[3.3] Spark/Vaal Spark Saboteur/Pathfinder theorycrafting

So this is my first time trying to create a build and I was hoping to get some advice from you guys on my process.

I'm trying to create a MF map clear with Shimmeron Wands and a Spark/Vaal Spark trap setup.

My main strategy is to use Brightbeak+Esh mirror for overall clearing, and change to two shimmeron for boss killing, activating ele-equilibrium with fire trap (maybe changing that to one of the new traps).

I'm hoping to get my life sustain from Sabo asc + Berek's grip + Vinktar's (Might be overdoing in life sustain). And for my mana I´m using tinker skin + Eldritch battery combo.

I'm struggling to cap resistances, getting more life and choosing a second ascendancy. I've considered Inquisitor - Pathfinder - Elementalist and Deadeye. So far The ranger starting point is giving me the best point allocation setup but I am open for suggestions.

Anyway, feel free to comment on whatever you think might help.

Here is the PoB link: http://poeurl.com/bUZM

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Ele-EQ triggers off of mines/traps afaik. better rearrange tree =)

Tinkerskin is useless as trap support provides no cooldown for traps afaik.
Dont have alot of time now, thats just a few pointers

Also, your "pob link" is just a generic skilltree link.
Update your post with a real pob link and im sure people will take a look =)

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