3.3.0 Hotfix 2 (includes fixed Hotfix 1)

3.3.0 Hotfix 2
  • Fixed an instance crash with Lacerate.
  • Fixed a client crash with Power Siphon when it killed a player.
  • Fixed an instance crash with Summon Phantasm on Kill Support.
  • Fixes an instance crash with Vaal Lightning Strike.
  • Fixed a rare case where the resurrect button would not appear after dying in an Incursion.
  • Fixed a bug where Zana's daily portals could be in the wrong place.
  • Fixed a bug with Vaal Storm Call hitting far too frequently when used by monsters.
  • Fixed two other common instance crashes.

This has been deployed without a restart. Restarting your client will apply client side elements of the fix. If your client is out of date the Vaal Storm Call fix will prevent it from being so deadly, but will still look bad.

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Thanks! That Storm Call thing was pretty nuts all right—I was taking like 8k damage with 75% resistance from single bursts from Storm Call hazards in a Haku mission :D
Thank you for the speedy fix!
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2 hotfixes, or why I chose to sleep 30 minutes before the league began. Thanks for your work, but the steam patching is still incredibly slow due to having to backup the entire ggpk every time you change something.
Is losing XP from dying in Temple on "normal" a bug?

"Could not overwrite executable with new patched executable...." that's what I got!!

Does the fix for the Zana daily portals also fix the bug where the Maligaro map quest in act 7 has portals open on Alva? https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2152094 is the relevant thread.
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That Vaal Storm Call bug was scary and funny at the same time. It was a good feature. :P
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Even with the little issues, hands down the best release to date, great job.

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