[3.2] [3.3] Triple Warchief/Sunder Hierophant Budget build rolls into endgame

Bear with me here, this is my first self-engineered build I think is good enough to share, and I'm quite proud of it, any suggestions/tweaks are welcomed big time.

I picked this build up in harbinger off someone's failed duelist idea (sorry can't find your link again) and turned it into a hierophant and it is working extremely well through beastiary and the flashback league.

Pros - extremely cheap to start and get through a good bit of mapping, and you can choose whether to stick with this build and get it into high end content, or use it as a farmer for a second build

Can do elemental reflect easily, just drop herald of ash for the map

Somewhat tanky, lots of mobility since your totems are doing the work for you.

Never have to worry about mana regen, and you get Mind over Matter from uber lab

Basically splits between DPS and hp for about 90% of your passives, so if you're lacking on one in gear you can make up for it while levelling in passives

Got a huge buff with the ascendancy rework in beastiary

Cons - A bit expensive to get into the endgame content

Very slightly slower clear speed (most of it is made up by the totem range and placement speed passive/ascended tree)

A bit rough at first to get your resists maxed once you upgrade to Kaom's heart

Passive Tree

I go to Resolute technique ASAP, I tend to leave the axe wheel for the upper 40's cause I use Quecholli till then, after that I head over to duelist and grab those, and that syncs up as I finish up down there I am starting mapping and then go into the giant health wheel next to scion and that gets me into the 80's. I dropped the bleed nodes in the bottom left for the ones closer to duelist



We're obviously going into Hierophant for the 3 totems and buffs for them

Normal - Pursuit of faith
Cruel - Ritual of awakening
Merc - Conviction of Power
Uber - Divine Guidance

Skill Gems


Concentrated Effect
Melee Phys
5th - Maim
6th - Faster Attacks

Secondary attack - Sunder, I use this for leech, onslaught and fortify, don't need to get too crazy with the dps here

Maim - until getting a 5 link on your warchief, I swapped in chance to bleed, if you have a better suggestion let me know


Herald of Ash
Blashphemy - Vuln until I map, then switch to enfeeble
Arctic Armor
Stone Golem


Leap slam


When leveling I use whatever's available and cheap, Usually Quecholli into Blood Reaper and then Kaom's Primacy for beginning mapping. Eventually upgrade into a Kitava's feast or if you're going deep into the higher content, Atziri's Disfavor

Chest - High hp pure armor chest, and going into endgame Kaom's Heart, if this is going to be my character I get Kaom's before Atziri's

Amulet - Carnage heart for extra leech, stats, and resists

Belt - Meginord's for hp and damage

Rings - Resist and HP Rares, I did experiment with le heup and it did work well, but I prefer the health

Gloves - Rare with resists and hp, phys damage or attack speed a bonus

Boots - Move speed resist and hp

Helm - resist and hp

If my resists are capped and I have room I try to get a little chaos res in there

Current gear

This is by far not a perfect build yet, inbox or reply with any suggestions or questions and I'll get back as soon as i can to you

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You could look into trying out 5 totems. I don't know how it would work really but you could do something like facebreakers paired with the totem shield (or quiver to start) and grab the totem keystone. Run 5 warchiefs . MoM with divine guidance. Instead of focusing on axe you can focus on more totem and shield nodes. maybe something to look into next league if you like the totem playstyle. Curious on if it would be a good build

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