[3.3]Rain of Arrows - can it work for end game?

Hi all,

So with the RoA revamp I got really hyped, as I loved that skill way way back in the past, but then we got a TS and barrage and it turn out it was a garbage. But now it got revamped and I was thinking to dust off my archer and play RoA again.

Sadly due to real life changes I dont have a lot of time to play, not to mention doing the testing ect.
But I'm sure I will find enough time to play a second char in this league once I get bored with my first one.

So, I'm here to get some feedback on the planned build:

for bow i will most likely go with (of course the updated version):

and signal fire quiver + phys 2 lightning or something to convert more phys dmg to elemental.


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Didn't check your build specific but I currently run a RoA build. (Dex-Scaling Deadeye variant)

I still have problems with some vaaled red T14+ Maps and the corresponding incursion. Everything else works just fine.

Some pointers:

6-Link 20%Q (Vaal) RoA with Conc works fine for clearing packs and destroying bosses.
Vaal RoA just feels awesome :)
Inc-AOE makes the dmg somehow unreliable

Been checking on your link, and this is truely better after what i have been trying on my RoA character. :) Hope you can use it
roa works great on sion. check my profile to see my build ^^

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