Anime PoE Guild / Newbie Friendly

Welcome :3

We are a friendly guild for people who likes Anime and Path of Exile

We accept all Peoples dont care what you like or what you dont like
Are you a Furry? Welcome!
Dont you like Anime? Welcome!
Gay,Hetero,Female,Male,Apachi Helicopter? Welcome!


Be Active!

-We currently have 1 Premium Guild Stashtab and a few Member.

-I just search for good stuff so if ya got proplems, our admins are manual choosen and will help you.

- We dont own a discord at the moment. But i will make one if needed.

- Missing something? Need more Information? Just wanna chat? Send me a Direct Message if im Omline. I always react. ( ingame )

- To join just post a comment under this and why you wanna join.

- You just need to be friendly in the Guildchat
- The stash is free to use. You dont have to give but you can take items^^

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I dont have a guild and it's getting kinda boring going at it solo :)
Hi.. i just started playing and I am already addicted! Lolzzzz... Would really like to join an active guild and have even more fun playing!

I am active ... very, very, active..

Let me in!

Delete this. And my post history, per GDPR requirements, to boot.
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just want to play with some people chat a bit and make unique builds with other people :)
hi,would like to join,in game name is fsnOverlord ...i enjoy watching anime and playing poe so this would be the ideal guild for me :)

I'm a huge anime fan and enjoy playing POE so i think this guild would be the perfect fit for me

I do have discord if im not online i will check the fourm for a responce


p.s sayakun I have you added on my friends list
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Hey! like to join yoroshikuu! IGN:Armlols
Hey, I'm Egoless or people call me casper either is fine. I want to join if you guys are still accepting. I am new to the game mostly self taught (with help of chat, youtube and google) so i know some stuff. Plus its like D2 and i played the crap out of that (although i was pretty young and didnt really understand what i was doing for most of my time playing D2. anyways So im looking for a friendly guild, of new and experienced players to help me learn the game and in time as i learn help out the new, new guys in the guild.

IGN main: EgolessShadow
I'm pretty new myself. Well I played a little in 2015 but the game is so different now that I might as well be a new person. I did start in the betrayal league and slowly learning a lot about this game. I do tend to be a solo player but I'd love being in a guild and help people out and learn more about the game while I'm at it. My ign is Arekeon.

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