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GGG's least favourite child A.K.A Ice spear.

Basically the worst skill in the game. I don't recommend anyone plays this at all, like at all. But I swore that I would play it as a league start even if it doesn't get buffed/reworked (I really thought this would be one of the like 20 skills that they reworked) so here I am. So far I theory crafted a bit and tried some stuff out on standard and it turned out as well as expected (awful).

I plan to play hardcore league however the build so far is very very glass cannon so that will need some editing.

Just in case you hadn't seen the skill before:

Basic Idea so far
Pretty sure im going to try as an inquisitor to take advantage of ice spears high chance to freeze its targets with a combination of Righteous Providence for the +45% crit multi and Inevitable judgement to ignore resistances.


Main Links
Ice spear - Added Cold Damage - GMP - Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction - Hypothermia / Increased Critical Damage

Going to be aiming for pretty much standard crit self cast gear with the exception of less focus on %crit chance. One saving grace is that ice spear does have a lab enchant to give 40% increased ice spear damage but I am going to have a hell of a time trying to find that upon league start.

One unique that I believe will be a huge buff to the ease of this build is the staff Pledge of hands,
as I plan on using spell echo anyway, saving the socket feels huge as I can replace it with another useful link.

Another unique that I plan to utilise is snakepit for fair obvious reasons:

I am considering using other uniques such as winds of change however will see how that goes during the league.

Utility - Gems/Flasks
Including a sulphur and diamond flask for the boost in dps is basically a necessity, I am likely to include a mana/life and quicksilver flask. The skill felt very mana hungry when I "tested" it in standard.

I plan to use herald of ice for the much needed dps however reserving that mana may prove painful to my Ehp due to MoM

For movement Im forced to use flame dash or lightning warp which is over all just awful either way.

I plan to use immortal call - Cast when damage taken - Increased duration - summon lightning golem to try stay alive.

Final Notes
If anyone has any tips/comments regarding to the build/items/skill, that would be great. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this trash post.
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you're welcome!

Guess I think that this skill very beautiful and sexy, I would very much like to be able to collaborate with some ideas ... At another time I tried to make totems of icespear, let's say that it would be even more acceptable to cast directly using these two rings mentioned up. Would you like to visualize the scope of this idea? It can possibly help to visualize some auxiliary items to this one.

I assure you that for a good critical chance and effective DPS, you would have to push enemies when hitting them ... Let's say another useful way would be to try to increase the casting speed but it still becomes very low damage value.

I'm editing a bit of your build to see a slightly more enjoyable dps.

follow my totems link:


I never shared it before, after all it was just a desire to see this skill working.
NOTE: I am also a fan of the energy shield, but it is not very feasible, because the instant recovery life bottle goes beyond the idea
Here's the issue I made with Kaom's Heart

- Just life this is a new proposal, 5.4k of hp

- Complete elementary resistances ( 75% )

- Physical damage reduced by 23%, which may be worthwhile over the course of the map. We are not counting on the Panteon and no potions! It bothers me a lot to take 1 hit and random and die (physical damage), even more those spiders of the blood arqueduto, spiders that touch fragments of something with physical damage.

- You will have 5 jewels slot for by the missing resistance, life, and increased armor for reduced physical damage or increased damage of ice spear

Achieving greater damage and efficiency?
- Kitava Helmet, helps to increase the amount of projectiles fired per second. If your interest is closer to something in NEW, let's use Staff - Sire Of Shards, which plays +4 new projects, this is going to be a lot of fun!

- Moviment skill brings us a good damage bonus because of Arcane Surge

- SWAP Skill Gem to cleam map x kill boss: Using Slower Projectiles, we have a DPS much bigger than with the Greater Multiple Projectiles greater damage area, so we combine multiple projectiles on the map and something more single target with the slower for the boss

- I noticed that the regeneration of mana was low, so I put the warlord in curse for an acceptable substance.

Final considerations:

- High value in bluid for a low cost benefit? I honestly think it's still expensive and not very effective, but we're doing a willingness to bring that skill into the gameplay, correct?

- I sincerely liked and even encouraged to play with this new construction, of course it has more details to be polished ... But start league we can forget this bluid kkkkkkkkk

Alternative version
Coming soon

Thanks for listening
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Need create leveling...

Theoretically this build gets interesting with 5 Links on staff
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Instead of Ice spear I'm trying this set up with Freezing Pulse instead, hopefully I can get that to work in place of Ice Spear that you seem adamant isn't viable in the slightest. Good luck in making this work, hope you post updates on it.
I creat an ice spear totem heirophant and killed uber elder in garena poe,the build cost around 10~15EX(also in garena poe)

210K shaper DPS per totem with Lv20 ice spear without frenzy charges and culling strike

here's the video (technically 1 death)

since i'm not an english speaker so i'll just show the POB

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