[3.3] Ground Slam Berserker Build

In first days of Incursion i gave a chance again to the ground slam which is going really well with berserker, so this is not a final build, not even closer, but i can say for now is a cheap one. It took me like 2-3 exalts (140-150 chaos) for gear and i got 100k dps and almost 7 k life.


-Beginner friendly
-Gear is accessible
-Blood Magic capable
-Elemental reflect maps capable
-HC available


-Not a good boss killer, the damage is still low
-Can't do Physical reflected maps


Passive Tree

Why Berserker and not Juggernaut?
So, the thing is Berserker have amount of life and mana leech, this mean at least 3 points to allocate on tree, and high dps increase.

Bandit : Oak
Pantheon : Tukohama + Lunaris/Solaris

Lvl 90

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