[3.3] Lightning EQ J U G G [Brain Rattler]


This is one of my first tries of doing a some-what kind of build/passive tree.
I tried to look at other builds and check what they do, but i don't have the knowledge of all uniques and flasks. So i went with what i know.


This build focuses on Endurance Charges, Attack speed through Accuracy and physical to lightning with Brain Rattler.
EQ is used to clear maps and Double Strike for bosses.
With nearly 6k life and huge Physical Damage reduction it's fairly tanky.

Any improvements in terms of DPS, Gear and Flasks are highly welcome.
Last bumped on Jun 10, 2018, 4:23:10 AM
i would go something like this


removing added lightning gem with phys to lightning for 100% conversion, and freeing stormcharger for different boots,id go for kaoms root because i removed unwavering stance

also using elemental overload, since you are using mace which is bad crit base

overall, an increase about 53k damage, but sacrificing 17% maximum life

theres many room for improvement in flask and gear, but this is what i can do for now


also i wouldnt use double strike for bosses, you should just use ancestral warchief
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