[3.3] Avrai's Lightning Trap / Lightning Spire

This was and still is my league starter for Incursion since it turned out so well. At this point I would be playing something different, but new traps and reworks keep this going which led me to writing small guide for it.


Shimmeron can be swapped for good Sceptre, Wand or Dagger with high total Lightning Spell Damage and Critical Strike Chance for Spells.

As for our Lightning Trap, shaper gloves with Trap and Mine Damage are good enough. Cheap 5 link that does the job. There are better options with more links, but the cost goes up considerably. Link in helmet is also okay.

Tinkerskin gives Phasing which is really nice for traps. With high movement speed you wont wait for traps to trigger so running past large packs is nice. Life recovery also helps, its huge for levelling.

Belly of the Beast or rare chest with lots of life is also a good choice but remember that we need mostly blue sockets so something with energy shield and evasion will be less painful to color.

Lightning Trap pierce lab enchant allows us to clear more than one pack per throw. Projectiles travel further and hit off-screen. Also small places with high mob density like Temporal Incursion that Alva gives are hard to clear on higher tiers since we dont one shot everything so 2-3 throws will be needed to clear a room. Not having pierce sucks. Before buying it I was using Poacher's Aim that we get while levelling.

On rings and amulet try to get mana regeneration to get rid of clarity. Arcane surge from Flame Dash may not be enough to spam traps all day on bosses. Besdies that Life and Resistances are our priority.

Same with the rest of the gear. Life and Resistances. Movement speed on boots is really important, since we dont have a movement skill that doesnt suck d*** (Shimmeron is a wand sadly) so we have to run, run and run. Be sure to get 25% or 30% ms on boots. Lightning gems +2 in shield boosts Wrath and Herald of Thunder so that's nice too. Some random Chaos resistance is welcome.

For life flasks I like using Catalysed Eternal and Seething Divine. Standard anti bleed/freeze setup
When it comes to utility flasks, Diamond and Quicksilver are a must. Last slot is your choice, I went with more defensive option.

PoE Trade link
For jewels focus on %increased maximum Life + one or two of these
- increased Trap Damage
- increased Lightning Damage
- increased Spell Damage while holding a Shield
- increased Spell Damage
- Critical Strike Multiplier for Spells
- Critical Strike Multiplier with Elemental Skills
- Global Critical Strike Multiplier

I tried to get rid of negative chaos resistance with jewels, because temple/incursions are filled with those stupid chaos projectile turret things.


Lightning Trap

1 link - Lightning Trap
2 link - Cluster Trap
3 link - Increased Critical Strikes
4 link - Added Lightning Damage
5 link - Trap and Mine Damage (link in gloves/helmet)
6 link - depends on the item you have it socketed inside, but 5 is enough for me

Lightning Spire 6 - link

1 link - Lightning Spire
2 link - Increased Critical Strikes
3 link - Elemental Focus
4 link - Trap and Mine Damage
5 link - Added Lightning Damage
6 link - Lightning Penetration or Controlled Destruction if you have enough crit chance

Triggered 4 - link

Cast When Damage Taken
Immortal Call
Increased Duration

Leave CWDT on 1, Immortal Call on 3 and Enfeeble on 5.

Bear Trap 4 - link + Buff

Bear Trap
Advanced Traps
Increased Duration
Vaal Impurity of Lightning

We use Vaal Impurity of Lightning for bosses. Ignoring resistances for almost 5 seconds allows us to nuke the shit out of them.


Summon Ice Golem
Herald of Thunder

Movement skill

Flame Dash
Faster Casting
Arcane Surge

Keep Arcane Surge on 7 or 8 so it gets triggered with one use of Flame Dash.


Perfect Crime -> Chain Reaction -> Pyromaniac -> Born in the Shadows

Rushing Chain Reaction is good for levelling and speeding up the whole thing. Pyromaniac gives us nice chunk of regen, perfect for doing trails for uber lab. Born in the shadows adds up to our arsenal of evading stuff. Blinded enemies have reduced chance to hit by 50%.

Bandit choice: Alaira
15% to all Elemental Resistances, 5 mana regen/sec, 20% global Critical Strike Multiplier
We crit a lot, we need mana to throw traps, and resistances are always welcome, best choice in my opinion.

