3.3 Lightning Spire Traper-No Guide

Hy every one, ist first time that i share my inspiration.

Plz. Tell me what are you think im such a bad passiv planer: that’s why don’t link a Passive Tree.
I would be a pleasure if you can help me to keep it running and I try to work and link up a Passive Tree
SRY for my bad English…

Bandits: Alira
Ascendancy: Saboteur
Pyromaniac-Perfect Crime-Chain Reaction-I would now prefer Born in Shadow
I play only Softcore is this only a waste spent point and Explosives Expert is massiv dmg Boost

Passiv Tree:

Key Stones:

Life evasion: Acrobatics

CI ES Bassed: Zealoth`s Oath- CI

For me looks life acrobatics Easyer to Build up and (for my Passiv Building skill) Stronger, CI is interesting no Chaos pain.

6 Link:
Lightning Spire Trap-Add Lightning Damage-Add Lightning Damage Penetration-Multiple Traps Support-Trap and Mine Damage-Trap Cooldown
3 Link
Shiponing Trap-increased are of effect-add duration support
2 +1 Link
Flame Dash
Conductivity –Blasphemy
4 Link
CWDT-increased Duration-Vaal Imortal Call-Summon Ice Golem
4 Link
Enlighten-Herald of Ash-Herald of Thunder-Discipline

Tinkerskin-fantastic support
Impresence – Would be cool for Debuff and more Buffs
Kongmings Stratagem- More Blind, more dmg

one of each:
Immunity freeze,Poison and Bleed

Vessel of Vinktar – Add damage
Diamond Flask
Last bumped on Jun 4, 2018, 1:23:17 PM
This is rather nice, considering it's the first Lightning Spire build idea!
I have some questions

-is the multiple trap worth it considering you will need 24 base seconds to recover all your traps and reducing your damages

-Kongmings Stratagem increases Fire damages, If i'm not wrong, the only source of fire damage is your herald ?

- Considering Lightning Spire trap scale with cast speed, I think the skill will work better with a classic self cast lightning mage build than a trapper, what do you think ?
Yea im Sad too that the Lightning Trapper is such underdog..

Kongmings Stratagem
is doing not only increased ignit dmg its allways poop a fog if your trap used. this combined with the Asccendency Born in Shadow is an hugh def bonus

To Multiple trap
your right, i was thinking that the recover speed from passiv tree including that we spam more than one trap boost our DPS.

Cast speed thats why i ask at the first point.. i`m no good build planer

thx for share your mind with me
Well why dont you add a spam-trap (for example arc), because when your lightning spire is on cooldown you can use it as a filler, and arc is just op. Maybe it doesn't really fit the lightning spire idea, since im primariliy using arc, but here is what I currently play: https://pastebin.com/NRiwURZL (the passive tree shouldn't change that much if you use lightning Spire) Also if anybody finds something strange in my build, please criticize it, it is my first selfmade build, but worked fine in anything i played until now. Note that it isn't in ssf, but I didnt buy anything aside tinkerskin and one or two rares because im lazy, so it should work in ssf.

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