the #% of Physical damage as extra fire damage, as it's the best for us.
I also use Concentrated Effect all the time, because I think the area is enough, and I don't want to be changing gems for bosses. You can also try Increased AoE or another support gem.

Support Trap

4L: Bear Trap > Charged Traps > Trap and Mine damage > Increased duration

Bear Trap applies a debuff that slows the enemy (80%) and make him more vulnerable to our traps (15%). As it's tagged as "duration", we can add an Increased duration to make the buff last longer. Also, Charged Traps will give us some frenzy and power charges generation.


4L: Cast when damage taken (3) > Immortal Call (5) > Increased Duration

4L: Cast when damage taken (1) > Lightning Ball (4) > Curse on Hit > Assassin's Mark

I've chosen Assassin's Mark to generate some Power Charges while regenerating my mana, but I'll probably swap to Temporal Chains or Enfeeble for boss fighting.

2L: Flame Dash > Faster Casting


Hatred & Herald of Fire

Not much more to say here. #% of Physical damage as extra elemental damage.


Ice Golem or Fire Golem

I'm currently using Ice Golem for the crit chance, but as I already have a good chance I'll swap to Fire Golem.
You can also use Stone Golem if you like its life regeneration and the capability to tank some, but I wouldn't recommend it.


I'd recommend picking Soul of Lunaris as major god to avoid projectiles and have some more damage reduction and movement speed.

For minor god, Soul of Shakari is a good option, as we will be inmune to poison and more resistant to chaos damage. Soul of Ralakesh is another strong choice, but we will waste that "Cannot be blinded", as we already got it on our ascendancy.

Leveling and Bandits

Bandits: Kill all (recommended) or help Alira


Lvl 1: Pick Explosive trap for single target and Freezing Pulse to clear packs of monsters.

Lvl 8: After defeating Brutus on the mission "The Caged Brute", in Act 1, we will be granted with Multiple Traps. I wouldn't recommend using it with Explosive trap, but keeping it for later. Also, as a reward for this mission we get Flame Dash, which will be useful to cross over some obstacles.

Lvl 12: After the mission "Enemy at the gate", we are able to get Fire Trap. Use it with Multi Traps to kill mobs instead of Freezing Pulse. I love Explosive trap single target damage. I'd recommend keep using it for bosses along with Combustion.

Lvl 16: It's time we get our first buff, Herald of Ash, after the "Intruders in Black" mission, from Act 2. We can also use another herald, or even Arctic Armour if we need some defences, but we better reserve that mana on our next buff.

Lvl 22: Time to get your Deerstalker. You don't need to start using them yet if you have a better pair of boots, but it will be helpful when we get our main skill.

Lvl 24: Hatred will be avaliable after the mission "Lost in Love", in Act 3, and even we can't use it yet for fire trap, it will be needed some levels ahead.

Lvl 28: Finally, we got to use our main skill, Bladefall, after killing Gravicius in Act 3 and completing the mission "Sever the Right Hand". By now, we should have in our own a pair of Deerstalker, 4L if possible, so we can start using our 5L setup. Links here would be:
Bladefall > Multiple Traps > Added fire damage > Concentrated Effect

Lvl 34: After "Breaking the Seal" we can start using one of both golems, either Ice Golem or Fire Golem.

Lvl 38: We just killed Malachai in Act 4. Before entering "The Ascent" to go to Act 5, we will get Cluster Traps, replacing Multiple Traps.

All left is to level up. Don't forget to get both Cast when damage taken combos as fast as possible, as it will help you a lot in your adventure. You can easily get them from Siosa, in Act 3 after doing the Library mission, or from Lily in Act 6, after clearing Twilight Strand.


Atziri run (laptop, so it will lag a bit. Also no sound, dunno why. Sorry.)

First Shaper attempt (Deathless)

First Uber Atziri attempt
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Hey man first off really cool build. Looking forward to playing it, is it all content viable?
I'm still testing and leveling. So far, I've done Uber lab easily, as well as Pale Court. I'm really excited to take it to Shaper. The only problem I can find is the lack of HP (we can end up having something like 4200 + about 700 ES or so). Anyways, picking Acro + Phase Acro is a really solid defensive option. As said, I'm also testing the tree still, so I'll be updating this thread. Thanks for the feedback! ^^
Thanks for the reply! I was wondering if you could give a 60 point tree for leveling purposes. I dont know if i took the right path.
Sure! I'll make a section for the progression on tree. I'm working on it right now ^^
bladefall with cluster traps is right now having immense performance issues

Anyone here having NOT mega lags when spamming traps?
I'm doing pretty good. The video is made in my laptop, but can play it perfectly on my PC
Hey guys, I just uploaded the Shaper and Uber Atziri videos!
Also, I don't know if I should upload a Uber Lab run, as the build is pretty good to do it. I've done a lot of runs, may I upload one?
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aMaGGixZ wrote:
Also, I don't know if I should upload a Uber Lab run, as the build is pretty good to do it. I've done a lot of runs, may I upload one?

Would be nice to have it IMO.

Also if you would like to add videos with guardians, it would be great!

Thanks in advance!
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Just finished running through the story with your build and I gotta say it's been pretty fun so far. One thing bothering me so far is mana regen though, spamming mana potion just to be able to launch traps three times in a row is kinda painful, maybe switching the curse on hit setup with a warlord mark would solve this, haven't tried yet.
On a sidenote, about the curse on hit in the guide, I think the curse you're referring to is assassin's mark due to the build, the description of the role it fills and your color code but you wrote vulnerability instead.

Edit : Just realised I don't have pyromaniac yet, the situation might become way more sustainable with it
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