Site link:

PoB build


Major: Soul of Lunaris
- some physical reduction and movement speed
- more "%dodge" and "%avoid"
- not getting hit by chained projectiles
Sounds good to me. We try to evade as much as possible.

Minor: Soul of Ryslatha
- free life flask charges for hard times
- 60% increased life recovery from flasks on low life
Life flask is our only instant and large form of sustain, we cant leech, life regen isnt that high and Tinkerskin gives 200-400 per throw but that takes time.


Tree progression:

24 points

40 points

64 points

86 points

112 points

Skill progression:

Kill Hillock and get Explosive Trap from quest reward and buy Frostbolt or Freezing Pulse from Nessa to clear faster.

Kill Hailrake Mercy Mission and take Quicksilver flask.

After reaching Prison get Multi Trap from quest reward and buy Added Lightning Damage to make a 3-link Trap.

Try to find 3-linked Wand or Sceptre with B B G colours. Has to be blue for recipe which is

Iron Ring + Green Gem = Topaz Ring
Topaz Ring + Alteration Orb + Magic Wand/Sceptre = +1 socketed Lightning gems Wand/Sceptre
This setup priovides really nice damage boost.

Merveil's Cavern entry gives us Lightning Trap. Go to town and throw it into our Wand with Multi Trap and Added Lightning Damage

Next link - Controlled Destruction or Trap and Mine Damage - is available after The Root of The Problem

Intruders in Black - take Herald of Thunder and buy Herald of Ice from Yeena for maximum deeps.

Sever the Right Hand - take Lightning Spire and buy Flamethrower trap to rotate them since cooldown is 8 seconds. Feel free to link them with Controlled Destruction Elemental Focus and Trap and Mine Damage.

At this point you should be able to clear everything up to maps. If you encounter any problems with mana just buy Clarity or disable one of the heralds.


If you find any mistakes or bad typos feel free to point them out. Cheers.
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Nice build, running this also, come looking for some gear tips etc so thanks for that!

Only questions I have, what pantheons due you like to run?
Vontickle4121 wrote:
Nice build, running this also, come looking for some gear tips etc so thanks for that!

Only questions I have, what pantheons due you like to run?

With 65% chance to avoid being stunned on boots I use Lunaris (avoiding some of the projeciles) instead of Brine King and Ryslatha for that life recovery from flasks on low life and some free life flask charges.
I see pretty early on you take the power duration and +1. How does this build produce Power Charges? Haven't played in a while, so I might be overlooking something, but I see no generation of charges outside of Frenzy.

Edit- Ah never mind, I see Blast Cascade now takes care of that.
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where did you got strenght for wearinng that helm ?
vitdogo wrote:
where did you got strenght for wearinng that helm ?

it has str on its own, 48 to be precise, you can just equip a ring with lots of str to equip it and then take it off
If you use vaal impurity of lightning but you have 40% lightning penetration or more than 40% lightning penetration, vaal impurity is useless and even will makes you deal less damage if your lightning penetration is higher than 40%. Based on PoB and my hypothesis (still need testing / confirmation from various people or sources), vaal impurity ignoring enemy's lightning resist but nullified your lightning penetration.

What it means that, your lightning penetration will have no effect into the calculation of penetration damage boost during vaal impurity of lightning buffs.

Say, you have 40% lightning penetration and against shaper (which has 40% elemental resist), using vaal impurity of lightning is useless because you will only ignoring shaper's lightning resist but your 40% lightning penetration will not be added up into the damage boost calculation.

Another example, you are against standard boss (which has 30% elemental resist) and have 40% lightning penetration, using vaal impurity is not just useless but it will reduce your overall lightning damage because you ignore the boss's 30% lightning resist but your 40% lightning penetration is nullified. Means you are losing 10% lightning penetration damage boost during vaal impurity of lightning duration.

However, vaal impurity will come into use if you have low lightning penetration or map mod which gives monster additional elemental resistance.

amazing build im playing right now im lvl 90 all t15 maps so easy even with a partner and t16 maps easy as well!

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