[3.3] [THEORY] Need help in creating a life based Sabo Ascendant Trapper

Hey guys, I'm fairly new in creating own builds and I came up with a fire trapper build based on Saboteur and Chieftain (Chieftain for Ash + Marauder start which means more Life as well as some extra Regen and a nice Strength bonus on top).

The main focus lies in pure life and getting as much regeneration (thanks to Saboteur) as possible. Also having a quite considerable life pool and traps of course.

I though of using Fire Trap, Flamethrower Trap and/or maybe Firestorm Trap. Whatever works best.

Path of Building for lvl89: https://pastebin.com/AR5etqZg

Any major/minor flaws, should I focus on something different instead?
Last bumped on Jun 1, 2018, 4:50:53 AM
I haven't played in a long time...but wtf is this pastebin thing? What happened to just linking skill trees? I tried downloading PathofBuilding but I don't see anywhere to enter this in.
Import/export and than choose pastebin.
Don't have a ton of comments on the build. One thing you might think about is picking up Expeditious Munitions for 3 points. Since you don't have Chain reaction from Sab, the extra trigger area, plus damage and throw speed, might be useful.

One other change you can make is instead of the 9 points down to Heartseeker and Herbalism in the lower right, you can get Doom Cast and Written in blood for the same cost. You get more crit chance and multi, and some ES, though depending on your gear that might not make any difference.

Also, depending on your gear choices, 1-2 points to get Acrobatics could be useful. If you don't have much armor or ES, it's a low cost for a nice boost.
I'm planning the same - though will get to play with the different traps, so if lighting traps just feel better I'l switch to elementalist/pathfinder for my second ascendancy.
Cremation traps may be an option instead of flamethrower, depending on how it works out. Eventually will want shaped gloves with extra trap and trap support, so would want something to go in there. Would need desecrate +

Can't see your PoB at the moment so I'm guessing on your pathing! As suggested, grabbing trigger radius is a good idea if you aren't going sunblast. And for AOE traps I wouldn't recommend it.

Im beelining straight to shadow area for early trap nodes. And not going to templar or scion life at all. Lets me get all the juicy trap nodes, acro (Maybe phase acro too). Problem is it means no running MoM or MoM/EB. Not sure about mana sustain, and will lose some eHP.
So I might respec later and join up via shaper/quick recovery. Would be an endgame thing I think though once I have enough crit and damage everywhere. We will be pretty point starved, especially helping Alira, which is what I intend to do.

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