[3.3] Stupidsmile Ultimte Incenerate [ 200k - 1M+ damage ]

Comparison between the Inquisitor and the Elementalist

There are so many debates as the Elementalist is the fake elemental master. The real elemental master was actually Inquisitor. The Inquisitor class can easily ignore enemy elemental resistances by critical hit and not only that, by skipping the penetration gem, the Inquisitor will also gain access to an additional gem to help them boost up their skill damage. This has been going on from league to another league which the Elementalist themselves fail to do.

However, I think what the developer was trying to do is to make the Elementalist superior to the Inquisitor in other way around. Lately, elemental effect has been nerf more and moreee. Before this you only need to shock the enemy in order to get 40% additional damage taken by the enemy. However, after elemental effect been nerf, you need to deal 10% of enemy life in order to deal maximum 50% additional damage taken by the enemy. Try imagine map boss who got like kkkk of life. It's totally impossible for u to deal so much damage under 1 second. However, this 10% enemy life requirement can be reduce by increase the elemental effect. In order to so, you need to invest a lot on tree node and expensive jewel and will greatly affect your damage level.

Well worry no more. By going critical, the Elementalist can easily shock, freeze and burn as long as you have chance and the elemental damage. Doesn't matter you have 1 or 10 lightning damage, as long as the Elementalist able to shock, the enemy will get 20% additional damage taken, chill at 10% value, and ignite 20% more damage taken. I know its not maximum effects yet those effect with less effort help a lot. Even thought the Elementalist need to use penetration gem, most of their main ascadency node contributes greatly to their elemental damage. Even by taking the elemental golem node, they are able get 20% additional damage increase per golem. The Elementalist also doesn't need to worry about the elemental reflect as they have 100% immune to elemental reflection.

Now i know most of you copycat are eager to copy someone else build. Like so many of my build out there, you may experience some difficulty to copy 100% here due to certain factors such as you may not have the kind of dagger or body armor that I myself have. But the good part about being here is you will know what kinda build skill damage u are going for. Based on that, you can create your own build base on your budget, gear, and creativity.

The build i was about to introduce to you is fireball build based on critical, aoe and ignite. The fireball explosion can be overlapped and thus making it impossible for path of build to count as how much dps we are dealing to the enemy. What makes my build different from other build is that mine is well 7 links.

💥💨 14k+ (ES+life)
💥💨 100k+ aoe damage
💥💨 100k+ hit damage
💥💨 3 endurance charge
💥💨 6 power charge

💲💲💲 Expensive a bit
🙃🙃 Specially made for permanent league


Passive Tree



Gear, Gem & Flask

Gear & Gem



Curse, Bandit, & Pantheon

All Curse
Elemental Weakness
Temporal Chain

Kill em all




Coming soon



Coming soon

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The Herophant class can easily ignore enemy elemental resistances by critical hit and not only that, by skipping the penetration gem, the Herophant will also gain access to an additional gem to help them boost up their skill damage.

I think you mean Inquisitor? It sounds like you're talking about their Inevitable Judgement Ascendency node.
can you provide pob?
Nothing here
trolldemort wrote:
can you provide pob?

Sorry i drop already this build coz it looks great but too close. U can use the same build but with fireball instead coz fireball way too OP offscreen.

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